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Chapter 2323: The Fight (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Who wasn’t selfish? Who didn’t want to live a better life?

Father w.a.n.g was simply hoping to become a great hero in the w.a.n.g family through his son, w.a.n.g Yang. As for how much effort w.a.n.g Yang had to put in, or how arduous the path was, Father w.a.n.g did not care about it at all. In the same vein, w.a.n.g Yang, who didn’t feel a strong sense of belonging to the w.a.n.g family, felt that his own future was the most important.

All these years, he had indeed gotten quite a lot of help from Zhu Chengqi. Of course, there was no way he could compare to Zhai Sheng. But compared to his uncles and cousins from the w.a.n.g family, they were miles apart.

He could even say with no sense of remorse that there was no one who was more promising than him in the w.a.n.g family. In fact, he had always been the one taking care of the w.a.n.g family. When had the w.a.n.g family ever taken care of him?

What Father w.a.n.g cared about was the entire w.a.n.g family. What w.a.n.g Yang cared about was much simpler. He knew that it would definitely be a great help to himself if his uncles and cousins did well. After all, he needed people he could trust if he wanted to expand his business.

The problem was that w.a.n.g Yang’s end goal of helping the w.a.n.g family was ultimately benefiting himself, not the w.a.n.g family. What he was most concerned about was his family living well.

As such, it was obvious that there was no way Father w.a.n.g was ever going to instill the idea of benefitting the entire w.a.n.g family in w.a.n.g Yang, especially after w.a.n.g Yang had taken his mother’s words to heart.

w.a.n.g Yang leaned back against the sofa, no longer feeling that sense of remorse or the need to make it up to the w.a.n.g family as he had before. “Dad, I’m thirty-seven this year, not seventeen, much less three years old. Do you really think I’m a toddler you can speak to like that?”

In the past, w.a.n.g Yang had never been willing to think too much about the matter. Besides, it was true that the w.a.n.g family had invested quite a lot in protecting him. But now that w.a.n.g Yang had calmed down and thought more about the matter, w.a.n.g Yang realized that his father and his late grandpa had been treating him like a fool, especially his dad, who was trying to coax him as though he was coaxing his mom.

Upon coming to this realization, w.a.n.g Yang had been terribly heartbroken. In fact, he had been as devastated as the time he had lost the lawsuit to Qiao Nan.

Father w.a.n.g had put in quite a lot of effort into marrying Mother Zhu. Everyone knew that the Zhu family had not been particularly happy with this union, but the Zhu family’s daughter had taken a fancy to this boy from the w.a.n.g family and had insisted on marrying him. No one knew exactly how much of a fuss the Zhu family’s daughter had kicked up, but the result was the Zhu family compromising and allowing her to marry him.

w.a.n.g Yang had heard about this before. In fact, w.a.n.g Yang thought that his father was pretty impressive for being able to coax his mom in this manner. Father w.a.n.g must have thought that he would not have to work so hard since he had such a powerful family as his in-laws.

Unfortunately, Father w.a.n.g was not bold enough and was a rather reserved man. He liked the Zhu family’s daughter but was afraid of the men of the Zhu family. As such, he had not dared to burn his bridges by doing anything too extreme. The only thing he could do was to cajole the Zhu family’s daughter with his sweet words, so much so that she would insist on marrying only him.

Mother Zhu was different. The men in the Zhu family loved girls, so Mother Zhu had been spoiled by her father and brother while growing up, and she was especially stubborn and brave. There was nothing she dared not do, only things she never thought of. Father w.a.n.g had never overstepped his line, but the Zhu family had always stood in the way, preventing them from getting married. Because of that, Mother Zhu had directly told her family. “If you guys stand in the way any longer, just wait and see. I’ll get pregnant in a few months’ time. Then, the Zhu family will become a joke to everyone!”

Mother Zhu knew that the Zhu family would never stop her once she got into an intimate relations.h.i.+p with Father w.a.n.g.

At that time, Grandma Zhu had already pa.s.sed away, and Zhu Baoguo’s mother had pa.s.sed away after giving birth to Zhu Baoguo. As such, Mother Zhu was the only female in the entire Zhu family. Because of that, there was no female who was in the position to have a good chat with Mother Zhu. As her father and brother, there was no way the men of the Zhu family could possibly ask Mother Zhu if she had indeed slept with Father w.a.n.g.

Of course, it was inconvenient to talk to Father w.a.n.g about this matter too. In the end, Zhu Chengqi had not been able to hold himself back anymore and had simply punched Father w.a.n.g. Because Father w.a.n.g had wanted to get married to Mother Zhu, he had not dared to bring up the matter. When Mother Zhu saw his bruised and swollen face, Father w.a.n.g had simply lied that he had fallen and injured himself.

With Mother Zhu’s courage, the couple had finally gotten married.

From all these events, it was not difficult to see that the w.a.n.g family actually feared the Zhu family. Even though Mother Zhu had married into their family and had given birth to w.a.n.g Yang, the men in the w.a.n.g family had never dared to provoke Mother Zhu. After all, Mother Zhu was the Zhu family’s only daughter.

If anyone in the w.a.n.g family really dared to anger Mother Zhu, they had to live in fear of Zhu Chengqi taking revenge for his sister. If the Zhu family cared so much about a useless daughter like Mother Zhu, it went without saying that they would treasure their only grandson, Zhu Baoguo, even more.

In the past, w.a.n.g Yang had not thought much about it. He had simply thought that he had killed Zhu Baoguo because he had gotten thugs to beat Zhu Baoguo up. If the Zhu family were to find out about it, his grandfather and uncle would definitely disown him and would even get back at him. Now that w.a.n.g Yang had thought things through, he knew that things would never have been this simple.

If the Zhu family had really found out that he had something to do with Zhu Baoguo’s death, he might have gotten unlucky, but the w.a.n.g family would definitely have been in a disaster. Before getting married, his mom had always been the one raising Zhu Baoguo. As such, his mom loved her nephew dearly.

Based on this relations.h.i.+p, his mom had always told him that Zhu Baoguo was his biological brother and that they had to get along well since they were family. It was alright to give in and compromise at times.

Why did w.a.n.g Yang hate Zhu Baoguo so much? It was because Mother Zhu was the only person in the w.a.n.g family who would tell w.a.n.g Yang that he should be close to Zhu Baoguo since they were brothers. Apart from Mother Zhu, everyone else in the w.a.n.g family always told him that Zhu Baoguo was not as clever or obedient as he was. Even though he was half a Zhu, his surname was not Zhu. That was why he was not as fortunate as Zhu Baoguo.. In the future, all of the Zhu family’s a.s.sets would go to Zhu Baoguo, and he would have to watch on by the sidelines.


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