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Chapter 2399: Slow And Steady (5)

Qiu Nan kept his head low and didn’t utter a single word as he walked past Ye Qing and the rest of them.

The friends by his side couldn’t help but mutter, “Qiu Nan, is that your previous teacher? You’re lucky to be back. You would probably have died a terrible death if you continued to follow him.”

“I thought that Ran Mo and Qin Feng skipped the compet.i.tion to prepare for the team battle. But who knew… it was because of this incompetent teacher, who dragged everyone down with him and wasted their potential.”

“What a shame that he still can’t tell right from wrong. Our teacher reached out with kindness but he rejected it. I want to see how badly he can mess up with Ran Mo and the rest in a few days.”

They were supposed to be the elite team of the Netherworld Academy yet couldn’t even compare to their team. Wasn’t this a joke?

Qiu Nan sighed quietly. Even though he didn’t say anything, an expression of joy appeared on his face.

At the same time, Lei Yan and his friends’ faces turned dark as the team walked away. Song Yanhan was frowning, upset at Ye Qing’s stubbornness.

“Teacher Ye, I don’t know what you’re planning, but you’re going to drag the entire team down if you continue doing this. Even if we end up surviving n the Wailing Well for 10 days, it’ll still be our loss if we kill fewer demons than the other teams,” Song Yanhan blurted out.

“I have my own plans,” Ye Qing said lightly.

What else could he do? Song Yanhan only gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything more.

Lei Yan could sense that something was off but had no idea what to say. They had trusted Ye Qing all this time and despite all their questions and worries, they would not question his decisions.

As they continued to move through the forest, soon enough they arrived at a lake hidden within it.

There was a horde of demons drinking from the lake.

At a glance, they could see the demons stacked densely against each other. Even the compet.i.tive Song Yanhan lost his desire to fight after seeing their numbers.

But Ye Qing stopped in his tracks, hid in the shadows and glanced at the demons. There were almost a hundred of them.

The demons seemed to be ignoring each other. They were merely gathered at the side of the lake to drink water, but Ye Qingtang quickly noticed something strange.

The lake was wide, but the demons were avoiding a certain spot.

There were small, pink flowers growing in the area that they were avoiding and they stood out against the gloomy Wailing Well.

Ye Qingtang’s eye narrowed slightly.

After that, she brought them to a nearby area in the forest and found a safe spot to rest.

For the next few days, they remained there. Other than letting Lei Yan and the rest of them gather a few herbs every day, they only observed the lake and did not kill any demons.

Song Yanhan’s patience was running out as the days pa.s.sed. If this continued on, even if they survived 10 days in here, they would be dead last in the number of demons killed.

How would they win?

The same worry was in Wen Qi’s heart outside the Wailing Well.

Over the last few days, he had been watching the group’s actions with bated breath. The other teams had already been on a rampage and a few of them had already racked up a huge number of kills. Yet there had been no movement on Ye Qing’s side.

Even the calm Wen Qi was starting to worry.


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