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Chapter 305: Rules (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Ye Qingtang was near the spring, she could already feel wildly surging spirit energy penetrating into her body continuously. In just a short moment, the spirit root in her abdomen was burning hot and overflowing with spirit energy!

Was the spirit root going to level up?

Delight filled her.

She had a premonition that she would definitely breakthrough to have an orange spirit root if she stayed here for two hours!

Even though it was only an orange spirit root, it was extremely precious to the current Ye Qingtang.

As long as her spirit root succeeded in advancing one level up, there was hope for her in the future.

At that thought, Ye Qingtang immediately calmed her heart down and directed her energy, allowing the constant flow of spirit energy to circulate around her whole body for her use.

As Ye Qingtang cleared her mind and started cultivating, a few inner sect disciples entered the Spirit Consonance River one after another.

“Senior Brother Hu, I heard that you killed one of the top hundred villains on the a.s.sa.s.sination Roll a few days ago. You must have gained quite a large number of Xuanming points, haven’t you?”

“Not much, it is only enough to exchange for a one-time usage right for the Spirit Consonance River. You only beheaded a Level 7 demonic beast last month. If I were you, it would be better if you don’t touch those demonic beasts. It is a waste of time and energy, and not many Xuanming points can be exchanged from it.”

“I only happened to meet it on a sect mission, so I killed it on convenience.”

The few inner sect disciples calmed their hearts and started their cultivation after chatting a bit. The usage rights for the Spirit Consonance River were rather expensive, and they did not wish to waste any time.

To an inner sect disciple, a Level 7 demonic beast was only a creature which could be conveniently killed, yet Gu Yanqiu and the rest, who were considered the elites in the outer sect, required a team effort of ten people to attack a Level 6 Giant Lizard. Clearly, the wideness of the gap between the inner sect and outer sect was unimaginable.

Ye Qingtang cultivated with her mind at peace, treating their chatter as a fleeting breeze.

At that time, three inner sect disciples entered the Spirit Consonance River together, and the faces of the other inner sect disciples changed when they saw these three people. Everyone instinctively looked at the three at the end of the Spirit Consonance River, and their expressions became even weirder when they saw a tiny figure.

“Senior Brother Song, I am still not too familiar with the swordplay technique that the elder taught yesterday. Could you give me some guidance later?” One of the three disciples looked at the youth who was walking in the middle.

“That swordplay technique is not difficult. It is just that the quality of your sword is too lousy. We will see when you exchange for a sword worth thousands in the Xuanming Pavilion,” the youth in the middle said with an arrogant expression.

That disciple nodded. He looked straight ahead and was startled to see Ye Qingtang at the spring.

“Senior Brother Song, someone stole your cultivation spot!” That disciple uttered hurriedly.

Song Junqiu frowned slightly and looked to his front. Indeed, there was an extremely foreign-looking girl cultivating at the spring. His expression turned unhappy instantly.

“Where did this person come from? How could she not know Senior Brother Song’s rule of cultivating there for two hours every third day of the week before noon break? How dare she s.n.a.t.c.h the spot?” Another disciple chipped in in dissatisfaction.

Song Junqiu did not say anything and headed to the spring directly.

Ye Qingtang felt that her spirit root contained sufficient spirit energy and was about to break through to an orange spirit root very soon, but she suddenly heard a piercing voice.

“Where did this freaking girl who doesn’t keep to the rules come from? This spot is reserved by my Senior Brother Song. Quickly make way.”


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