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Chapter 1926: Selling the House

If she had held back when she had been younger, she would have been the one throwing a tantrum at these people today. Her mom had chosen the best path for her, but she had not cherished it and had made a foolish mistake. Now, even a caretaker looked down on her!

There would come a day when all these people who looked down on her would be afraid of her and have to bow down to her.

Looking at the pile of items on the floor, Qiu Chenxi thought that they were an eyesore. These things seemed to be reminding her of how even a caretaker looked down on her because she had left Zhai Sheng. In the end, Qiu Chenxi gave these things a good kick before picking them up and throwing them into the bin.

Thankfully, these things had not cost her much anyway. She would rather throw them away than leave them at Qiao Nan’s door and let Qiao Nan take advantage of her.

From her footsteps, Qiao Nan could hear just how enraged and unjust Qiu Chenxi felt. Qiao Nan was indifferent about the situation. She would be thankful as long as Qiu Chenxi left and never came back because of this matter.

But Qiao Nan’s troubles did not lessen just because Qiu Chenxi had left. Looking at the property deed on her table, Qiao Nan was troubled again. Qiao Nan knew how Qiao Dongliang was, and she knew even more clearly about Ding Jiayi’s and Qiu Chenxi’s tempers.

Qiao Nan had never thought of asking for owners.h.i.+p of that big apartment. In fact, she had never thought that she would have anything to do with the Qiao family’s courtyard. She had expected everything to go to Qiao Zijin. She was not the only one who had thought that way. Even Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin thought so as well.

Initially, when she had left with all her hard-earned money, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin had hated her so much that they had gone on television to encourage the entire Ping Cheng city to go against her. They could not wait to turn her into a street mouse who would get cursed at on the streets. If they knew that the property deed of the Qiao family’s courtyard was in her hands and would even become hers, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin would only kick an even greater fuss than before.

Because of that, Qiao Nan did not sense Qiao Dongliang’s fatherly love for her when she saw the property deed. All she felt was the fear and uneasiness due to the trouble that the property deed would bring.

Qiao Nan was troubled over the property deed, but there was someone who was even more troubled than her. That was Qiao Dongliang. When he heard that Qiao Zijin had finally been willing to sell her big apartment to pay for her surgery, Qiao Dongliang’s feelings had been mixed. He was clearer than Ding Jiayi that Qiao Zijin had made such a decision not because it would not be good for them to undergo a kidney donation at their age.

When he had gone for his medical checkup earlier, the doctor had already advised him against a kidney donation if possible because of his age. It was still a question whether Qiao Zijin would be able to make a full recovery if she were to accept her parents’ kidney. Even the doctor could not say for sure how donating a kidney might affect Qiao Dongliang or Ding Jiayi.

Of course, that had not been the main point. The main point was that the doctor had told Qiao Dongliang something. “Hasn’t your daughter asked me about all these? Why? Has she gotten so frightened that she hasn’t told you about this? Of course, you can come and clarify any doubts you might have. I think that your family has to consider this carefully.”

Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Qiao Dongliang’s heart sank. Qiao Zijin had already understood from the doctor her chances of recovering if she were to accept her parents’ kidney and how that would affect her life and health in the future.

Qiao Dongliang knew his daughter well and did not think that Qiao Zijin had gone to understand all these out of concern for Ding Jiayi’s or his own health if they were to undergo the surgery. What she was concerned about was her own health.

While Qiao Zijin underwent her surgery, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi waited outside the operation theatre. Qiao Dongliang’s worries were completely different from Ding Jiayi’s, and his feelings were much more complicated than Ding Jiayi’s. “Old Qiao, do you think Zijin will be fine?”

They had spent so much money and had even sold the big apartment. This family would be finished if anything were to happen to Zijin.

“Didn’t the doctor say that this surgery isn’t very difficult as long as we can find a suitable kidney? We’ll just have to see if Zijin’s body will be able to accept this new kidney, or whether it’ll reject it. Don’t worry. Zijin will be fine.” Qiao Dongliang comforted Ding Jiayi dryly. No matter how bad Qiao Zijin was, she was still his daughter.

They had not cherished such a good daughter like Nan Nan and had instead chased her away. He and Old Ding had to worry so much at this age because of their own actions. It was their own fault.

Ding Jiayi was unsure of how long she had waited before the door of the operation theatre finally opened. She felt as though her legs were numb, but she had no time to care about that. She hobbled forward and asked hurriedly, “Is my daughter fine? Was the surgery a success?”

The doctor removed his mask and forced a smile out. “Don’t worry. The surgery was a success. As for everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see. Normally, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Good. That’s good. We didn’t waste money. It wasn’t a waste. As long as my daughter’s alive!” Ding Jiayi was over the moon. They had not thrown four hundred thousand yuan away! Zijin would no longer be ill or be in pain!

Thinking about how Qiao Zijin had lost a significant amount of weight because of her illness, Ding Jiayi thought only about how to nourish Qiao Zijin and what to prepare for her during her period of recovery.

After every successful surgery, the patient’s family would always have words of thanks for him. But it was the first time the doctor was hearing something about how she had not wasted her money. The doctor wiped away his sweat and did not hold it against Ding Jiayi. After leaving the nurses with a few instructions, the doctor returned to his office to rest.

He had another surgery to conduct after Qiao Zijin’s.

After almost half a day, Qiao Zijin groggily woke up as the anesthesia wore off. But her mind was clear and she asked, “Mom, has my house been sold?” It had not been easy to get the money for her surgery, but selling the house was almost like cutting a piece of Zijin’s body off. It felt even more painful than the wound from her surgery.

Ding Jiayi laughed while caressing Qiao Zijin’s face. “The property prices are going up every day. It won’t be that easy to sell your house.”


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