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Chapter 176: Aura Of The Evil (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Ha… little beauty, you actually still like this kind of chasing game…” Wu Qi watched Ye Qingtang escape, and an insidious expression filled her eyes. With a light jump, he chased after her.

Villains that could be listed on the a.s.sa.s.sination Roll had unparalleled skills and committed many acts of evil.

Although Wu Qi was not in the first ten, his name was still on the roll. Many sects had appointed disciples to encircle and suppress him, but he escaped all of them.

Wu Qi was evil and cunning. He loved playing with his preys by cornering them to a dead end and then maltreating them to death.

As Ye Qingtang made a dead sprint, her mind never stopped working.

Confronting the tough with toughness, she would still not be Wu Qi’s opponent even if there were ten of her. The only thing she could rely on now was the footsteps that Uncle Qin taught her in her past life. However, even she was unsure of how long she could hold on with this.

Ye Qingtang’s eyes darted around as she noticed her surroundings. Using this patch of lava trees, perhaps, she could hold on for a period of time. But if she did not get rid of Wu Qi, she would eventually be caught.

At that instant, Ye Qingtang’s mind spun quickly as she recalled the various techniques from her previous life.

She could only hate the fact that she just entered the sect and had not cultivated enough. Otherwise, she had plenty of methods to play Wu Qi to death.

The distance between Wu Qi and Ye Qingtang narrowed bit by bit.

Looking at the figure shuttling through the lava trees like an escaping rabbit, Wu Qi thought of a strange idea.

That girl’s footsteps looked a little familiar and were rather similar to the Seven Stars on Moon footstep of the long-disappeared Supreme G.o.d. Could it be that this girl had some connections to the Supreme G.o.d?

But very quickly, Wu Qi dropped this thought.

The Supreme G.o.d had disappeared for ages, and even when he was world-famous, this girl might not have even be born.

If she was really related to the Supreme G.o.d, how could she enter other sects so easily?

At that thought, Wu Qi dropped this guess and followed Ye Qingtang at a neither slow nor fast pace as though he was playing with prey. The murderous look in his eyes intensified.

What was the most suitable way of s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with such a rare beauty?

Was it chopping off her limbs then putting her in a wine cellar as a hostage to accompany him every day, or was it to skin off that beautiful skin and hang it in a room to admire every night?

Various extremely cruel techniques to torture one to death flashed across Wu Qi’s mind. He already could not wait to see such a beauty be ravaged to death by him.

However, just as Wu Qi was thinking of these, Ye Qingtang suddenly disappeared from his vision. Wu Qi immediately rushed to the last spot where Ye Qingtang was at, stopped in his tracks, and narrowed his eyes as he searched the surroundings for her.

Just above Wu Qi’s head and between the tall lava trees, a rather pale-looking Ye Qingtang silently hid in the branches as she looked at Wu Qi who suddenly stopped.

She was lucky that she consumed the elixir which could hide her breathing before she entered here. Otherwise, Wu Qi would have sensed her even if she hid on this lava tree.

At this instant, Ye Qingtang held her breath and did not dare to make any noise at all. She fixed her eyes on Wu Qi’s movement, and every cell in her body was on a critically high alert.

Under the tree, Wu Qi frowned slightly. He clearly saw Ye Qingtang at this spot just now. How did she disappear for no reason?

However, just as Wu Qi could not figure out his questions, an enormous black shadow suddenly appeared in his line of sight!


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