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Chapter 596: Get Down on the Ground and Wipe It Clean

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“We can wait.” Yun Jinping embarra.s.sedly smiled. Her old cla.s.smate was causing a scene here after all.

She had only met Kun Lun once. At the time, she thought he worked for Jin Yu, but now it seemed this was not the case. His employer must be the young and handsome man living next door.

“Jinping, do you know him?” Xiao Ran was dumbstruck. How could it be? There must be some mistake. Would someone from Cream of the Crop know Yun Jinping?

The man in front was looking sharp in his suit. He was clearly no ordinary man by the way he carried himself. Since the waitress just now called him a mister and he could make the call of giving them the best suite, he must either be the person in charge or the boss.

“I’ve met him once.” The embarra.s.sed Yun Jinping turned to Kun Lun. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Put in the spot by Yun Jinping’s polite refusal, Kun Lun instinctively looked to Shen Xi for help.

Shen Xi had already approached Yun Jinping. “Mom, just accept the offer since we’re here to dine anyway. There’s a lot of people here so we won’t know how long we must wait. I still have things to do when I get back to school later.”

Standing nearby, Xiao Ran finally cut out the shouting. However, her probing eyes reflected her curiosity about Yun Jinping’s relations.h.i.+p with the man.

Xiao Ran’s husband and daughter had their own opinions about the family. Who were they to receive such treatment from an executive of a high-end restaurant in the capital?

“Mrs. Shen, Ms. Shen, Mr. Shen, Young Master Xi, please come with me.” With Yun Jinping giving the nod, Kun Lun took a step back and beckoned them to a suite.

Kun Lun was unsure how to address Yu Yuanxi. Young Master Yu? However, he was a child of the Shen family. In the end, he chose somewhere in between.

Having never been addressed in such a way, Yu Yuanxi bobbed his head and let out a gentle smile.

Xiao Ran with her husband and daughter may love to flaunt, but they were no fools. Although they had an inkling about the situation, the family was unhappy by Kun Lun’s differential treatment.

Why did he have a careful and respectful att.i.tude toward Yun Jinping’s family? He even referred to them in honorifics but would not even cast a glance at Xiao Ran’s family.

Xiao Ran was in the mind of walking out of the restaurant, but her vanity tempted her to experience the most famous and high-end restaurant in the capital. It would be something to boast to her girlfriends back at home.

Xiao Ran’s daughter was fixated on Yu Yuanxi. If Mom’s old university mate was indeed a rich family, she could consider dating the son.

She had nothing to argue about the son’s good looks. Xiao Ran’s daughter was willing to accept the short end of the stick and lower her standards for a marriage partner as he just barely made the cut to deserve her.

On the other hand, she found the daughter to be an eyesore. Shen Xi was the first to be kicked out when she married her brother.

Xiao Ran’s husband would stare at Yun Jinping every once in a while. With his wife and daughter standing by him, he only had the guts to sneak a few peeks.

The lady was prettier and kinder than his harpy and wrinkly wife. That gentle smile on Yun Jinping’s face was soothing to his soul.

The biggest regret in his life was marrying this h.e.l.lcat. He would be smiling in his sleep if he married a woman like Yun Jinping.

They soon arrived at the suite.

The quaint-looking dining room was adorned with antiques worth several million.

“After you.” Kun Lun stood in one corner. “Mr. Shen, Mrs. Shen, would you like to order off our menu or should I make recommendations?”

Yun Jinping smiled at him before asking Xiao Ran. “What do you think?”

“We’ll order.” Xiao Ran flipped open the menu, only to be taken aback by the six-figure prices staring back at her. She was only bluffing to Yun Jinping when talking about dining at five-star restaurants. Xiao Ran would think twice before indulging in such an expensive meal.

G.o.d. A serving of ten dishes could go up to a million yuan.

Fortunately, the person in charge said the meal was on the house. Otherwise, her husband would beat her to death for spending so much money when they got home.

Xiao Ran’s daughter was ecstatic to read the menu. It appeared that the Shen family was loaded and not the pauper as described by Mom.

Sticking out his beer belly like the leader of the pack, Xiao Ran’s husband looked at Kun Lun. “Leave us be. We’ll call you when we’re ready to order.”

No one had ordered Kun Lun around before other than his boss. Kun Lun would make the man grovel on his knees and apologize the heck out of it if it were anyone else.

However, these were people brought in by Ms. Shen. No matter what, he had to bear with it for now and teach the piece of sh*t a lesson later.

Shen Xi let out a cough and drew close to Kun Lun. “Get someone else to serve us.”

Kun Lun was Li Yuan’s a.s.sistant. He was the big man in front of everyone, except Li Yuan. It was just wrong for him to be treated as a waiter by the greasy middle-aged man.

“It’s fine.” Letting out a polite smile, Kun Lun was ready to step out of the suite.

Xiao Ran’s husband cried out, “Hey, you. Wait a minute. Are you blind? Don’t you know how to serve customers? Come on, pour the tea!”

With Kun Lun’s eyes alighted with murderous intent, he walked up and poured the tea. He had to keep his cool and practice zen since Ms. Shen’s family was still around.

Shen Xi had a problem with Xiao Ran’s whole family. Had it not been because she was Mom’s old friend, she would have told them to scram. Birds of a feather flocked together. The whole family was the same kind.

Xiao Ran’s family quickly decided on the menu, ordering over twenty dishes in total.

Yun Jinping gazed at her and suggested, “We can’t finish all the food. Do you want to take off a few dishes?”

Xiao Ran grinned. “Nah. Waiter, that would be all.”

Standing in as a waiter, Kun Lun accidentally b.u.mped onto the husband’s arm while retrieving the menus. Xiao Ran’s husband exclaimed, “What’s up with you? Do you know how to do your job? Look, you soiled my shoe.”

Kun Lun looked and found two drops of tea on the man’s shoe. Suppressing his urge for blood, he muttered, “I’m sorry.”

“Do you think a ‘sorry’ is enough? What sort of service is this? Get on the floor and wipe it clean.” Xiao Ran’s husband flared his nostrils.

“Xiao Ran.” Even the mild-mannered Yun Jinping could not stand it anymore. She informed Xiao Ran, “It was only an accident. Just let it go.”

“As a waiter, he shouldn’t be so clumsy as to ruin the customer’s things. He deserves it.” Xiao Ran arrogantly looked back at Yun Jinping with a sense of privilege.. “You’re still a long way from learning about the basics.”


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