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Chapter 575: Is It Because I’m Too Good-looking?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next day was the martial arts school’s rest day of the week.

Jian Ai and Si Yuehan went to Bai Zhou’s residence. Xiao Zhen also agreed to go.

On the sofa in the living room, a few people were laying or lying down casually. On the coffee table in front of them were various exquisite and delicious cakes and desserts Chi Yang made.

Bai Zhou opened a bottle of top-notch red wine and poured it for them as he said to Jian Ai, “Sect Master, how was your experience in the martial arts school?”

Jian Ai was curled up in the corner of the sofa with a black pillow in her hand. She rested her chin on the pillow and looked up. She said casually, “I was a little unable to adapt at first, but I’ve been able to do so recently. Things will get better slowly.”

“And that’s not an experience. I only went because I really needed it,” Jian Ai said.

Xiao Zhen crossed his arms and leaned on the sofa on the other side expressionlessly. He immediately looked at Bai Zhou and said slowly, “Among us, you should be the one who needs to go to that place the most, right?”

Bai Zhou stopped pouring wine and glared at Xiao Zhen. “Are you crazy? Am I going to be a hostess with my tender skin?”


Jian Ai couldn’t help but laugh. Then, she looked up at Bai Zhou and shook her head. “Forget it. Even if you deliver yourself to us, the martial arts school won’t accept you.”

“Why? Is it because I’m too good-looking?” Bai Zhou asked seriously.

The others were speechless.

Chi Yang was carrying a freshly baked strawberry pie out of the kitchen when he heard what Bai Zhou had said. He said, “Master, you’re too old. It’s already past the time for you to learn martial arts.”

“I’m only twenty-four years old!” Bai Zhou protested with a disapproving look. “Is twenty-four years old considered old?”

“Normally, the best age for practicing martial arts is to build a foundation at five to eight years old. I’m already considered old now, let alone you,” Jian Ai said to Bai Zhou.

Bai Zhou pursed his lips indifferently. After pouring the wine in his hand, he handed it to Jian Ai and continued, “Anyway, I don’t need to go to such a place to suffer. I have money. I’ll hire a thousand people to surround this apartment and protect me.”

“How boastful,” Xiao Zhen said coldly.

Chi Yang smiled and said to Bai Zhou, “Master, although my skills are not as good as the rest, I should be enough to protect you, right?”

Jian Ai couldn’t help but look at Chi Yang. Today, he was wearing a bright red ap.r.o.n with a phoenix pattern on it.

Only then did Jian Ai react. Other than the few twelve guards she had seen so far, Chi Yang was the only other member from the ancient sect she had seen.

“Chi Yang’s strength… What’s his level?” Jian Ai asked curiously.

She had never seen Chi Yang attack before, but his culinary skills were at the level of a Michelin chef.

“He should be one of the best in the sect.” Bai Zhou sat on the sofa with a gla.s.s of red wine and said proudly, “The person I chose is naturally the most outstanding all-rounder.”

He knew how to cook and drive. He could even protect him when he was in danger.

Was he a nanny, a driver, or a bodyguard?

Chi Yang had so many skills that it was impossible to define him.

Looking at Jian Ai with a smile, Chi Yang said, “I’m not as powerful as Lord Si Yue, but I’m much stronger than my master.”

Bai Zhou’s expression darkened.


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