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Chapter 2089: Clone (2)

Ye Qingtang just couldn’t figure out one particular thing. Since he could already confirm that she was a clone, why did he have to go the extra mile and challenge her?

But now…

What could she do? Ye Qingtang could only stand there without doing anything, even when she was filled with doubts.

After all, these two people were far more powerful than her, she had no chances of escaping at all. They continued talking about other matters, not even bothering to hide anything from Ye Qingtang.

Like that Ye Qingtang was completely disregarded. She didn’t pose any threat to them.

They were that confident because of the disparity in their powers.

Ye Qingtang could somehow infer from their conversation that their Holy Lord, the original one, was already dead.

As for the Holy Lord of Shadows, Mo Yao… They couldn’t condone her existence and would do anything to make her vanish. They respected their almighty Holy Lord and wanted to erase this dark history.

Ye Qingtang was speechless.

She needed a chance to explain!

Very quickly, the Six-Winged Fire Phoenix took them away from the First Domain and they headed to the Second Domain.

As Ye Qingtang stepped into the Second Domain in this lifetime, it was with complicated feelings.

She had been escaping for her life her previous lifetime, only to avoid those people eying the Heart of Heavenly Dao and to avoid being killed by Ye You.

This lifetime, she finally stepped into the Second Domain again, but she was abducted over…

The Six-Winged Fire Phoenix flew over the mainland and when Ye Qingtang lowered her head to look, she could barely see any land or sea. It was flying so fast that everything was a mere blur to the point that it was stifling.

After some time, the Six-Winged Fire Phoenix flew past an expanse of the sky that was filled with clouds. A mainland suddenly appeared before Ye Qingtang’s eyes.

Whenever the Six-Winged Fire Phoenix flew past, the flying creatures would dodge, lowering themselves to fly beneath the Six-Winged Fire Phoenix with respect.

After flying past almost an entire mainland and alternating between daylight and moonlight, Ye Qingtang saw a mountain.

It was a mammoth mountain that seemed to stretch into the heavens. The mountain itself had a weird appearance. While completely white, there wasn’t any snow on it. It seems to be a mountain that was made up of white minerals.

At the peak of the mountain, among the foggy sky, she saw a white palace…

Suddenly, Ye Qingtang felt a sense of dejà vu.

White mountains, foggy sky, and that white palace…

In her past lifetime, Ye Qingtang might have overheard someone talking about a place that was similar to this while escaping the Second Domain.

It was known as the Temple of Paragon, one of the greatest powers in the Second Domain.

The Temple of Paragon was frighteningly powerful. No one knew exactly how powerful they were, but according to rumors, not many are able to see the Temple of Paragon with their own eyes.

Could it be…

Ye Qingtang looked at the scene before her eyes and something came into her mind…

The Temple of Paragon!

Only those from the Temple of Paragon were capable of instantly killing people from the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

Did that mean…

The Holy Lord they were talking about was the Holy Lord of the Temple of Paragon?

As for the Holy Lord of Shadows, she was… a clone?!


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