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Chapter 441: Wasting My Time

“Mission?” Su Huiqing paused and looked at Xu Jia thoughtfully. “Which district are you from?”

She seemed to have heard that Yu Shijin had a zone.

However, most elites had already transferred to the International a.s.sociation, and not many remained in Country Z.

“You don’t need to know which district we are from.” Xu Jia no longer wanted to talk to this girl in front of her. It was a mistake to waste an extra minute in such a dangerous situation. At such a time, this girl still didn’t listen to her. This girl in front of her was simply ignorant. “You just need to know that you have to leave immediately. Otherwise, bear the consequences.”

Su Huiqing glanced at her and opened the car door.

In the backseat, Qu Yan could no longer control her temper.

Although Xu Jia sounded like she had good intentions, she spoke in a high and mighty tone. It was as if everyone else was ants in her eyes, as if she was standing on the peak of a snowy mountain.

Luckily, Qu Yan knew that this was not the time to waste and did not alight.

“That’s right. Get in the car and leave obediently. This place is not something you can touch now. After we settle things in a few days, it won’t be too late for you guys to come over…” Seeing that Su Huiqing obediently got into the car, Xu Jia thought that Su Huiqing had already listened to her. She couldn’t help but smile.

Su Huiqing closed the door.

She then looked at the chauffeur. “Continue driving.”

With her other hand, she took out a few silver needles. When Xu Jia and Deputy Zhang looked over, they only saw a silver flash.

Meanwhile, Tong Yuan had already contacted Old Master Chu.

“Have Commander Chu wait for me at home. I will go visit him personally.” Tong Yuan hung up the phone and walked out the door.

At this moment, the subordinate rushed out of the house with a serious expression. “Young Master Tong, the surveillance cameras on that road have been destroyed. We can’t see Deputy Liu and Miss Xu. The person you asked to save is also gone.”

“What?” Tong Yuan’s expression changed.

He immediately picked up his phone. “Tell the old commander that we will visit again later.”

Without even changing his jacket, he headed straight for the Su Residences.

When they reached that road, they only saw Xu Jia and Deputy Liu lying on the ground with their off-road vehicle beside them. Meanwhile, Su Huiqing and the rest had already disappeared.

“Deputy Liu, what happened here?” Seeing that Deputy Liu finally woke up, Tong Yuan’s face froze. “Why are you guys unconscious? Where’s that car? And why is the person in the car missing?”

Tong Yuan frowned.

It was too strange, especially since there were no wounds on Xu Jia and Deputy Liu’s bodies. They were just lightly unconscious. He had also checked the surveillance cameras at the scene. It seemed like they were damaged by some sharp weapon, but he didn’t see what weapon it was.

“I don’t know. Those people were supposed to leave.” Deputy Liu ma.s.saged his temples and got up. “I saw that lady get into the car and forgot everything. Then, I saw you guys.”

“How is that possible?” The others beside Tong Yuan were a little worried. “Deputy Liu, you are the best in our team. How can you be knocked out unknowingly?”

“It’s all because of that girl.” Xu Jia also got up with a cold expression. “Deputy Liu and I started to ask her to leave, but she refused to. She really doesn’t know her place. She doesn’t know her place at all. What a waste of my time!”


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