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Chapter 442 – Life Saving Method

Yan Tianhen tilted his head and looked at Xia Yuzhi as he asked, “Don’t you all know that he is the Jade Cicada King?”

As soon as this was said, Xiao Mo blurted out, “How do you know?”

Yan Tianhen said confidently, “I am an expert, so shouldn’t I be able to see through the disguises of others at a glance?”

Ji Zhuoye, “…..” To be honest, didn’t you only find this out from Feng Jingyu?

Xiao Mo was stunned for a moment, squinting at the bird that had been standing on the table gnawing at some snacks since it came in as he thought, It turned out that Lin Mo knew that Xia Xiaochan was the Jade Cicada King and it was his nature to be scared to death of birds, so he deliberately said that he would bring the bird over several times. It seems that this powerful gentleman was testing his sincerity.

Xia Yuzhi’s eyes flashed with pleasant surprise. He stood up and bowed respectfully to Yan Tianhen. “Since sir can see what Xiaochan really is, I hope you can help me.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “Since I was willing to come with Xiao Mo, naturally I can cure him. I am not like those idiots with a belly full of bad ideas who can only mouth off; embroidered pillows who look good but lack any actual knowledge.”

The corners of Ji Zhuoye’s mouth twitched, but his heart secretly felt refreshed as he thought, Yan Tianhen was truly good at mouthing off. At this time, he didn’t forget to drag Ji Yufei out and whip his corpse again.

When he heard this, Xia Yuzhi nodded, his eyes slightly gloomy. “Indeed, some people do things unkindly and dishonestly.”

Yan Tianhen nodded back. “I’m different. I am a person with professional ethics. I only take people’s money as repayment for helping others. Although you haven’t paid me yet, I believe you will not fall back on the bill.”

Ji Zhuoye, “…..”

Xiao Mo wiped cold sweat off his forehead and affirmed again, “Payment is absolutely indispensable.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said enigmatically, “My method is very simple, but I don’t know if you have the courage to use it.”

Xiao Mo became nervous and asked, “What is the method?”

When Xiao Mo heard this, his face turned pale. “I can accept the fact that the Gu worm can solve the problem. However, the Heaven Reversal Pill is very rare, not to mention difficult to refine due to its extremely low success rate. Just one of the required materials I know of is rare in the world. The Inquiring Immortals Spiritual Gra.s.s only grows in West Continent’s Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, and no one has ever found its location. Isn’t this… isn’t this extremely difficult?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and replied, “The Heaven Reversal Pill is indeed hard to find, but it is the only way to save him. You have to understand that this is not just to cure the disease, but to save his life. Moreover, your Jade Cicada Palace is considered to have a wide network of acquaintances, so it would be better to post an announcement now to find the Heaven Reversal Pill in the South Continent.”

Xia Yuzhi took a deep breath and said with deep sullen eyes, “It will take at least a few months for the Heaven Reversal Pill to be refined. Will Xiaochan be able to last that long?”

Yan Tianhen took out a pill and handed it to Xia Yuzhi. “I have a pill here, it will let him hang on to life for ten days to half a month without any problem.”

Xia Yuzhi took the thick, and irregular in shape translucent pill. Without asking what it was, he asked Xiao Mo to feed it to Xia Xiaochan.

Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows. “You won’t even test it? Are you not afraid that I’ll give him poison?”

Xia Yuzhi said, “If I suspect someone, I won’t use them, but if I plan to use someone, then I won’t suspect them. To tell you the truth, before you gentlemen came, I had invited the best pharmacist in the South Continent to feel Xiaochan’s pulse. What he said was no different from what you have diagnosed. Moreover, the medicine he prescribed was very similar. However, he emphasized that Xiaochan has only three days to live. Even if we are lucky enough to get a Heaven Reversal Pill, he won’t be able to make it.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “It seems that not all the pharmacists in the South Continent are useless.”

Ji Zhuoye calmly said, “It’s unfair for others when you think that everyone is a good-for-nothing just because you have seen a single useless person.”

“You are right, but geniuses are always surrounded by other geniuses.” Yan Tianhen pointed to his nose and said without shame, “Like me.”

Zhuoye nodded happily, “You are right.”

The corners of Xiao Mo’s lips twitched repeatedly. He wiped his sweat while secretly thinking to himself, Are geniuses really so narcissistic?

Yan Tianhen told Jade Cicada Palace the treatment method, and they immediately bought three Gu worms from Zhuoye for a large price. Yan Tianhen put the worms into Xia Xiaochan’s body with Zhuoye’s help. After that, Yan Tianhen and his party left the Jade Cicada Palace.

Right after they left, Xia Xiaochan’s originally pale face turned flushed and his wrinkled skin smoothened. Everyone in Jade Cicada Palace was overjoyed. Xia Yuzhi even wanted to ask where the translucent and sticky pill was from, but he finally resisted it for fear of provoking Yan Tianhen.

After returning to the inn, Yan Tianhen said enviously, “You just gave a few bugs but you got a Transportation Talisman for the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. It was such an easy bargain. He actually just gave me some consultation gold…sigh, it really is gold for diagnosing him.”

Zhuoye raised his eyebrows. “If you want it, I can give it to you.”

Yan Tianhen smiled. “Forget it, I’ll just wait for the Teleportation Array. I wonder what price they’ll offer to buy a Heaven Reversal Pill?”

