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1125 There Is a Fishy Smell

“I suppose you’re very close with the owner of the house, no? Qiao Nan, can you help me, please?” Yu Xiaoxiao’s voice turned hoa.r.s.e and tears welled up in her eyes. Since a young age, she had never pleaded with someone in this manner.

“Yu Xiaoxiao, I’m sorry. This matter really won’t work.” Qiao Nan took a firm step back to distance herself from Yu Xiaoxiao. “That house is not mine and I don’t have the right to manage it. I don’t have the right to accede to any of your requests. If you really have any plans in mind, you can ask the owner of the house. But don’t expect me to give you the owner’s contact. If you feel that your words are solid and convincing, you can try contacting the owners of other houses too.”

It was true that one should not take advantage of others in this way.

Yu Xiaoxiao felt that she had already been servile enough. In her life, she had never even bowed to her biological parents in this manner.

She had completely thrown aside her dignity and endured the humiliation by pleading for Qiao Nan’s help. She did not expect that Qiao Nan would still reject her.

Yu Xiaoxiao had been dealt with a huge blow. Tears rolled down her face uncontrollably. “I am really sorry to have caused you trouble. I’m the one who has simplified things. Can you not tell anyone about this matter?”

Qiao Nan restrained the look in her eyes. “I won’t spread this matter to others but this is the canteen. I cannot guarantee that no one has heard our earlier conversation.” If there were any rumors, she hoped that Yu Xiaoxiao would not immediately blame it on her.

Yu Xiaoxiao sniffed and looked around.

When she saw Lü Yan laughing at the side, her pupils simply formed a line. “Okay, I believe you.”

“Goodbye.” After making herself clear, Qiao Nan carried her books and went to ‘nest’ in the library.

Regarding Yu Xiaoxiao’s earlier behavior, Qiao Nan was not in any dilemma.

Qiao Nan knew that she would meet many people who were more compet.i.tive and thick-skinned than Yu Xiaoxiao in the future when she stepped out into society.

To those wily old foxes who had stepped into society, Yu Xiaoxiao’s behavior today was extremely amateurish.

When Qiao Nan was catching up in the library, she did not know that Yu Xiaoxiao and Lü Yan had a huge argument.

Just as Qiao Nan had said earlier, the property prices in the capital were too high. Sometimes, even those who were employed and earning money had to rent an extremely small-sized bas.e.m.e.nt to save on the rent, let alone students.

Given the situations of Yu Xiaoxiao and Lü Yan, it was most economical for them to live in school abidingly.

Only those whose family did not lack money could harbor ideas about moving out of the school.

After Yu Xiaoxiao and Lü Yan secretly had a huge argument, the two were being forced into submission by reality. They were compelled to continue living in the same dormitory even though they could not see eye to eye with each other.

Now, the trio could not even change their dormitory, not to mention a serious matter such as moving out. That was because Qiao Nan had already moved out of the dormitory.

When there were many issues in a dormitory, it would naturally draw dislike and uneasy feelings from the teachers.

Yu Xiaoxiao was not satisfied with a third-prize scholars.h.i.+p. She wanted to achieve something better. She was only worried that she did not have any opportunity to perform. As such, why would she be willing to create so many troubles and continue to ruin her image in front of the teachers and the professors?

If this kind of situation happened another one or two times, third-prize scholars.h.i.+ps would not be a.s.sociated with Yu Xiaoxiao anymore, let alone second-prize ones.

Yu Xiaoxiao was focused on her studies while Tang Jiayun paid more attention to building interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps. Lü Yan was the only one behaving oddly. No one knew what her plans were.

Human hearts were complicated. When the list of scholars.h.i.+p recipients was out, the atmosphere in the dormitory quietly started to become strange.

The trio never spoke to or discussed things with one another in the dormitory. They did not even look at each other. When they left the door, they would avoid eye contact. There was no interaction at all. The situation was more uptight than that between ordinary cla.s.smates.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan had moved out and she did not need to face these troubles anymore.

“Nan Nan, this is the award certificate that you brought home?” When Qiao Nan arrived home, the sharp-eyed Miao Jing sighted the red booklet that Qiao Nan casually placed on the study table. She was overjoyed when she opened it. “First-prize scholars.h.i.+p. Nan Nan, you’ve done so well in your examination?”

Her daughter was not good in her humanities subjects. Her son had well-developed brains.

Since Zhai Sheng graduated from school many years ago, Miao Jing could not remember when she had last seen these red booklets.

Qiao Nan had changed into another set of clothes when she came out. “Not too bad. Not many people received scholars.h.i.+ps, but I’m not the only one. I heard from my senior that I will have the opportunity to go overseas for studies if I attain a few more first-prize scholars.h.i.+ps.”

“Nan Nan, do you wish to study abroad?” Miao Jing was taken aback. Nan Nan was only a first-year college student and she was already involved in studying abroad?

Qiao Nan turned her head and said, “Earlier on, I just wanted to do well in my examinations, attend college, and be a college student. As for studying abroad, I have never thought about it. If my senior did not tell me about it, I wouldn’t even know that there is such a practice in the school.”

Qiao Nan only placed importance on her grades and found out about the a.s.sessment criteria. She had never thought about the other advantages that would come with good grades.

“Do you want to consider it then? Opportunities to study abroad are hard to come by.” If the school was really willing to give Nan Nan such a chance, that meant that Nan Nan was truly capable.

Studying abroad was not the same as migrating. She could come back after completing her studies.

Qiao Nan took a sip of the milk that Miao Jing gave her. She knitted her brows. “This milk tastes weird. There’s a very fishy smell.”

“Is that so?” Miao Jing took and tasted it. “No, it’s the same taste as usual. Drink more milk to replenish your calcium.”

Qiao Nan wanted to try but before the milk came to her, her mind floated with the earlier smell of the milk. She shook her head continuously. “Forget it. Perhaps I am not used to it now or maybe my taste has changed. I feel a little nauseous when I drink milk.”

“Are you feeling unwell?” Miao Jing was anxious. “Don’t tell me that you ate the wrong things when you were in school?”

“Don’t think so.” Qiao Nan trusted the food in the canteen very much. “I have eaten in the canteen for half a year and have never taken any bad food before. Most likely, I just can’t stand the smell of this milk. Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. It’s just that I have wasted your cup of milk.”

Miao Jing looked carefully at Qiao Nan’s face. Besides disliking the fishy smell of the milk, her face was pinkish and eyes dewy. There were no other symptoms. “It won’t be wasted. I will drink it if you don’t want it. Right, it’s time to eat. Let’s go downstairs together?”

Qiao Nan walked to Miao Jing’s side. “Okay, Mom. Right, the army is still making arrangements for Sister Zhai Hua. What has she been doing at home these few days?”


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