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Chapter 667: Seeing Ghosts Again (2)

Jiang Xue’s hand burned with pain after she slapped the monk, but she knew that this was the only time she would be able to clear her name. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her aunt looking at her, and her uncle also walked over.

Jiang Xue made up her mind to put on a show, so that she could say later that she had been tricked.

Jiang Xue was about to raise her hand and give the perverted monk in front of her a few more slaps.

She didn’t realize that Mother Meng was looking at her with extreme fear.

Jiang Xue didn’t think much of it. She raised her hand and swung it at the monk’s face again as she raged, “B*stard, liar, how dare you…” Lie to me!

Before Jiang Xue could finish speaking, a hand suddenly grabbed her neck.

Jiang Xue jumped in fright. She looked up and was about to pry the monk’s hand off, when she saw that he seemed to have changed into a completely different person. He stared at her with an incomparably sinister and cold smile, and his eyes rolled up bit by bit until only the whites were showing.

Unexpectedly, she clearly saw a rotting ghost face through the monk’s face.

Jiang Xue almost p.i.s.sed her pants and went crazy with fright at the ghost face in front of her. Her vision turned black and she screamed in extreme horror until her throat was hoa.r.s.e. However, because her neck was in a tight grip, her howls came to a screeching halt.

“Uncle… Uncle, Aunt, help!” Jiang Xue kicked her legs wildly and forced the words out. At the thought that this perverted monk, who was strangling her, was possessed by a ghost, Jiang Xue was so scared that tears and snot ran down her face.

At that moment, Father Meng, who was walking over from behind, also sensed that something was wrong. He suddenly shouted, “Xue!”

Father Meng was about to go over, but Chen Meilin stopped him.

Chen Meilin’s face was deathly pale. She wanted to say that it was a ghost, but when she really saw that it was the ghost that was haunting her daughter, Chen Meilin was so scared that her throat felt like it was blocked. She couldn’t spit out the word “ghost.”

Jiang Xue’s neck in its grip, the ghost gave Father Meng and Chen Meilin a twisted smile. It looked at Chen Meilin with hatred, scaring her so much that she almost fell to the floor.

“Mei, Mei… Meilin!” This was the first time Father Meng had seen a ghost. He wasn’t any calmer than Chen Meilin at that moment. His legs were weak and his hands shook. His voice also trembled. He couldn’t believe that his daughter had really provoked such a thing. There really were ghosts in this world.

“Save… save me! Uncle, Aunt!” Jiang Xue vaguely felt the ghost’s sharp claws digging into her throat. Jiang Xue’s forehead was covered in cold sweat from the pain. No, no, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to die.

The more Jiang Xue thought about it, the more scared she became. The more she thought about it, the more she regretted courting death and rus.h.i.+ng over just now. As that rotting ghost face drew close, her crotch suddenly became wet, and yellow liquid trickled down her pants and to the floor. Her vision turned black, and she fainted in fright.

Seeing that Jiang Xue was unconscious, the evil spirit threw her off the balcony and suddenly pounced at Chen Meilin.

But Father Meng pushed her away. Chen Meilin turned around and immediately ran to the balcony door, only to see the evil spirit strangling Father Meng.

Chen Meilin shouted in horror and anxiety, “Mingcheng!” She regretted trusting Jiang Xue and this perverted monk today, and not going straight to the real Master.

Seeing that Chen Meilin had stopped, the evil spirit grinned sinisterly at her. Before Chen Meilin could run away, a strand of hair appeared on its bald head. With a flick of the ghost’s head, the hair stretched out like a rubber rope toward Chen Meilin’s neck.

Chen Meilin was stupefied by this black hair. She gripped the door handle and trembled.

At that moment, she finally remembered that the talisman which the Master had given her could still be used.

Chen Meilin immediately took out the talisman from her pocket with trembling hands. As soon as the long hair touched the talisman, it immediately burned to a crisp.

Then, the evil spirit screamed and suddenly disappeared.


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