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Chapter 181: A Wild Guess

Shen Xi watched Pei Xu disappeared in the blink of an eye before going with Yu Qiubai to see Ms. Xu.

Yu Qiubai asked her, “Aren’t you going to ask me what is it about?”

As they were walking, Shen Xi could hear students hanging around talking about “The Smiling Nation”.

They were not discussing the TV show’s plot, but rather the screenwriter of “The Smiling Nation” – Cloud Seven.

Yu Qiubai narrowed his eyes and gave Shen Xi a cryptic smile. “I heard that Cloud Seven, the screenwriter, flew overnight to Ocean City and berated Hong Tao. That’s how the apology from the TV station came about, along with Hong Tao’s resignation. Don’t you think the screenwriter’s a bad*ss?”

Looking indifferent, Shen Xi nodded and hummed in acknowledgment.

Who could have spread the news? Could it be Yu Qiubai the d*mn fox!

“Cloud Seven’s such a hero and I heard that she’s only seventeen! That’s so amazing.” Yu Qiubai then changed the topic. “You took time off yesterday, right? I heard from your cla.s.smates that you were sick. Are you feeling better now?”

Shen Xi dodged the question. “Aren’t you so full of yourself this morning?”

Yu Qiubai smiled slyly “Not at all full. I haven’t had any food. How about you join me for breakfast?”

This girl never ceased to amaze him every time. To think that she was able to get the old punk at Star TV to admit he was wrong and even apologized to her. The icing on the cake had to be getting the conniving Hong Tao to put all these down in black and white.

She must have had a powerful backer. Who could it be?

It never occurred to Shen Xi that Star TV would know how to read the room. They issued an apology via their official account and their station director resigned. It totally went beyond her expectations.

A sly fox like Hong Tao would never have given up his position without a fight. The position of a station director had indeed established him as a big shot in the industry. Things certainly did not add up for him to just let go of his position.

During the negotiation yesterday, Hong Tao was pretty good at a.s.sessing the situation and it was obvious that he was weighing the pros and cons. He was not a decent guy, but he certainly was not a fool either.

Mr. Fu the Movie Star did not say anything harsh that would warrant his apology and resignation.

As for Shen Xi, she would not have been that arrogant to a.s.sume Hong Tao was afraid of her. Back then for a short period of time, Hong Tao was only compromising for the sake of “The Smiling Nation”. She bet he was going to go after her once the dust settled!

“Do you know the Li family?” Yu Qiubai posed a question out of the blue.

He had thoroughly investigated Cosmos Entertainment and found out the man in power behind curtains was Yuan Yu, who was also Shen Xi’s half-brother.

The Yuan family was somewhat still influential in China, but it was not a force to be reckoned with like Star TV to the point where Hong Tao should be wary of.

The top families in China, including his own – the Yu family – held amicable ties. The families got along well, superficially at least, so it was hard to tell what was going on behind the scenes.

Yu Qiubai asked around and found Cosmos Entertainment unrelated to these families.

He had a wild guess that Cosmos Entertainment was able to hold its ground, despite only being recently established, was perhaps due to the Li family’s support in the dark.

Shen Xi gave him the cold shoulder and only replied in two words. “Beat it.”

Yu Qiubai took a deep breath before continuing, “The Fifth Family, which was wiped out overnight a few years ago, had a son who was also the Li family’s grandson. His name is Yan Chen the Fifth.”

While speaking, Yu Qiubai was observing Shen Xi’s reaction but she remained indifferent.

It might not show on her face, but deep down, Shen Xi made mental notes. The Li family, the Fifth Family, Yan Chen the Fifth, the Li family’s grandson.

Was he talking about her brother?

She wanted to know about him but felt that she should not be looking into him. Even if she were to investigate, Shen Xi would only find information that was already public knowledge. It would be pointless then.

What was Yu Qiubai the d*mn fox up to?


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