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Chapter 205: There’s No Need For Us To Meet Again In Future

“Master Yu?” Dugu Yusheng was taken aback when he recognized Yu Shijin.

The smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol fumes mixed together made the bar a bit too stuffy. Annoyed, Yu Shijin undid the top b.u.t.ton of his collar and glanced at Dugu Yusheng. He said calmly, “Dugu Yusheng.”

“Mmm?” Dugu Yusheng snapped out of his trance.

“Can you give us a private moment?” He turned his gaze toward Su Huiqing.

His eyes were chilly.

Dugu Yusheng just stared at those two with a thoughtful expression. Recalling how Yu Shijin just jumped off from his fighter jet previously, Dugu Yusheng took up his gla.s.s of wine and went to another corner.

The bartender placed a gla.s.s of the signature drink in front of Su Huiqing.

Su Huiqing picked it up and glanced at Yu Shijin. She spoke in a casual manner. “What do you want? Speak.”

Yu Shijin sat in Dugu Yusheng’s seat. He took away the drink from her hand and placed a wooden box before her. “Take this.”

Su Huiqing glanced at it and instantly knew what was inside.

The purple sun herb which chief detective had brought over last night.

“I don’t want it. The Yu Family should have their own potion maker right?” With her drink taken away, she could only prop her chin in her empty hands. She asked, “Anything else?”

Yu Shijin’s eyes darkened. He pressed her. “Why don’t you want it?”

Su Huiqing chuckled, still possessing her usual air of chilly wickedness. Her face was exceptionally lovely under the bar lights. “Brother Yu, are you just pretending or are you truly foolish? A purple sun herb is such a rare and precious commodity. It would be weird if I accepted it just like that.”

“It is compensation from the Ye Family.” Yu Shijin felt somewhat frustrated.

“The Ye Family are no fools either.” Su Huiqing propped her feet on the chair and snorted. “I crippled one of their family members, yet they are giving me a purple sun herb as compensation?”

Yu Shijin didn’t answer her immediately but just continued looking at her.

Su Huiqing was wearing a snow-white shirt, reflecting the varying colors of the strobe lights. She had rolled up the sleeves halfway, revealing slender forearms upon which she had lazily propped up her chin. Her sparkling eyes were heart-stirring.

“No.” Yu Shijin downed Su Huiqing’s drink, a burning sensation rising in his throat. He suddenly called out. “Su Huiqing.”

He rarely spoke her name.

His voice was low and held an ambiguous quality to it.

Su Huiqing fell into a slight trance before snapping out of it. Her lips curled up a little. “Speak.”

“Have you ever considered being with me.” Yu Shijin inched forward. Every word was spoken clearly and crisply, without the slightest hesitation.

The bar was just as noisy as before.

But Su Huiqing felt like an explosion had just gone off in her brain. Her mind went blank, and her expression froze. The bar lights clearly reflected the dazed look on her face.

It would be a waste of effort to even try and say anything at this point in time.

In both her former and present lives, Su Huiqing had received quite a number of love letters. But none of her admirers had ever confessed face to face.

It took a tremendous amount of courage to say something like that to her face.

But she never expected Yu Shijin to say this. Did he even know what he was saying?

Su Huiqing subconsciously forgot about that Yu Family incident.

Her thoughts were in a mess, and she had no idea how to answer him. She never imagined such a person appearing in her life. She understood her responsibilities, her burdens and the fact that she still had a long journey ahead of her.

And so she had never considered such matters before.

She glanced at the bartender. “One of your signature drinks, please.”

The bartender quickly concocted the drink and placed it before her.

“Brother Yu, you… do you know what you are saying?” She narrowed her eyes at Yu Shijin.

“Fool.” For the first time ever, Yu Shijin lit a cigarette right in front of her. It was difficult to see his eyes through the smoke. “Take your time to think about this. I won’t pressure you.”

He once again pushed the purple sun herb toward Su Huiqing. Dark clouds swirled in his eyes, eventually fading as he gave a soft sigh. “This is something the Ye Family owes you. Don’t reject it just because… you don’t want to be indebted to me.”

With that, he left the Night Bar.

“Boss, are we going back now?” Chief detective steered the car over.

Yu Shijin extinguished his cigarette and replied, “Not yet. I need to go find Apollo.”

“Apollo?” Chief detective, more or less, knew why the boss would be seeking out Apollo, but he didn’t pursue the subject.

