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Chapter 432 – Help Me Manage The Bar

They made ten dishes for dinner, including braised prawns, braised fish, sweet and sour pork, and stir-fried pork with garlic. It was as sumptuous as celebrating the new year.

Yao Feng came back and saw the table full of dishes. He was stunned for a moment before saying, “Oh, this dinner is so rare today. Why are we celebrating Xiao Ai’s birthday in advance?”

w.a.n.g Yunzhi came out of the kitchen with soup. When she heard this, she told Yao Feng about the two children winning awards in the compet.i.tion and bonus points for the college entrance examination.

When Yao Feng heard that, he was delighted. “We should celebrate!”

When the children heard the voice outside, they came out of the room. When they saw Yao Feng, Jian Ai said, “Uncle, is your leg okay?”

Yao Feng smiled and nodded. “Almost. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s good. I have a job for you.” Jian Ai pulled Yao Feng to sit on the sofa and said, “Don’t do work at the freight station anymore. It’s too dangerous and tiring.”

Jian Ai had told Yao Feng this once. Yao Feng nodded and rubbed his hands nervously. “Xiao Ai, what can Uncle help you with?”

“I bought a bar on one of the bar streets of Haicheng District. I just finished the handover procedures and am preparing to open for business next week. Help me manage the bar,” Jian Ai said.

“Bar… Bar?” Yao Feng was shocked. Then he shook his head like a rattle-drum. “No, no, Xiao Ai. How can Uncle manage a bar for you? I’ve never even been to a bar!”

“It’s fine, Uncle. Listen to me!” Jian Ai gave Yao Feng a comforting smile and said, “This bar is not a new one. The management model is already perfect, so there’s no need to worry. Everyone in the various departments is doing what they should do. You’re mainly responsible for supervising.”

“But… but…”

“Uncle, don’t say ‘but’ anymore. Just listen to Xiao Ai,” Jian Yu chimed in.

Xiao Ai had arranged for him to be the general manager of an entertainment company. Uncle’s job sounded much simpler than his.

“This… Will this work?” Yao Feng didn’t know, but he couldn’t refuse Jian Ai’s good intentions.

“Of course, Uncle,” Jian Ai said.

Seeing how confident Xiao Ai was, Yao Feng had no choice but to nod. “Alright, Uncle will try his best to not screw up for you.”

Seeing that Yao Feng agreed, Jian Ai smiled. “I’ll take you to familiarize yourself with the environment on Sunday.”

Yao Feng: “Alright!”

The day after tomorrow was Jian Ai’s birthday. In the kitchen, w.a.n.g Yunzhi told w.a.n.g Yunmei about inviting Jiang Chunfen.

w.a.n.g Yunmei had also heard about the divorce. She couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s difficult for Sister-in-law.”

w.a.n.g Yunzhi couldn’t help but smile when she saw her sister sighing at someone. “Who has it as difficult as you? Although they’re divorced, Sister-in-law is a good person. We’re not close to Brother, so it doesn’t stop us from interacting with Sister-in-law, right?”

w.a.n.g Yunmei also thought that it made sense, so she nodded.

On Friday afternoon, Ji Haoxue arrived at the cake shop at two in the afternoon. However, she was not in a hurry to enter. Instead, she sat in a car by the road and waited, watching the customers entering and exiting the cake shop without blinking.

At this moment, Jian Yu knew nothing.. He was focused on learning how to drive in the driving school.


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