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Chapter 1582: The Red Phoenix’s Favor

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The Red Phoenix didn’t make a move. After a while, she took a long breath and relaxed. With a smile, she said, “The Hall of Life and Death is just as they say. I thought they exaggerated it, but now as I witnessed, I am impressed.”

People of the House of Chaotic Storms only stayed in the hall for a while, and they were told to get out except the patients. They went out and waited, and they hadn’t seen Ye Xiao’s face.

They saw what it was like inside the Hall of Life and Death, though. It was full of dense spiritual qi, which was several times more than the outside. It was some purple spiritual qi. All cultivators would beg to stay in a place like that. Yuan Tengxiao and the others did not have the chance to absorb any of it, so they got kicked out.

Yuan Tengxiao couldn’t have the spiritual qi inside the fortress of trees, and he had paid every coin in his pocket to pay for the treatment for his men. It was one hundred thousand purple spirit coins for each patient!

Ye Xiao used to make a rule that all patients should follow. However, it wasn’t the same circ.u.mstance anymore. These men all belong to other organizations, so they wouldn’t follow Ye Xiao, and they couldn’t promise they would risk their lives to help Ye Xiao once. In fact, they couldn’t even promise not to be enemies to Ye Xiao.

That was why Ye Xiao decided to ask for a high price.

He wanted one hundred thousand purple spirit coins to cure one man!

The treatment was only for those who could afford the price.

It was the most expensive treatment in the history of the Human Realm Upon Heavens.

It cost one hundred thousand purple spirit coins to save a man from death!

One purple spirit coin equaled one hundred million yellow spirit coins. One hundred thousand purple spirit coins equaled one trillion!

One trillion for a life!

One might think that money didn’t mean so much for superior cultivators or great forces. In fact, that was not true.

Bu Xiangfeng was an example.

He was one of the three most powerful itinerant cultivators on the ranking list, but when he was going after the special metals to fix his sword, he only had eighty thousand purple spirit coins. He was one of the richest itinerant cultivators, but he only had eighty thousand. One hundred thousand purple spirit coins was a fortune!

The price was so high that Yuan Tengxiao felt painful after paying the bill, even though he was such a famous figure in the world.

‘That is too expensive!’

‘That is totally robbery!’

When he heard the price, he was shocked. He even thought that maybe he got a hearing problem.

As he looked at the Red Phoenix, he felt consoled. ‘That woman has five men to cure. Well, she has to pay two hundred thousand purple spirit coins more… Hah hah hah… That is so much more than I paid. I should keep an eye on her face. It will be very enjoyable to see it. Hah hah…’

He did know how to console himself…

n.o.body could have imagined that this famous cultivator was such a moron!

“One hundred thousand purple spirit coins for one man? Five hundred thousand for five men of mine? Purple spirit coins?”

The Red Phoenix kept her eyes widely open. She stared at Ye Xiao, who was covering his face, wearing purple clothes. She shouted and said, “You guys are cannibals!”

The Red Phoenix was a rather experienced cultivator, but she couldn’t stay calm anymore. That unreasonable price just shocked her so much.

It was an unbelievable exorbitant price!

“That is the price we have always been charging.” Ye Xiao blandly said, “Lady Red Phoenix, you can go out and ask about it. If you can’t afford it, go somewhere else. I believe the others would like to charge you much less.”

The Red Phoenix angrily said, “The others are useless! They only keep saying this is impossible… One of them promised he would try, but it must take a half year to save my men, three years to fully cure them, and another ten years to bring them back to their normal status… That is absurd…”

“Heh heh… I guess you know how expensive this should be. The price here is set. No bargain!” He paused and then said, “Well, if the patients leave the Hall of Returning Nature and pledge loyalty to me, I can save them for free.”

The Red Phoenix stared at Ye Xiao, who was covering his face with a cloud of dense purple qi. After a while, she said, “I don’t have enough money with me…”

She came in a hurry, and she didn’t have five hundred thousand purple spirit coins at the moment.

Ye Xiao blandly said, “Okay. Goodbye then.”

“How dare you kick us out?” The Red Phoenix’s voice turned sharp and high.

‘d.a.m.n it! You are asking for a fortune, and you don’t even let me pay later! I am not refusing to pay. I just don’t have enough right now! This is annoying me!’

“I surely dare. This is my place. Why don’t I dare?” Ye Xiao said.

The Red Phoenix was freaking out.

She was humiliated in the Hall of Life and Death, and she had never thought that such things would happen to her one day.

She couldn’t do anything to Ye Xiao and especially couldn’t attack him. She had no idea what to do.

Ye Xiao looked at her and said, “The door is right over there. We will not give anybody treatment before the bill is paid.”

After that, he turned around.

“Wait… I don’t have enough money, but I can give you something valuable instead! What do you say?” The Red Phoenix held down her anger.

“What is it? We do not accept normal items,” Ye Xiao said.

“I promise that I will do you one favor.” The Red Phoenix gritted her teeth and said, “I know your rules. These patients could never promise you anything, but I am different. I can promise you one thing.”

Ye Xiao said, “Such as?”

“There must be something you want to do now but you can’t.” The Red Phoenix took a breath and said, “In the Human Realm Upon Heavens, I have the power to do almost everything.

“Just tell me one thing, and I will do it for you. However, it can’t hurt the Hall of Returning Nature!”

The Red Phoenix was confident.

‘Even if I am not capable enough, the Master will help. As long as it doesn’t hurt the Hall of Returning Nature, it will be fine!’

‘The Master has the power to do whatever he wants in the Human Realm Upon Heavens. Perhaps, after doing one favor for this marvelous doctor, he will become a friend to us…’

‘If the Hall of Returning Nature and the Monarch’s Hall became allies… That would be great!’

“Whatever I want? Really?” Ye Xiao looked at the Red Phoenix and said, “Lady Red… I am a married guy who has three ladies now… However, since you give me the promise, I can’t impolitely turn you down, can I? Well, would you…”


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