Ji Zhuoye asked, “Why didn’t you tell them that you can refine the pill?”

Yan Tianhen tilted his head towards Lin Xuanzhi and said, “My eldest brother won’t let me.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked up. “The abilities Ah Hen displayed so far are already enough to be feared by others. Once word that he can refine the Heaven Reversal Pill leaks out, Ah Hen will be targeted by many people, which is contrary to our original intention of changing our names. We may as well be nameless this time and engage in a blind transaction with Jade Cicada Palace.”

Ji Zhuoye said, “You guys are too cautious. Jade Cicada Palace has always been honest in handling matters and won’t repay one’s kindness with vengeance. However, it’s also always right to be careful and consider the situation more.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head. “Ah Hen might take ten days to a half month to refine the Heaven Reversal Pill. I’m afraid that some basic spiritual plants needed to be found by Jade Cicada Palace.”

Ji Zhuoye asked, “But… I can’t show myself. How can you complete the transaction without showing up?”

Lin Xuanzhi answered with an impenetrable look, “We naturally have our own ingenious ways.”

On the same day, Jade Cicada Palace placed a recruitment order in the largest intelligence building in the South Continent for receiving the Heaven Reversal Pill within ten days in exchange for priority use of the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land and a Teleportation Array that can be used by seven people at the same time. As soon as this news came out, there was an uproar in the South Continent.

The Ji family of Tailan City received the news first.

Ji Yufei walked to the family head’s room with an unhappy expression. “Grandpa, the reward order issued by Jade Cicada Palace made it clear that it was slapping us in the face. We only told them today that Xia Xiaochan can no longer be saved.”

The Master of the Ji family, Ji Lianfang, who was closing his eyes to meditate, opened them again to look at his talented grandson. “Palace Master Xia has most likely been instructed by an expert. Although Xia Xiaochan’s pulse was fading away and his Dantian Qi Sea was already broken, it will not be impossible to save him if they can get the Heaven Reversal Pill.”

Ji Yufei frowned. “But grandfather, didn’t we diagnose Xia Xiaochan earlier that it was just a blockage of the veins? How did it suddenly become this condition?”

Ji Lianfang’s face was pale as he replied, “I had already seen it when I first diagnosed Xia Xiaochan.”

Ji Yufei was stunned. “Grandfather, why didn’t you tell them?”

Ji Lianfang answered, “At the beginning, even Xia Yuzhi thought that Xia Xiaochan was truly suffering from a loss of appet.i.te. He came to ask me to refine some pills for Xia Xiaochan to soothe his stomach and remove stasis. He also promised to give us three Transportation Talismans. If I told him that Xia Xiaochan’s lifeline has already been severed and that I will not be able to save him, do you think that Xia Yuzhi won’t get angry and destroy all the Teleportation Talismans of the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land in one breath, and let the whole place be buried alongside Xia Xiaochan?”

Ji Yufei’s complexion changed. “It can’t be that Xia Yuzhi will be so decisive that he’ll even cut off the Jade Cicada Palace’s lifeline?”

Ji Lianfang shook his head. “You don’t know Xia Yuzhi at all. Xia Xiaochan is the Jade Cicada King that Xia Yuzhi personally brought out from the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land a hundred years ago. He has deep affection for Xia Xiaochan, and Jade Cicada Palace was built for Xia Xiaochan. Xia Yuzhi is a person who does what he wants. If it weren’t for wanting Xia Xiaochan to have a worry-free life, Xia Yuzhi would not sell information about the mysterious lands every ten years. If Xia Xiaochan is gone, Jade Cicada Palace will also cease to exist.”

Ji Yufei gasped in shock and asked, “So it turns out that Xia Xiaochan is the Jade Cicada King?”

Ji Lianfang glanced at Ji Yufei. “Otherwise, why do you think I asked you to spend more time with him?”

Ji Yufei was very regretful. “Grandfather, if you had told me this secret earlier, I would not have been half-hearted in pursuing Xia Xiaochan.”

Ji Lianfang said, “It’s still not too late.”

Ji Yufei pondered and asked, “If we can give a Heaven Reversal Pill to Xia Xiaochan, we can seize the first opportunity for entering the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land.”

Ji Lianfang stroked his beard. “You think it’s easy to refine the Heaven Reversal Pill? It takes at least a month or two, up to more than a year and a half to refine. Moreover, the most important ingredient of the Heaven Reversal Pill, the Inquiring Immortals Spiritual Gra.s.s, has disappeared. Although we have two medicinal pills in our hands right now, they are to be used to save our lives; even the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land can’t be exchanged for it. I think no one in the world is willing to exchange the Heaven Reversal Pill for that.”

Ji Yufei nodded, then frowned. “Grandpa, someone reported today that this morning, Xiao Mo took Ji Zhuoye and his two unknown friends to the Jade Cicada Palace in a hurry. Shortly after they left, Jade Cicada Palace released such news. It was also unknown whether Xia Xiaochan’s illness was diagnosed by the man named Lin Mo brought by Ji Zhuoye.”

Ji Lianfang narrowed his eyes. “If it’s really him, then Lin Mo’s attainment is not low. You can learn more about the situation. However, even if he gave the diagnosis, it won’t have any effect on you. Ji Zhuoye has already been driven out of the Ji family, and there is no longer anyone useful in Old Three’s branch of the family.”

“Yes.” Ji Yufei’s eyes flashed with joy.


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