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Chapter 2200: Ident.i.ty (3)

After a week of cultivation, Lei Yan and the others slowed down but their progress shocked everyone.

Lei Yan had been holding the ‘rescue’ elixir in his hand all along but had not used it at all. He felt happiness that he had never felt before after cultivating this time.

It was as though…

The Qi and blood that had been stuck in his body were now flowing free. The more he did this, the better he felt.

This was something he had never felt before!

“Boss!” After recovering from his initial shock, Lei Yan called for Ye Qing. But he didn’t see him as his gaze swept across the alchemy lab.

Nangong Lie and the rest had come to their senses as well. Their expressions were similarly awed and surprised. Even Mu Ziying and Jing Ze who had already trusted Ye Qingtang were surprised at how much effect the elixirs that Ye Qing made had on them.

“Yun Chen, this elixir… was really made… by Boss herself?” Nangong Lie’s eyes were complicated as he looked at Yun Chen

He was from the s.h.i.+ family after all and had seen and taken many elixirs in his life. But… He had never come across an elixir as good as this one before.

It seemed that Yun Chen had already expected their reactions. Handling the herbs by his side, he said, “I was with Boss as he was refining the elixirs. I was also the one who accompanied him when he went to find the herbs for the elixirs.”

He had subconsciously started calling him Boss as well.

Nangong Lie understood Yun Chen and knew that he wouldn’t lie about something like this.

The students were hit by a wave of emotion.

How exciting was this piece of information?

“Yun Chen, you’re from the medical faculty and know a lot about elixirs. How are the elixirs made by Boss?” Lei Yan asked curiously.

Yun Chen thought for a moment before saying,

“I’ve never heard of those elixirs before, so I can’t gauge them at all But he made the cypress elixir as a warm-up before, and if I were to go by that…”

He paused before continuing, “I don’t think anyone else in the Netherworld Academy could do better than him.”

His evaluation made them all gasp.

Even though the Netherworld Academy didn’t have many Grand Master Alchemists, there were still many skilled alchemists there…

But with that Yun Chen said, didn’t it mean that…

Ye Qing’s skills were better than all of them?

“My G.o.d, I’ve really picked up something precious this time! This won’t do. How could I have suspected the elixir that Boss made? I have to beg him for forgiveness!” Lei Yan wanted to slap himself as he thought the doubt he had previously.

The other hadn’t expected the teacher that they were stuck with as a last resort would give them such a pleasant surprise. Not only in martial arts, but his way with the sword and elixirs all shook them to the core.

“Where is Boss from? How does he know so much?” Nangong Lie was taken aback as well.

“Regardless of where he is from, as long as he is willing to guide me, I will not be ungrateful.”


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