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Chapter 1280: Shock (3)

Long Yang only felt a chill fill his entire body. He was as frozen and shriveled as a frost-stricken plant.

Although Central Mainland was now used to enslaving the Undead, none of the powers would dare to offend the Temple of Shadows in the least.

Even the Domain Master’s Jiang Clan and the Ancient You Clan would not dare to lightly provoke the Temple of Shadows.

At that moment, it was not just the Long Family members who had guessed Ming Gu’s ident.i.ty. The frightened Undead slaves had already discovered who Ming Gu was.

“Holy Son Ming Gu…”

“It’s the Temple of Shadows! It’s the great ones from the Temple of Shadows!”

The Undead finally saw a ray of hope. In the hearts of their clan, the Temple of Shadows would always be their sacred ground.

At that moment, all the Undead slaves were looking at the three great personages from the Temple of Shadows.

An elderly Undead received a jolt when he saw Ye Qingtang’s face clearly!

The next second, the elderly Undead knelt on the ground, his body quivering. He kowtowed in Ye Qingtang’s direction.

“Greetings… Greetings, Holy Lord… Greetings, Holy Lord of Shadows!”

The elderly Undead’s words caused everyone present to gape in shock.

The Holy Lord of Shadows?!

Everyone’s gaze converged on Ye Qingtang, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Ye Qingtang was also shocked. After all, the Holy Lord of Shadows had been missing for thousands of years. How had this elderly Undead recognized her?

The elderly Undead knelt humbly on the ground and wors.h.i.+ped her respectfully.

“Now that I have seen the Holy Lord, I will have no regrets even if I die… My ancestors worked for the subsidiary of the Temple of Shadows. I have had the good fortune to see the Holy Lord’s picture once… Holy Lord… you have finally returned…” The elderly Undead spoke mournfully, his voice shaking with emotion.

When the Undead heard that and noted the respect that the Holy Son Ming Gu had shown this lady, they realized that the beautiful young girl before them was indeed the Holy Lord of Shadows.

All the Undead present instantly knelt before Ye Qingtang and prostrated themselves before her!

“Holy Lord!”

A joyous shout rang out. But when the noise entered the ears of Long Yang and the others from the Long Family, it was like a death knell that foreshadowed a great calamity.

Long Yang’s knees turned to water, and he fell to the ground with a plop. He widened his eyes in disbelief as he looked at this charming and faintly smiling girl. He s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably as if he had fallen into an ice pit.

“Holy… Holy Lord of Shadows? How… how can that be…”

The Holy Son Ming Gu had already shocked him, but he did not expect that…

The Holy Lord of Shadows, who had been missing for thousands of years, was standing before him. He had even recklessly spouted nonsense just now and ordered men to send the Holy Lord of Shadows to his room?

Long Yang was aghast when he thought of his words.

“Holy Lord… Holy Lord…”

The Holy Lord of Shadows…

A thousand years ago, she was the most powerful being in Central Mainland!!

He remembered the prosperity that the Temple of Shadows had gained under the Holy Lord of Shadows’ leaders.h.i.+p before she disappeared.

Long Yang was hard-pressed to believe that the person he had offended was the Holy Lord of Shadows!!

“Young… Young Master… what shall we do…” The others from the Long Family panicked. They had offended the Holy Lord of Shadows. They were doomed!


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