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Chapter 68: Not Embarra.s.sing

Su Mus.h.i.+ could deny all he wanted but nothing escaped Yu Qiubai’s eagle eye. Shen Xi shared similar facial features to Su Mus.h.i.+.

Shen Xi’s eyes, in particular, was a splitting image to Aunt Li when she was younger.


Everyone involved in the fight had returned, except for Yu Yuanxi.

Yu Qiubai too came back to the cla.s.sroom and playfully dragged out his speech as he was pa.s.sing Shen Xi. “Yu Yuanxi is crying his eyes out on the rooftop. He might take it too hard and jump off.”

Darting a cold look at him, Shen Xi got up and left.

The smile across Yu Qiubai’s face deepened as he watched her receding aloof figure.

He knew that her target was Yu Yuanxi, ever since the incident at the cafeteria.

However, how could Yu Yuanxi be of service to her? Perhaps Shen Xi needed something from Yu Yuanxi?

“Qiubai, how do I solve this question?” Su Ruowan’s cried in a sweet voice.

Her senses picked up on Yu Qiubai’s attention on Shen Xi, like a cunningly vicious and sinisterly dangerous beast eyeing its prey.

Su Ruowan would not stand for it, refusing to allow anyone within her circle to pay notice to Shen Xi, even if it was just teasing the b*tch for fun.

“I have no idea. Go ask your brother.” Yu Qiubai flatly declined. Leaning back against the chair, he whipped out his phone and amused himself in games.

With anger and glumness alighting in her eyes, Su Ruowan softened her voice and talked coy. “But Mus.h.i.+ isn’t around.”

Yu Qiubai had never been more than lukewarm towards her. Try as Su Ruowan may, she simply could not please him.

Mus.h.i.+ told her not to take it to heart. Yu Qiubai was never fond of women and no one was an exception.

Nevertheless, that was not true. He was different towards Shen Xi!

Yu Qiubai put on earphones, giving her the clear signal to stop pestering him.

Given the cold shoulder, Su Ruowan gnashed her teeth as she pushed down her fury.

One day, Yu Qiubai would be at her feet. She would make him kneel at her feet, humbly begging her to cast him another glance.

There was more of a nip in the air.

The strong North wind was warning of an incoming heavy snow.

Sitting by Yu Yuanxi, Shen Xi handed him a can of beer. “My treat.”

Yu Yuanxi took a look and noticed it was beer. His hoa.r.s.e voice was raspy. “The underage shouldn’t be drinking.”

Shen Xi grinned. “You’re drinking, I’m not.”

Yu Yuanxi replied, “I’m a student.”

Shen Xi answered, “It says in the book that insobriety lifts all your worries. I’ll drink if you’re not going to.”

Yu Yuanxi curled his lips and smiled. Even if insobriety lifted all worries, a can of beer was not enough. Nevertheless, he accepted the beer. “I’ll drink.”

They seemed to be handed the wrong script as the girl would usually come bearing medicine after witnessing the boy bruised and battered from a fight, no?

The strong breeze howled against their ears.

Yu Yuanxi downed the can of beer in one gulp. Lifting his head to the sky, he made up his mind before throwing a remark. “I guess you must look down on me.”

Men should never be on bended knees and for Yu Yuanxi to get on his knees to pick up a pen, Shen Xi must condemn him and think he was spineless!

“It’s not embarra.s.sing for you to kneel for the sake of your grandma and your loved ones.” Mimicking his movements, Shen Xi lifted her head to gaze at the horizon.

With his eyes welling up, Yu Yuanxi felt a lump in his throat. He had a lot to say yet did not know where to begin. In the end, he uttered, “Thank you.”

Thank you for not looking down on me.

Thank you for standing up for me.

As expected, snowflakes graced the sky before the clock struck twelve.

By the time it was after school, heavy snow gravitated down, blanketing a thick coat of snow on the ground.

“This is for you.” Yu Yuanxi stuffed an umbrella in Shen Xi’s hands before running into the snow.


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