He could clearly feel that something was off about his boss tonight.

Su Huiqing sipped her drink.

She felt very distracted. She knew the answer that Yu Shijin expected to hear.

But she was unable to give him that answer.

“Is it a virus?” Dugu Yusheng sat down beside her again. He took out the tube which they had smuggled out of that remote island previously.

“Mmm.” Su Huiqing smiled coldly when she saw the tube.

Dugu Yusheng’s expression turned serious. “I had someone do tests on it. But they were unable to discern the type of virus.”

“It is very difficult for most people to test this.” Su Huiqing replaced her drink on the countertop. “But there is someone who can definitely do it.”

“You are referring to…” Dugu Yusheng was stunned.

“I am going to Country H.” Su Huiqing cut in as she kept the tube. “Give me a copy of all the information you have.”

She lowered her eyes.

She could set aside all other matters for the time being.

But that person who was impostering her and killed a country’s commander-in-chief in her name—she had to go check it out even if it was a trap.

This was because a certain someone would also definitely head down even if it was clear the news was fake.

The corners of Su Huiqing’s lips curled up slowly.

It was a small favor, so Dugu Yusheng agreed without any hesitation. “Alright.”

Su Huiqing felt somewhat vexed. She had wanted to have Dugu Yusheng suss out some news about the Su Family in Unknown Island. But at this point in time, she didn’t wish to make the request.

She headed home with the tube of the virus.

It was quite late in the day now.

Su Ruohua was still sitting on the sofa, waiting for her.

“Mother?” Su Huiqing sat beside her and put one arm around her shoulders. She then glanced at Uncle Chen. “Bring out the food. I am eating with my mother.”

She knew that Su Ruohua would always wait for her to return before eating.

“Qingqing.” Halfway through the meal, Su Ruohua put down her chopsticks and glanced at Su Huiqing, as if she had just come to some decision. “I am going to Continent F tomorrow with several upper management to pick up some goods.”

Continent F?

Su Huiqing raised her brows in surprise. “Mother, you don’t need to purposely avoid anyone. I will handle everything.”

“I am not trying to hide.” Su Ruohua spoke clearly. “Qingqing, I need time to think through some things. I don’t wish to… be a burden to you.”

“Alright.” Su Huiqing was momentarily taken aback by her mother’s words, but she didn’t object. “Continent F is very messy. I will have Su Chu delegate several men to go over with you.”

To be honest, she was still quite worried about the Dugu Family.

It was good timing as she was also leaving to go to Country H.

She would not need to find an excuse to explain to Su Ruohua why she had to go there.

However, she still had some matters to settle before going to Country H.

She returned to her room and called Chi Yue.

He picked up on the first ring.

“Captain, did that loudmouth Apollo tell you about Country H?” Chi Yue spoke up the moment the call was connected.

“I would know sooner or later, even if he didn’t tell me.” Su Huiqing knew what Chi Yue was thinking. “I need to go there.”

Chi Yue knew that no one could stop Su Huiqing once she decided on something, and so he didn’t bother trying to stop her. “I have already investigated the Su Family on Unknown Island. I just sent you a secure email.”

Su Huiqing put on her earpiece and opened her laptop. She calmly accepted the doc.u.ment.

“One more thing.” Chi Yue’s voice turned solemn. “Chi Qing wants to meet you.”

Su Huiqing’s fingers paused over her keyboard.

Chi Yue kept silent.

Things remained in this way for a long time.

Su Huiqing finally spoke. “Let him speak.”

Chi Yue didn’t even bother asking how Su Huiqing knew that Chi Qing was just beside him. He pa.s.sed the cell phone over to Chi Qing.

Su Huiqing stood by the window. The streetlights illuminated her lovely face. “Speak.”

“Listen to me. There must have been a misunderstanding. It was not her…” Chi Qing lowered his handsome face, hints of mirth surfacing in those alluring eyes of his.

“You went looking for her?” Su Huiqing interrupted him.

Chi Qing’s heart constricted. “I didn’t want any misunderstandings between you two.”

“So you told her I was still alive?” Even though she had expected it, Su Huiqing still felt a cold shiver in her heart.

Even her smile felt forced.

Chi Qing kept silent for a moment. “No.”

“That’s good,” Su Huiqing said indifferently, “Chi Qing, there’s no need for us to meet again in future. From now on, the Rapid Fire Mercenary Regiment no longer has the a.s.sa.s.sin G.o.d.”


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