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Chapter 91: Torment

Chi Shuyan didn’t feel the slightest bit fl.u.s.tered under the questioning gazes of Yang Wenbin and his wife. She looked at Yang Hongsheng without any change in her expression and said, “Young Master Yang, I came on your account. I didn’t intend to take on any business during the college entrance exam, but since these two don’t trust me, there’s no need for me to be here any longer.”

“Master Chi.” Yang Hongsheng was apologetic and was about to urge her to stay, but Chi Shuyan stopped him with a glance.

After Chi Shuyan finished speaking, Qian Hongxin quietly let out a breath and his clenched fists in his sleeves relaxed as he thought that it was over.

Who would have thought that Chi Shuyan would suddenly change the topic? She stared sharply at Qian Hongxin with her tourmaline-like eyes and said, “It’s fine not to go ahead with the business, but this gentleman has slandered me and said that I started rumors. I have no choice but to take issue with you. Before I leave, there are some things I have to make clear first.”

“Didn’t you curse Feiyu to turn into an idiot or a vegetable sooner or later? I clearly heard it,” Qian Hongxin quickly interrupted, wanting to have the final say.

“Hasn’t it already come true?” Chi Shuyan sneered at Yang Wenbin and his wife. “That day, I already saw that your son’s soul and body were in disharmony, and it appeared that his soul had left his body before. In this state, it’s very easy to see dirty things which usually can’t be seen. Once you’re given a scare…”

“What happens when the soul and body are in disharmony?” Su Yunxin was stunned at first. Her son had indeed narrowly escaped death once before, and had even stopped breathing. What Master Chi said seemed to make sense, and she couldn’t help but ask the question anxiously.

Chi Shuyan paused for a moment before she continued, “Once you suffer a fright, you either become a vegetable or an idiot for the time being; another scare and you’ll lose your life and become a wandering ghost. I was going to give a warning out of the goodness of my heart, but unfortunately, before I could finish, this guy rushed out and indiscriminately yelled at me for being a liar.”

“I did that because…” Qian Hongxin noticed Yang Wenbin and his wife’s scrutiny and was about to snap back in reply.

“Was it because you were worried? But what this madam is demonstrating here is the normal worried reaction. You didn’t even look for confirmation. You just barked like a mad dog and scared my five-year-old brother. I thought it was because you were afraid I was going to tell the truth.” Chi Shuyan immediately cut him off.

Su Yunxin frowned and looked at Qian Hongxin, lost in thought. Only after listening to the young lady in front of her did she realize that there was something wrong with Qian Hongxin today.

The formerly gentle and calm boy was acting the complete opposite today, and seemed especially against using this method. He didn’t even want to give it a try out of the slightest bit of hope, and was too agitated.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I was just worried that Feiyu would fall for your glib tongue,” Qian Hongxin said angrily.

Chi Shuyan didn’t answer, but s.h.i.+fted her gaze to the woman beside Su Yunxin, who was supporting a big belly. She pondered before she turned to Qian Hongxin. “This gentleman, your relations.h.i.+p with the Yang family is really good. You even brought your pregnant wife here with you.”

“Teacher, Ma’am, look, I told you this person is only here to talk nonsense. She doesn’t even have the ability to discern something like this. What fate, don’t lead people astray.” Qian Hongxin said triumphantly.

“Young lady, that’s my son’s girlfriend next to him.” Su Yunxin immediately felt a little embarra.s.sed.

“Is that so?” Chi Shuyan’s eyes were filled with doubt. “But the slight redness of both their bottom eyelids clearly indicate they conceived recently. What a coincidence!”

At her words, the living room fell dead silent for one moment.

“What do you mean? Xinfang and I are innocent, so you better keep your mouth shut.” Qian Hongxin glared at Chi Shuyan furiously.

“Why are you so worked up? I didn’t say you weren’t innocent, I just wanted to congratulate the two of you on your upcoming happy occasion.” Chi Shuyan feigned innocence and shrugged.

Qian Hongxin’s face stiffened and he was immediately rendered speechless by Chi Shuyan’s words. Was she saying that he was admitting to it?

Noticing the scrutiny and suspicion of the people present, Qian Hongxin realized that he had been provoked once more. His eyes flashed and he did his best to calm his agitation so as not to expose himself. He sneered. “I don’t even have a girlfriend, so how can I have a child?”

“That’s not necessarily true. Nowadays, there are plenty of men who don’t have girlfriends but cuckold other people and have children,” Chi Shuyan replied with innocent eyes.

Qian Hongxin’s face immediately turned unsightly, especially when Liu Xinfang gave him a panicked look at that moment. Qian Hongxin instantly wanted to curse. Was this stupid woman trying to get him killed? He forced himself to calm down, but his hands in his sleeves were clenched white. He deliberately sneered and said, “Then your physiognomy skills aren’t up to scratch. I’m focusing on my studies now and have no interest in other things.”

He looked at Yang Wenbin. “Teacher, I spend all day in the lab with you. Where would I have the time for anything else?”

Yang Wenbin was still very fond of this favorite student of his, who was diligent and smart. Qian Hongxin was also as close as brothers with his own son. He didn’t believe that Qian Hongxin would do such a thing, so he said vaguely, “Hongxin indeed works hard.”

Seeing that Yang Wenbin trusted him, Qian Hongxin was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but suddenly became vigilant. Afraid that Chi Shuyan would spout nonsense, he stared intently at her until he saw that she had no intention of retorting. He heaved a sigh of relief and glared at Chi Shuyan somewhat aggrievedly at the same time.

Su Yunxin, on the other hand, lowered her eyes; she had noticed Liu Xinfang’s movements, and couldn’t help thinking about this young lady’s words.

After all, when her son went to college, it was Qian Hongxin who hooked him up with Liu Xinfang. Moreover, this had happened to her son because Liu Xinfang had suggested going to a haunted house to play. Once something happened to her son, Liu Xinfang then confessed to them that she was pregnant. It was too much of a coincidence.

Su Yunxin had to admit that she had prepared for the worst. She had brought Liu Xinfang to the Yang family because she thought that if they couldn’t reverse the situation and her son really became a vegetable, it would be good to have someone carry on the family line for her son.

But now that she thought about it, everything seemed to have fallen into place step by step. She clenched her fists. Why did everything turn out just right?

“Okay, that’s all I have to say. I have an exam in the afternoon, so I’ll leave first.” Satisfied, Chi Shuyan looked at Qian Hongxin, who was choking on his own spit, and turned around to leave.

“Hey, young lady, since you’re here, you may as well give it a try.” After what Chi Shuyan said, Su Yunxin still felt that it made sense, and the target of her suspicion had clearly changed.

“Ma’am! She…” Qian Hongxin didn’t think that Ma’am wouldn’t have given up on the idea, and was about to say something, but Su Yunxin glared at him. Stunned, Qian Hongxin shut his mouth. He also knew that Ma’am had to be suspicious of him now, and was fl.u.s.tered.

“Madam, I’m very expensive to hire.” Chi Shuyan smiled faintly, and it was bottomless and cold as she warned, “If it isn’t a base price of 2 million, then I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this matter.” With that, she turned around to leave.

The crowd was struck dumb and immediately reacted; they knew that Chi Shuyan was holding a grudge. They didn’t expect this young lady, who didn’t look that capable, to have such a temper. Su Yunxin watched as Chi Shuyan walked to the door, and she swiftly went over and shouted, “Hey, hey, young lady, hold on! If you can cure my son, two million is nothing.”


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