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After walking the hallway, NiNi was bored and hungry already, so she decided to buy a little snack for her little tummy. She remember there are a dessert store on the third floor, so she excitedly go to the shop.

Luckily other than Chen Sheng, she didn’t meet anyone again. Looks like the movie sale is not good, people don’t even recognize her. She barely use anything to cover her face, but that is better this way. If she gets too famous she can’t stroll and shop without disturbance like this.

Talking about the movie, because she was afraid the movie will get bad ratings she didn’t dare to open any news. Even if she want to see it so bad!

Now that she didn’t shop anymore, the nervousness comeback. She really need something sweet and soft and creamy to cheer her up again, maybe a strawberry shortcake and mango pudding will do her good.

When she arrived at the j.a.panese brand dessert café, she quickly drool over the cake behind the gla.s.s.

“Hmm… I want one strawberry shortcake, 2 mango pudding, aw this cute little bear to, it is chocolate?” pulling the shades from the face, she ask with bright eyes, making the cashier behind the counter shy. Such a cute and pretty girl.

“It’s tiramisu.” He answer, without blinking.

“Okay, I want that too. Oh I also want some watermelon juice without any sugar.” She said, smiling sweetly.

“O.. Okay, in a minute.” He said before carelessly pressing the cashier machine. Taking some cash from her purse, NiNi didn’t realize another hand has offer money to the cashier.

“Uh..?” NiNi turn to the owner of the generous man.

“Who are you…? I can pay for myself.”NiNi said, furrowing her eyebrow. The man wearing a very modern causal tee with mask and hat on his face turn to NiNi.

“NiNi, you don’t remember me? I am An Nan.” NiNi was dumbfounded, why can’t she remember anyone from her school and she keeps b.u.mping into one. Seriously, why?

“Oh… I remember now.” NiNi laugh awkwardly. No, she didn’t remember anything, not even a glance of it.

“You don’t remember do you?” That man let a force laugh but there is sadness in his eyes. NiNi felt sorry for him, she decides to take the lie further.

“Hey, of course I remember you, you join the…” NiNi try to rack her brain, finding a club that this guy might take part.

“theater club.” He answer.

“Oh right, same with me… we meet at the theater club.”NiNi laugh, acting her best to look like she remember him. Then she remember her dear cake.

“Let me pay.” He gentlemanly say, put the cash on the cashier table. NiNi smile, didn’t bother to reject. Since he say he want to pay, then let him pay. Fighting a man for paying something will hurt their pride, according to Guan Xian life guide 101.

“Thank you.” She answers politely, before they sit on the cozy sofa beside the café.

“Since you pay for mine, then I’ll give you something.” NiNi said, pulling an extra ticket she bought for waiting for you after school movie.

“Here you can take your girlfriend any time you like.” She offers him two premiere tickets while watching her food come one by one. An Nan smile, took the ticket silently and watch NiNi cute drooling face.

“Do you want some?”NiNi ask politely, of course it just a polite offer. NiNi was expecting no for answer. Why don’t he buy from himself and take her beloved food?

“No, you can enjoy.” Perfect answer, NiNi thought, take a strawberry shortcake and eat it with a little fork.

“By the way, I don’t have any girlfriend. Now that you give me two tickets why don’t you accompany me watch your movie?” what a smooth talker, If NiNi wasn’t focusing on her food her face probably turn red already.

“Ah, actually it’s weird watching yourself on the screen. You… why don’t you take your mother on the date and watch my movie. Dating with your mom is a trend now, it’s especially sweet and nice.” NiNi dodge it like a pro. But she praise him for his creative moves.

“Hahaha, you still cruel like the past.” He said, smiling at NiNi who lips twitch. She’s cruel? Did he have some grudges with her in the past? Then why bother hit on her. What a weird man, she thought before ignore him and eat her delicious cake.

“Hahaha, I am.” She answer just not to make him lose face.

“Do you remember when we became a pair for the snow white story?” when he recall the past, his face became brighter and excited.

“Oh, I do remember that performance…” NiNi answer as she remember a vain memory about acting dead in a gla.s.s coffin. It was really hot inside, why did she even agree to became a snow white? She actually want the evil step mother role.

“Yeah, when every girl want to be snow white you want to be the evil step mother.” An Nan said, taking a sip of his hot green tea.

“Yeah, you know I can swimming inside the coffin because I keep sweating. That teacher Gao is just too biased. Why she force me to be snow white and choose Tang Ran to be the evil step mother.” She sneer when he remember her theater teacher. A high pitched man with black gla.s.ses on her smile eyes, always scolding everyone without any mercy.

