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Chapter 645 – I Really Blame Myself

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Yan Tianhen may not know if there was anyone in the world who could craft a Pillar of Heaven, but he once saw, with his own eyes someone with a special const.i.tution, in unwittingly circ.u.mstances, being forcefully dragged away by those so-called benevolent, righteous and morally just “Gentlemen of the Orthodox Dao” to become a Pillar of Heaven.

How heartless.

And This Pillar of Heaven in front of eyes was obviously made by sacrifice.

“Yes, Pillar of Heaven.” Lin Xuanzhi stood up and said, “When I first entered Youshan Capital, I had already realized the reason Youshan Capital was able to become its own world and remain intact even when all the surrounding mountains collapsed was a because the remaining soul and flesh of Jianmu and Spirit Emperor were formed together and were protected by this Pillar of Heaven. If you want to solve Youshan Capital’s problem, it’s enough just to break this Pillar of Heaven. But if it is done roughly, their souls will have nowhere to stay, and they would naturally dissipate.”

Yan Tianhen hesitated for a moment and said, “How did this happen? That… doesn’t that mean that Jianmu and the Spirit Spirit Emperor are actually still alive in this world?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “The genuine descendents of divinity are not so easily destroyed. They can always use some unexpected ways to return to this world.”

Yan Tianhen’s heart suddenly tightened and said, “If these people can come back, what about the bad people? Would they also be able to come back as well?”

Lin Xuanzhi paused. This question was precisely one of his major concerns.

The past hundred years, after he recovered his memory, he had been thinking about how to crack the barrier of Youshan Capital while keeping watch against the resurrection of ancient evil and demonic spirits.

“They might come back, or they might not.” Lin Xuanzhi came to a conclusion that was so vague even he couldn’t stand it, “I actually don’t understand demons that well. I have never known them well, whether it’s the habits of their race or their way of thinking.”

“According to common sense, evil spirits and demons can’t reincarnate after death,” Yan Tianhen said.

“But a lot of things can’t be explained by common sense.” Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes darkened and said, “Ancient forbidden techniques can similarly allow demons to escape from extinction and re-enter reincarnation, or escape through shedding their sh.e.l.ls, lying low somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to make a move, and coming back. Leaving aside the demons far away, there is already a demonic being in Youshan Capital which has escaped to reincarnation and released his evil spirit. This is completely beyond my expectation.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes quickly warned the rabbit rubbing up at his feet… He secretly kicked the rabbit, and the rabbit understood and immediately ran away. Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi puzzledly and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“I killed Youshan Lingyu with my own hands.” Lin Xuanzhi’s beautiful eyebrows are pinched, and his brow was wrinkled, “I can be sure that, normally speaking, there can be no reincarnation for Youshan Lingyu, and his death was a real death. My sword fell very quickly, and he had no possibility of using forbidden techniques to enter reincarnation. Then how did he reappear in the Youshan Capital?”

Yan Tianhen thought in his heart, Reincarnation Pill.

It wasn’t only ancient forbidden techniques that could make demonic beings force their way into reincarnation. The three major treasures of Hidden Spirit Holy Sect were all in his hands, among which was the Reincarnation Pill.

The Reincarnation Pill was a kind of medicinal pill which Dao Zu gathered for thousands of years, after planting rare and precious spiritual plants in the world, and then incorporating the reincarnation array. It had gathered the spiritual Qi of an entire sparrow spirit vein, and refined with Dao Zu’s pill fire for hundreds of years before finally condensing it into a medicinal pill so powerful it was incapable of being ranked.

Even if he was a demon, he could still keep half of his soul and be reincarnated like human beings. So in this life, he was a half-demon.

Yan Tianhen didn’t intend to tell Lin Xuanzhi the truth, and he didn’t want Lin Xuanzhi to have any speculation regarding Youshan Lingyu.

