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Chapter 359: Rest a.s.sured. Mom Would Help You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao Dongliang was depressed. Qiao Zijin was even more depressed. As soon as she returned to the Qiao family’s residence, she threw the dried food onto the table and went straight to her room. She plopped on the bed and cried her guts out.

“Zijin, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t you come back from your dad’s house? Why did you cry? Did someone bully you on the way back? Tell me, who was it? I will go with your dad to get back at him.” In that case, she could make use of this chance to look for Old Qiao. “By the way, nothing happened to that wretched girl, right? I bet she couldn’t stand it that I have reconciled with your dad, so she deliberately went against me.”

She and Old Qiao had been married for so many years. There was no way that that wretched girl could sow discord between them.

A man could not be without a woman. Old Qiao treated her very well yesterday.

“It’s useless. Those who bullied me are your daughter and your husband. How are you going to settle scores with them? Can you beat them or yell at them? Can you?!” Qiao Zijin cried at the top of her voice.

“Impossible! Your dad dotes on you. I will believe it if you tell me that that wretched girl bullies you, but your dad will never do that. Zijin, you must not blame your dad for what that wretched girl did to you. If your dad knows about it, he will be heartbroken. Your dad treats you very well.” Ding Jiayi reminded Qiao Zijin. “Since a young age, didn’t your dad treat you better than he did that wretched girl?”

It was impossible that Old Qiao would gang up with that wretched girl to bully Zijin.

She would never believe it.

Qiao Zijin wiped the tears on her face. “I admit Dad treated me better than Qiao Nan back then. But now, my dad treats Qiao Nan much better. Do you know what happened today? Dad humiliated me in front of Qiao Nan. Even if those things were given to Qiao Nan by her friend, Qiao Nan could not possibly finish everything by herself. Since I like to eat them and I am her sister, why couldn’t he give me more of the snacks? I have a good relations.h.i.+p with her, so I am willing to eat her food. I won’t eat something that a stranger gives to me. There were two big sacks of food, yet Dad humiliated me with two kilograms worth of the snacks. How could I raise my head high in front of Qiao Nan? I was ridiculed right in front of her. Dad has changed!”

In the past, her father would never do that.

Although it was just some snacks, why was it that everything must belong to Qiao Nan and she could have two kilograms worth of snacks only?

Qiao Nan was nothing but a money-losing daughter. She had no right to have so much of the good food!

Her mother had said that everything in this family and all the good stuff was hers alone. Qiao Nan had no right to fight with her!!!

“What? It’s so messy. Tell me properly. Don’t cry anymore. What exactly happened?” Ding Jiayi was confused.

Qiao Zijin whimpered and told Ding Jiayi what happened.

After listening to Qiao Zijin’s recount, Ding Jiayi turned green in anger. “Your dad is really muddle-headed. You will be sitting for the college entrance examination soon. You need to have more tonics and supplements. How could he give those things to Qiao Nan? Qiao Nan is too weak. Her body cannot take all the nourishment. Having those supplements will do more harm to her. No, we can’t leave things as it is. I heard that walnuts are good for the brain. It is most suitable for you. No matter what, I must get the walnuts for you. You can keep them and have one or two walnuts a day.”

“It’s useless. Dad only has eyes for Qiao Nan. He only left me half a kilogram for each of the snacks. Since a young age, I’ve never been… This is the first time I suffer such a humiliation. And the person who did that was my dad. Mom, I am heartbroken.”

“Alright, don’t cry anymore. It pains me to see you crying. Leave this to me. I promise to find a way to get it for you. But it’s late today. I will go to your dad and get them for you tomorrow. As you have said, there are two big sacks of food. Qiao Nan can’t possibly finish them in one day. I a.s.sure you that all those snacks will be yours,” Ding Jiayi said with full confidence while patting the back of Qiao Zijin.

“Mom, are you sure?” Qiao Zijin said with tears in her eyes.

No matter what, she could not take it lying down. She could not stand the smug look on Qiao Nan’s face.

Even if she might not eat the dried food, she would rather throw them away than give it to Qiao Nan.

“Of course, I have never lied to you before. Don’t cry. You must be hungry. Shall I cook for you?”

“No need. I had my meal at Dad’s place.” Qiao Zijin shook her head. Apart from the bowl of rice, Qiao Zijin had eaten a fair amount of dried food. She was so full that she could not have any more food.

“That’s why I said your dad treats you well. If he treats you badly, he will make you come back on an empty stomach. Alright, go and wash your face. You don’t look pretty with those red, puffy eyes.”

“Mom, is there any hot water? It’s so cold. I don’t want to come into contact with cold water.”

“How would I possibly let you wash your face with cold water in the winter? I am not stupid. I have boiled some water. Go and have a wash.”

“Alright.” Qiao Zijin covered her face, particularly her eyes, with the towel that was rinsed with hot water. She took away the towel when the discomfort in her eyes had lessened.

Staring at her reflection in the mirror and her red, puffy eyes, Qiao Zijin grounded her teeth. She must not let her father and Qiao Nan stay by themselves anymore. It was only half a year’s time but her father no longer cared about her. He only had eyes for Qiao Nan.

If this were to continue, even if she had her mother in the palm of her hand, she could no longer make impossible demands of this family.

In particular, Qiao Nan, that cunning girl!

As long as Qiao Nan was by her father’s side, no matter what she said to her mother, her mother would not be able to do anything in front of her father.

She had one more year before she would sit for the college entrance examination. Qiao Nan would sit for the exams one year later than her.

By that time, even if she was lucky enough to get into a college, it would not be a good college. On the contrary, Qiao Nan…

Qiao Zijin had finally managed to put a distance between Qiao Nan and her when they went to different high schools. But when they went to college, Qiao Nan would study at a top college, while she would study at an average college. At the thought of that, Qiao Zijin felt as if she was about to be consumed by flames of anger.

Was there really no way to let Qiao Nan drop out of school so that she would not be able to finish her studies and could not get into college?

Yang Yang came from a good family background and his parents worked for the government. Perhaps she could find a chance to bring it up to Yang Yang and he might be able to help her?

If her guess was correct, Yang Yang also disliked Qiao Nan and wanted to deal with her!


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