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Chapter 462: Ghost Claw, Exorcising a Malicious Ghost (4)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhou Manqing clearly remembered that she had closed the window. When did it open again?

She walked over and closed the window. She was about to draw open the curtain, when through the reflection, she saw Master Fang stand up and walk toward her.

Zhou Manqing thought that Master Fang had finally finished reciting the spell. She turned around and was about to speak, when she saw that a huge hole had been torn open in Master Fang’s stomach. There was nothing inside. As he staggered forward, he was still dragging his bleeding intestines behind him. The floor was covered in fresh blood as he smiled at her strangely, a ferocious expression on his face.

No matter how ambitious and vicious Zhou Manqing was, at that moment, she was scared out of her wits by this wretched scene. Her vision turned black as she let out a blood-curdling scream. A chill seeped into her bones.

She wanted to run, but her legs were as soft as dough. Seeing that the Daoist priest was getting closer, Zhou Manqing’s bloodshot eyes were filled with horror as she screamed, “Help! Help!”

She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die so miserably.

There were tears and snot all over her face, and her legs trembled non-stop. She took out the talismans that she had just bought and threw them at that terrifying Daoist Fang, but she saw that they were completely useless.

Zhou Manqing didn’t know if it was because of the threat of death that stimulated her, but before that ‘Daoist Fang’ pounced on her, Zhou Manqing ran on shaky legs toward the door, terrified out of her wits. She tripped more than ten times in the span of two meters, and screamed for help as she ran.

This was too scary! Too scary! Why was this happening?

As she ran to the door, she clearly saw a five-fingered ghost claw taking form in the shadows of the entryway. It swiped savagely at her face and stomach. Zhou Manqing was so scared that she fell limply to the ground, her entire body twitching as she rolled and screamed!

A blood-curdling scream echoed throughout the hotel!

At noon the next day in the apartment, Chi Shuyan’s back was aching all over. She got up with difficulty, and watched the news like usual.

The two of them had tussled fiercely for almost all of last night. Chi Shuyan didn’t even know where Qi Zhenbai got all that energy from. The two of them did it for half the night until she really almost pa.s.sed out.

Chi Shuyan had to do some soul-searching. Her physique was far better than that of ordinary people after she started cultivating the Mystic Yin Arts, but who knew that the man could still make her pa.s.s out!

She didn’t even dare to imagine what it would have been like if she wasn’t cultivating the Mystic Yin Arts. Would she have been tortured to death by this man?

Thinking of when she saw his length last night, Chi Shuyan was still frightened. After doing it for a second time, she only had one feeling, and that was that it really f*cking hurt!

She felt that if it continued to hurt like this, and their sizes didn’t match, she would only either be willing to pursue platonic love with Qi Zhenbai or consider breaking up.

Chi Shuyan was lost in thought as she casually flipped channels. As she did so, she saw an entertainment news report about Zhou Manqing being sent to the hospital. No, this time, Zhou Manqing was headlining the community news.

Not only did it report that a 40 to 50-year-old Daoist priest had died in Zhou Manqing’s hotel room that night, it also reported that the murderer was extremely cruel. The Daoist priest had a huge hole in his stomach and his intestines and other organs were dug out. It was extremely wretched.

The news reported that the murderer was most likely a human trafficker.

As for Zhou Manqing, she was also seriously injured and was still undergoing emergency treatment. There weren’t many other details. However, Chi Shuyan saw in the news that Zhou Manqing’s face was covered in b.l.o.o.d.y claw marks as she was carried out of the hotel room.

In the eyes of others, these claw marks didn’t look special. However, in her eyes, she could clearly see that they were suffused with black aura.

Tsk tsk, the malicious ghost which Zhou Manqing had encountered this time really wasn’t any ordinary savage ghost. Zhou Manqing was in very big trouble!


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