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Chapter 748 Get The h.e.l.l Out (2)

Ye Qingtang was blanking out.

That disciple continued venting. “Do you know how many fellow disciples suffered just because you attacked them that day? Li Jingwen came knocking on our door today but could not find you, so he beat up so many of fellow disciples. Even Senior Sister Yin and Senior Brother Yan were injured by him, yet you still…”

“Don’t talk anymore.” Yan Shu stopped that disciple with a low voice.

However, Ye Qingtang heard each and every word.

In just a moment, the smile on Ye Qingtang’s face disappeared without a trace.

“Senior Brother Yan, what happened exactly?” Ye Qingtang asked Yan Shu.

Yan Shu hesitated for a moment. Knowing that Ye Qingtang would know about this matter sooner or later, he no longer hid it and told Ye Qingtang everything about Li Jingwen coming to cause trouble.

“We are still okay, but Junior Brother Sheng’s injuries are more severe, and he still hasn’t regained consciousness…”

Coldness flashed across Ye Qingtang’s eyes, and she narrowed her eyes. All of a sudden, she turned around and walked away.

An Admirable Sky Peak disciple scorned. “He knows that he caused trouble now and wants to hide now.”

Stupefied, Yan Shu said immediately, “Junior Brother Ye, where are you going?”

Ye Qingtang paused in her tracks but did not look back.

“Didn’t Li Jingwen want me to give him an explanation? I’m going to give him an ‘explanation’.”

Then, Ye Qingtang immediately headed towards Blue Cloud Peak.

Yan Shu felt a little complicated upon hearing that. If Ye Qingtang could swallow her pride and apologize to Li Jingwen, perhaps this matter could be over.

It was just that…

When he thought of Li Jingwen’s actions today, Yan Shu’s heart could not be at ease: Even if Ye Qingtang apologized, Li Jingwen would probably not accept it so easily.

Although Yan Shu did not like this new junior brother, he could not leave him alone either. He directly ordered other disciples to cultivate by themselves, and he wanted to chase after Ye Qingtang

“Senior Brother Yan, why do you still care about him? Isn’t this trouble that he caused for us big enough?” a disciple said resentfully.

Yan Shu did not reply and directly chased after Ye Qingtang.

The silver wolf beside Ye Qingtang clearly sensed a trace of murderous air from Ye Qingtang.

The little white tiger snickered.

“The Admirable Sky Peak disciples are extremely foolish. Do they really think that everything will subside just by exercising forbearance? In my opinion… this Falling Sky Valley is also as messy as a pot of porridge. By making concessions like that, that Perfected Xuanchen is merely inflating the morale of other peaks.”

Ye Qingtang did not say anything and walked straight to Blue Cloud Peak.

On the Blue Cloud Peak, a group of Blue Cloud Peak disciples were gathered together in between the breaks of cultivation to chat.

“You all didn’t see how impressive our Eldest Senior Brother was at Admirable Sky Peak. Those Admirable Sky Peak disciples didn’t even dare to let out a fart in front of Eldest Senior Brother and were extremely fearful like cowards.”

“That’s right. With just their dilettantish skills, how are they Eldest Senior Brother’s opponent? Yin Qingluo and Yan Shu joined forces but could not even counterattack when they fought Eldest Senior Brother. So much for being Perfected Xuanchen’s disciples.”

“Admirable Sky Peak’s Gu Yihan came, but what’s the use? Even when he saw his fellow disciples being beaten up, didn’t he still have to be polite and courteous? That’s unlike our Eldest Senior Brother who directly charged there after knowing that we suffered. That’s called impressive!”


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