“Dage.” Yan Tianhen called him once and said, “Have you ever thought that the person who came back is not the demonic thing you mentioned, but some other person who should have died in the ancient war?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with wide open eyes and said, “What you said is also possible. Everyone knows that the evil spirit Fu Zhu is the mount of Youshan Lingyu. Therefore, people would naturally think that Youshan Lingyu is back. However, in ancient times, it was definity not only Lingyu who could control Fu Zhu.”

Yan Tianhen smiled and said, “This is it. How can a demon reincarnate? The thing that came back to life may be half demonic, or human.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “This matter still needs to be investigated carefully. Even if one leader of the demon group came out randomly, they would cause endless harm. All I can say is, kill them as fast as possible in Youshan Capital. “

“And what if you can’t kill them?” Yan Tianhen asked, “Would Dage never leave then?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen. “The time limit I originally set for myself was 300 years. If after three hundred years, I am still unable to forge a magic treasure that can carry the spirit and flesh of Cang Rong, even if I have to break this Pillar of Heaven, I will leave.”

Yan Tianhen said, “Three hundred years in here is three years outside, does Dage have something he’s concerned about?”

“Asking while knowing the answer.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, took Yan Tianhen’s hands and said, “If I didn’t think that you were outside, I’m afraid not even the slightest sense of urgency would exist, just like right now.”

Yan Tianhen automatically filtered out Lin Xuanzhi’s negative emotional judgement of Youshan Lingyu, and said happily, “Dage, I don’t ask you to put me before the world and think of what’s best for me all the time. I will be satisfied as long as you can think of me and miss me.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Your request is too simple.”

The first rule of the Hidden Spirit Holy Sect was that if the common people were in trouble, one couldn’t stand by and watch.

Lin Xuanzhi, as the chief disciple of the Spirit Sect and the first Sword Venerable, naturally had to follow this sect rule to the end. Even after reincarnation, this kind of integrity had already penetrated into his bones, which would not be forgotten.

Yan Tianhen would never ask Lin Xuanzhi the question of what is more important: Yan Tianhen or the rest of the world, because Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t give him a real answer — many things, only when they happen, would you know how you’d choose.

Just like in those days, a single Youshan Lingyu was burdened to carry Dao Zu’s ardent expectations alone, moving forward while carrying heavy burdens.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyes and looked towards the Jianmu tree and snake-tailed man who had been standing here for thousands of years. He said, “Even if I can’t find Fu Zhu and the person who released him, I will leave here once I refine a magic treasure.”

Yan Tianhen looked at him. “Is Dage not afraid of letting Fu Zhu and the bad guys go, which would ruin the Nine Lands and all the common people’s lives?”

Lin Xuanzhi said faintly, “There are many things where you can only do your best. It is a matter for the entire population to kill demons. It should be done by the entire population. I am also a selfish person. Even if I could have died to kill demons ten thousand years ago, it was only because the demon I wanted to kill was Youshan Lingyu.”

Nothing more than that.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes s.h.i.+ned slightly and asked, “What about Youshan Lingyu?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “He is the person I brought up with my own hands. I gave him his name. I taught him swordsmans.h.i.+p and the way of cultivation. I also taught him the principles of life and morality. But he turned out to be that way…”

“I really blame myself, it’s all my fault. “

He really blamed himself for not being able to teach Youshan Lingyu well. He regretted that when Youshan Lingyu’s thoughts and character began to change, he did not detect a problem in time, so that he let Youshan Lingyu go astray with no way of turning back.

“But I don’t know where everything went wrong after all.” When Lin Xuanzhi mentioned the past, he still had knots in his heart. He flashed a rarely seen blank look in his eyes and said, “Ah Hen, even now I still don’t know what I did wrong. I brought up this child with my own hands. I did my best and did everything personally with my heart and hands, but why did he still become someone with the appearance of a stranger in the end?”

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt a little sad. His heart was extremely sour as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who blamed himself for all his remorse and mistakes.


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