WebNovel Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack Chapter 518 – Sun Jiamu And Fang Shaohua's Meeting (Part 1)

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Chapter 518 – Sun Jiamu And Fang Shaohua’s Meeting (Part 1)

“Brother.” She gave him a natural smile and could only step into the hospital room.

Fang Shaohua’s gaze followed after her. “Third Sister, have you been very busy? It’s been days since you last visited our father?”

In the past, she always responded to his messages very quickly. These days however, her responses were very slow.

He knew that she was avoiding him.

Since she refused to visit him in the Hong Sheng District, he decided to guard the hospital room everyday. Now, he finally managed to meet her.

“I’m a little busy.” Her new company had just been established and that kept her busy. More importantly, she spent most of her time accompanying Bai Qinghao.

Fang Shaohua did not say more. “In that case, you have to take good care of your body. Don’t overly exhaust yourself.”

“En.” She smiled. “Brother should also take care of his health.”

Although her smile was the same as ever, in the past, he was always able to feel her concern for him. Right now however, all he noticed was a sense of distance from her.

Fang Shaohua could not express the disappointment he felt.

“It’s a little warm today.” Fang Shaohua poured a cup of tea and handed it to her. “There aren’t any drinks in the room. Have some tea?”

“En.” She sat down and glanced at her father’s unmoving figure. “How has Dad been recently?”

“Although there still isn’t any indication of him waking up, his body has fully recovered from his surgery.” Fang Shaohua said with praise in his voice, “The caretakers here aren’t bad. They’ve been taking very good care of him.”

“That’s good.” Fang Xinxin felt very grateful towards Bai Qinghao as this was all arranged by him.

Her father was hospitalised in Jia Ya Hospital and all the doctors and care workers hired for him were the best of the best.

“Is there any progress with my case?” Fang Shaohua wasn’t originally hasty about this.

However, as he felt the distance increasing between them, he felt that he needed to get rid of his criminal charges quickly.

The two of them were not blood-related. He needed to have his innocence back before he could openly pursue her.

“I’m sorry, Brother…” A hint of worry flashed past Fang Xinxin’s eyes. “I’ve already employed several different organisations to pursue w.a.n.g Liangping. However, it’s as though he has completely disappeared. When we finally find him, the truth will be revealed. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

“There’s no rush. Let’s take it naturally.” Fang Shaohua knew very well that she was trying her utmost. He could also sense that someone was interfering with this matter behind the scenes.

However, he could not help but feel disappointed. He was worried he would lose the opportunity to pursue her…

The two of them chatted on and off for a while.

Fang Xinxin noticed that her brother’s gaze was constantly fixated on her. It was as though he could not bear to look away.

This left her feeling very uncomfortable. She was about to say she needed to leave when her phone rang.

She brought her phone out to see that it’s a call from Sun Jiamu. The moment she answered, Sun Jiamu’s sweet voice could be heard. “Xinxin, your father has been hospitalised for so long. I’ve always wanted to visit him but I’ve been too busy. Are you free today? I’m thinking of visiting Uncle at the hospital.”

“Thank you for your thoughts, but it’s alright.”

“No it’s not.” Sun Jiamu asked, “Are you busy? You can give me his hospital room number. I’ll go there myself.”

Since she had said so, Fang Xinxin could only share the address with her. “I’m in the hospital room. You can come now.”

“I’m only a short distance away. I’ll be there immediately.”

After Fang Xinxin ended the call, Fang Shaohua asked. “Was that the good friend you spoke about? Sun Jiamu?”

“En.” She had previously mentioned her to him.

“Do you need me to leave first?”


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