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Chapter 2095: Hereditary

“It’s alright as long as they don’t go overboard with these things.” Such a topic was a little sensitive, but since Qiao Nan was willing to think from the Zhai family’s perspective, there was no reason for Miao Jing to get upset. “Nan Nan, take a look. Don’t you think these shoes are pretty? It’ll definitely look pretty on our granddaughter. I’m thinking of getting a few pretty dresses when I go out the next time.”

Miao Jing had longed for Zhai Sheng to have a child for the past ten years. To be honest, Miao Jing truly did not mind whether the child was a girl or a boy. There were many people who wished that the Zhai family favored boys over girls and would laugh at the Zhai family once Qiao Nan gave birth to a baby girl instead of a baby boy. There was no way Miao Jing was going to allow these people to get their way.

She had preferred daughters over sons even when she had been the one giving birth. Now that Nan Nan was the one pregnant, she still liked girls. Even if the Zhai family were to have three girls at once, she would still be happy about it!

“Mom, you have to buy a few products for boys too.” Qiao Nan reminded Miao Jing as she thought about Da Bao and Er Bao. She was going to have more boys than girls. They could not possibly have one of the boys fit into San Bao’s dresses when they were born.

Knowing that she was pregnant with three babies, Qiao Nan was certain that they were the same three children that she had had in her dream.

Zhai Yaohui lifted his head from his book and replied in a loud voice, “Buy it. Qiao Nan is right. We have three children. We should buy things for both boys and girls. We can’t leave anyone shortchanged. It’s not like our family doesn’t have money.”

Zhai Yaohui, who had been raised by Old Master Zhai and Grandma Zhai to be frugal, had said such a thing! It was indeed rare for him to be so open-minded about spending money. At the mention of spending money on food or clothes, Zhai Yaohui would always say that they had enough and that there was no need to make unnecessary purchases.

They did not lack money?

Zhai Yaohui had never said such a thing both times he had become a father.

Miao Jing’s smile widened as though a flower had bloomed on her face. “Yes, yes. We don’t lack money. They’re all my grandchildren. Could I possibly not care about them? You’re making it seem like you’re a good grandpa while I’m a bad grandma. Humph!” The child had not yet been born, but Old Zhai was already fighting for the children’s affection.

Thankfully, they were going to have three grandchildren at once. Otherwise, she and Old Zhai would have to fight each other to death for their grandchildren’s affection.

Zhai Yaohui eyed Miao Jing helplessly. The three children in their daughter-in-law’s stomach had not yet been born but he felt as though there was already another child in their family. His wife was always throwing tantrums and he always had to try to appease her. However, in front of their daughter-in-law, he had to maintain his dignity as her father-in-law. Coaxing his wife would have to wait until he returned to their room.

Since the Zhai family was about to have three new members, this good news naturally spread quickly. Very soon, Zhai Sheng received a phone call. Unfortunately, Zhai Sheng had not been available and had not been the first to receive the news.

After thinking about it for a while, Qiao Nan made a call to Qiao Dongliang. “Dad, it’s me.”

“I know.” There was no way Qiao Dongliang would not recognize Qiao Nan’s number. “What’s wrong? Have you finished your pickled ginger? It’s just as well. The batch of pickles that I made earlier tastes quite good. I’ll send them over to you today. When you finish them, you can let me know and I’ll make some more for you.” Qiao Dongliang knew that Qiao Nan loved eating pickled ginger and that it was alright for pregnant women to eat pickled ginger. As such, Qiao Dongliang was diligent in making them.

Qiao Dongliang could not even remember how Chen Feng looked when he was younger. Because the Chen family had controlled Chen Feng strictly, the Chen family had never allowed Chen Feng to visit the Qiao family before he had learned to walk and recognize his surroundings.

But once the child learned to run and make trouble, he had too much energy for Qiao Dongliang to handle. Now that he was about to become a grandpa again, Qiao Dongliang wanted to know how Qiao Nan’s child would look before the age of one and whether he would be able to carry his fragrant and tender grandchild.

“Dad, you don’t have to work so hard. I haven’t finished the previous batch of pickled ginger yet.” Pickled foods were not as nutritious as fresh vegetables and fruits, after all. After that period of craving them, Qiao Nan no longer craved pickled ginger so badly anymore. “Dad, I called to tell you that I visited the hospital today and the doctor told me that I’m pregnant with triplets.”

“Really?” Qiao Dongliang was so excited that he nearly knocked over the cup beside him. “You’re pregnant with triplets? Are you and the babies doing well?” Knowing that Qiao Nan was already forty years old, Qiao Dongliang was both emotional and worried. Qiao Dongliang knew that that meant a geriatric pregnancy. “Did the doctor tell you what to take note of? I’m sure carrying triplets isn’t easy.”

“Yes…” Qiao Nan did not hide anything from him. “The doctor said that it’s more likely for babies to be born prematurely in multiple births. I’ll be admitted to the hospital as a precautionary measure in my seventh month.” In her dream, she had been young and in good health. At that time, the doctor had advised her to be hospitalized in her eighth month. Eventually, she had preferred staying at home and insisted on only being admitted at the very last minute for childbirth.

This time, however, Qiao Nan thought all about her children. There were some things that she could not afford to be as stubborn about as she had been in her dream. All she wanted was for her and the three children to be well.

Qiao Nan had no confidence in carrying the triplets for a full term. It would not even be easy to carry them for eight months. As such, the doctor had advised her to be admitted in her seventh month, in case she needed to undergo emergency surgery or whether she encountered any problems and needed immediate medical attention.

From a medical standpoint, it was obviously dangerous for Qiao Nan to be pregnant with triplets in her first pregnancy, at the age of forty, no less.

After getting an affirmative answer, Qiao Dongliang’s eyes reddened. He felt extremely guilty toward his daughter and was too ashamed to face her. It was the Qiao family’s fault that Qiao Nan and her children were being subjected to such danger.

If Qiao Nan had gotten married earlier and had children earlier, she would never have been placed in such danger. It was much better to give birth while one was still young and strong.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Nan finally spoke up. “Dad, has there been any multiple births in our family’s history?” It could not possibly be a coincidence that she had had triplets in both her dream and in reality.

Qiao Dongliang took a deep breath. “Yes. Your paternal grandpa was a triplet. But you know very well the era that your grandpa lived in. In the end, only your grandpa was left to join the military. If your eldest and second great uncles had not pa.s.sed away, your grandpa would not have left his family and insisted on taking revenge for the family by joining the military either.”


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