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Chapter 1595: Last Day

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At this time, Qiao Nan’s first choice had not been someone else but her arch-enemy who had joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the same time as her, Deng Wenchang. Without her aura, and in comparison with others, Deng Wenchang’s performance was not only above average but was also very eye-catching. Unfortunately, Deng Wenchang was unlucky to have entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same year as Qiao Nan. Thus, there was no way Deng Wenchang could outperform Qiao Nan.

In the past, Qiao Nan had taken advantage of Deng Wenchang. Now, she was returning everything to Deng Wenchang even if it seemed a little late to do so.

As expected, he had not received the answer that he had hoped for and Deng Wenchang was unable to hide his disappointment. “So that’s it. Thank you for thinking so highly of me. I’m grateful that you thought of me at such a time.” He should not have expected it. Qiao Nan was different from him. Although he felt something for Qiao Nan, it was not returned.

“Just take care of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs well in the future. That will be the best way to thank me.” Qiao Nan smiled meaningfully. “How is it? It’s a little late, but at least, you’ve finished what Peng Yu entrusted to you. Are you happy? Why don’t you call Peng Yu now? He might even prepare celebratory champagne for you.”

Peng Yu had gone all out with Qiao Zijin.

In the end, she had pushed Deng Wenchang into the position of the minister of foreign affairs. Thus, Peng Yu’s final goal had been achieved. Initially, Qiao Nan could have chosen someone else other than Deng Wenchang to make Peng Yu suffer. But after having worked in the department for more than ten years, she was emotionally attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If she were to choose based on abilities, Deng Wenchang was second to none. For the sake of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she put her personal grudges aside. She could only hope that Deng Wenchang would not focus on working for Peng Yu and neglect his own position and ruin the reputation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once he became the minister. Other than that, Qiao Nan was already prepared to ignore everything else.

“I will! ” Deng Wenchang solemnly promised. “Qiao Nan, there’s one more thing you might not know about. Our Deng family no longer collaborates with the Peng family” He was no longer Peng Yu’s lackey and no longer the Qiao family’s enemy and opponent.

“It ended? When was that?” Was this an unexpected reward?

“During the National Day holidays. Peng Yu’s father came over to our house to let my dad know. Uncle Peng was the one who proposed to end it, but even before he came to our house, I discussed it with my dad and my dad had agreed.” He was afraid that Qiao Nan would misunderstand that the Peng family had been the ones to end the relations.h.i.+p and that Deng Wenchang was only bringing this up to flatter her. In reality, he was very reluctant to end the relations.h.i.+p with the Peng family. Deng Wenchang faithfully recounted the whole story to Qiao Nan without leaving out a single detail.

The Deng family already had such an idea, so when Father Peng mentioned it, the Deng family immediately agreed to it without hesitation.

Since the elders of both families already had such a tacit understanding, it did not matter what the younger ones in the family thought. In the Deng family, Deng Wenchang and his father shared the same thoughts. However, Deng Wenchang knew that Peng Yu was likely to be kept in the dark about this situation. Father Peng had come to end their collaborative relations.h.i.+p behind Peng Yu’s back.

A smile appeared on Qiao Nan’s nonchalant face. “Is that so? This is the second piece of good news of today. Congratulations to you, and congratulations to me too.” Even if Deng Wenchang was going to be the minister of foreign affairs, she would not need to be worried about any negative impacts on Zhai Sheng’s career.

“Yes, congratulations to me, and congratulations to you too!” Seeing Qiao Nan smile, which was a different smile from the usual one, Deng Wenchang was on cloud nine. He was extraordinarily relaxed. “We’re still good colleagues in the future, right?”

“Of course.” She was just stepping down from the position of the minister, not leaving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After Qiao Nan and Deng Wenchang came to a decision about this manpower reallocation, the news quickly spread within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, causing a huge uproar. Many people in the department expressed that they were more supportive of Qiao Nan as their minister. Hadn’t the incident been investigated and hadn’t Qiao Nan been cleared of all suspicions? There had been nothing at all.

Since Minister Qiao was innocent, why was Deng Wenchang being promoted while Minister Qiao was being demoted? That was unfair!

The moment this notice was posted, there was not a single person who has happy about the news, barring Deng Wenchang himself.

It had been said that new officials were often on fire, and Deng Wenchang was no different. Once the notice was posted, Deng Wenchang had yet to take over from Qiao Nan, but he already used his power to send out another notice, which was to kick Li Dawei out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Deng Wenchang could easily spell out seven to eight reasons for firing Li Dawei from the department. Now that Deng Wenchang was the minister, he had sufficient reasons. To keep Li Dawei in the department? Not a chance!

Li Dawei had not recovered from his joy of learning of Qiao Nan’s demotion. He did not even question who had taken over her position now that Qiao Nan was gone. Then, Li Dawei read the second part of the announcement. Oh, Qiao Nan was out and Deng Wenchang was in.

That was a bolt out of the blue!

He had waited so long for this day to come, the day when Qiao Nan would finally be demoted. But it had not ended as a dream come true for him. The ministerial position would be taken over by Deng Wenchang. There was no time for him to even catch his breath. When he read the second announcement, Li Dawei felt that it might have been better if Qiao Nan had remained in her position and Deng Wenchang had not taken over.

“Comrade Li, it seems that today will be our last day as colleagues. At least, it will be the last day of being colleagues in the same department.” Those who did not like Li Dawei immediately ridiculed Li Dawei the moment the second announcement was sent out. “Minister Deng may have a hundred flaws, but at least, he has one good point. Minister Deng has taken revenge for Minister Qiao!”

G.o.d was fair!

When Minister Qiao was still the minister, she had been extremely tolerant of Li Dawei. Apart from not giving Li Dawei opportunities to prove himself, Minister Qiao had also rattled Li Dawei from the position. Now, the day that Li Dawei had always been looking forward to finally came, but the moment Minister Deng took over, his first attack was against Li Dawei! He deserved it!

“…” Li Dawei’s face was flushed with anger. “I-I think differently from you.” He would not leave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This announcement was the final result. He would have to find someone to help him. Who? Right, Qiao Nan!

Although Qiao Nan was no longer the minister of foreign affairs, she had once been the minister. Other than Deng Wenchang, Qiao Nan would have the most say in this matter.


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