“Hahaha, I remember I asked you out after our performance.” An Nan said with a sulk face but replace it with a warm smile in a mere second.

“Oh, you did?” if she remember correctly there are 4 boys confessed to her after that performance, she didn’t remember all of their face already…

“Yeah I ask you to a date on Friday, but you said that you would really like to go out on Friday, but you already planned to play with your imaginative friend that day.” He said and then laugh, clearly a fake laugh.

“Ha..Ha..Ha…” NiNi let out a fake laugh too, pulling the fork slowly from her mouth.

‘she really that cruel back at the day huh…’ NiNi smile, putting the empty plate and take her mango pudding.

“Yeah, you really broke my heart that day.” An Nan said with joking manner, putting his hand on his right chest and act like he was stabbed.

“I’m sorry, it just…” It just, I just not that into you…

It’s hard to like another boy with standard looking when you have fallen for Greek G.o.d.

“If you are sorry, then why don’t you go out on a date with me, a friendly date.” An Nan said excitedly, this was the moment he wait from the moment he saw her. He actually already move one, it just going out with NiNi is one of his teenager dream. It will give him a satisfaction if he accomplish this dream.

NiNi was speechless, she didn’t like him in the past, also in the present, and maybe too in the future. However, turning this excited man again seems a little heartless. So she must find a right words to turn him down.


“Sorry to bother your just for fun date, but my fiancée and I had a whole months packed with date and preparation for our engagement party. Junior An Nan the invitation will be seen tomorrow, make sure you came.” w.a.n.g Kai said why he walk confidently and seat beside NiNi.

The j.a.panese cake shop has a cute and girly design theme, the sofa and table was short. It was hard enough for An Nan to seat, but for the 190 cm tall w.a.n.g Kai it was a torture. He felt like he was sitting on baby chair.

“Uh… hai, this is my boyfr..”

“fiancée.” w.a.n.g Kai correct her.

“Right, my fiancée w.a.n.g Kai.” NiNi said awkwardly, why the heck he must arrived at this time.

Moreover how can he find her here. This shopping mall is gigantic, they even have 5 building apart.

“Of course, no one in our school doesn’t know our legendary president w.a.n.g Kai. However it was such a honor for president w.a.n.g to know my name.” An Nan said with a polite face.

w.a.n.g Kai face was calm, he appear not jealous. He decide not to show NiNi that animal side of his jealousy again. It was childish after a long thought. So he endure it himself.

“Of course I remember you, you play the hormonal prince at NiNi’s performance right. Snow white and the seven dwarfs?” w.a.n.g Kai said, smiling like it was normal. Of course he remember the skinny man who put his face just a few centimeters from NiNi’s face.

He wanted to pull his long neck when he saw the performance. His precious future wife is just a few inches away from other man lips, how could any husband endure that. So he silently holds a grudges on this man.

An Nan began to fill the horror atmosphere behind w.a.n.g Kai smile.

“Hormonal ?” NiNi asked, appear clueless as she repeats the word, asking for further explanation from w.a.n.g Kai.

“Yeah, he kisses a corpse that had died a few days before. If he’s not hormonal then he’s a psychotic who like to do it with corpse. He probably necrophilia, don’t you think so junior An Nan?” w.a.n.g Kai said with cheerful tone, but frowning right after he saw the dessert on the table.

“…” An Nan

“Naughty NiNi, I’ve told you to eat a proper meal before eating your dessert. Why don’t you listen to me?” w.a.n.g Kai said like he was angry, but he affectionately wipe the whip cream on the corner of NiNi lips with his thumb.

Then he unexpectedly eat the whip cream on his thumb.

NiNi was shocked! W…wha… what just happen?

First of all, he was clean freak. She remember that he once didn’t want to eat his sandwich just because a girl help him to take the plastic from the sandwich, that girl didn’t even touch the sandwich. Yet he say he didn’t want it anymore because it’s dirty.

But today he actually ate something from her corner lips.


NiNi pouted when she imagine he did this to other girls too, huh scoundrel!

An Nan was abused watching w.a.n.g Kai and NiNi from the opposite… this is simply a PDA show that neatly planned to abused single dog.

“Baby, let eat lunch first you can have another dessert after lunch. I’ve arrange lunch at your favorite place.” w.a.n.g Kai said, stand up confidently and help NiNi stand up too. Turning his attention to the awkward sitting An Nan, he smile.

“Good to see you junior An, let’s meet each other again on my engagement party.” Holding NiNi small hand, she leads her out not giving her any chance to speak to An Nan again.


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