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Chapter 142 – Here Comes The Trouble!

Prince Hua-Yang shouted loudly and gave the order, “Drums! Clarions!”

The world-shocking drum sounds immediately arose from all directions.

– Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! –

“We need no big ceremony to begin with our warpath! What we need is a warm and great ceremony for our return with victory! The more luxurious the better! Please! Wait for our victorious return!”

Prince Hua-Yang’s voice resounded clearly amidst the loud drums!

Everyone could hear it, citizens or soldiers!


Hundreds of thousands of men shouted at the same time.

“All of you, soldiers! Turn around and salute to your homeland!” Prince Hua-Yang sounded like his throat was about to be ripped apart.

The troops moved simultaneously. They turned around together and looked at the walls of the Chen-Xing City. Their eyes were full of dignity, solemness and loyalty.

They slightly raised the weapons in their hands and dropped them down heavily!

– Boom! –

The whole land seemed to be shocked because of it!

“Farewell! Beloved people in our homeland!”

– Boom! –

“Farewell! Beloved families!”

– Boom! –

“Farewell! Our beloved king!”

On the wall, the king wearing his yellow robe was standing on the most obvious spot. He was facing the wind and kept his hands on his back. He looked at the hundreds of thousands warriors outside the city!

It was where the king stood since the ancient times when he was watching his men preparing to go for the battle!

– Boom! –

The weapons were risen and then dropped down heavily.

And then all the soldiers cupped their fist on their chest and saluted with their eyes.

The king himself made his own gesture this time. He raised his hands like he was holding the whole world!

And then he spoke in a regular tone.

A general wearing golden armor shouted loudly after him, “Here’s the king’s speaking! ‘I announce by the name of the sky that we will win this battle! It is what we do to protect our home as warriors! The kingdom shall never fall! The Kingdom of Chen will forever stand! My warriors are departing for battle! I am here with you all! When you return with the glory, I will go 100 miles away from the city to greet your victory!’”

“The King! The King! The King!”

The troops shouted at the same time. The sound was shocking the whole world.

The king waved his hand.

“Go!” Prince Hua-Yang shouted loudly.

The next moment, the land was shaking!

A big flag was leading the way rus.h.i.+ng in front of the army. The horse under the flag was running quickly. The flag was flying. The vanguard started to march!

– Boooom! –

The horses were running fast. The infantry ran after them. A storm of dust were aroused behind them.

None of these men looked back.

In the army, there were soldiers dropping tears. Yet they didn’t wipe it. They just followed the army and moved forward step by step! The tears were dropping down on their faces.


All the citizens and the soldiers shouted at the same time as if their minds were one!

At the beginning, it was in a mess, but after a while, they shouted synchronously!





The army was like an iron river running to the south.

Prince Hua-Yang turned his head around and looked at the capital sentimentally. He suddenly shouted and the horse under him stood up high like a man. His spear was pointing to the sky!

“I am leaving!”

The horse got back down and became like a black whirlwind rus.h.i.+ng ahead!

While Prince Hua-Yang moved, all the soldiers followed up. – Booom…- The sound of the army was shaking the entire firmament!

On the wall, the king watched the army leaving. Every one of the soldiers left without even looking back. He showed a satisfied smile on his face.

His eyes turned red a little.

He spoke gently, “What a great scene! This is indeed my kingdom!”

When it was late in the morning, the place where the five troops were camping earlier was now empty.

Not even a piece of paper was left on the ground.

Everything was tidy and clean.

Wherever the temporary toilets were built on was now filled up. It was flat like the floor now.

It was no longer the usual morning, the 300 thousand men had all left from this place. Everything happened with a marvelous efficiency. It was such a brilliant scene!

There were many citizens who were still standing there.

They kept watching where the army was heading. They just stood there watching for a long time. The army disappeared in their sight long ago, yet they were still full of hopes and concerns.

The fight of this army hadn’t started yet. The soldiers were just on their way.

Yet people’s concerns and worries for their men had already started!

They would never stop until their men returned from the battle!

Ye Xiao was on the horse. He looked at the empty place. Deep in his heart, there was some blood boiling.

[Finally, they are off for the battle.

I wish them… a victorious return!]

Not far away from him, there came a carriage. Su Ye-Yue’s pretty face showed up inside it. Her eyes were red and there were still signs of tears.

“Xiao Xiao.” She twisted her mouth.

When she saw Ye Xiao, the tears that had stopped falling had once again flowed down her cheeks. She was like a child who was wronged. She was acting tough and trying not to cry, yet when she saw someone close to her, she couldn’t hold her tears anymore.

“It’s all right. It’s all right.” Ye Xiao said gently, “It is going to be fine! Prince Hua-Yang will definitely return with victory!”

“Hmm!” Su Ye-Yue nodded heavily.

At this moment, she was no more high-hearted like she tried to be; she was weak. She said softly, “My mother didn’t come with me. Father didn’t allow her to. In fact, I came out secretly. I can’t let my father see me…”

Ye Xiao could only sigh.

Prince Hua-Yang could only show his toughness at the moment. If his wife was here, there must be something romantic between them. This tough man was afraid to see his wife at the moment. He was afraid he would forget himself because of being sad.

He was worrying about affecting his men’s courage… In fact, he was unable to face the sad face of his beloved wife.

While time pa.s.sed by, the crowd was moving back to the city.

Everyone was walking with heavy steps like it showed their emotions about this farewell.

Some of the women couldn’t help looking back again and again after they left…

To them, it seemed their men would surprisingly return on the fast horses and show up in front of them… However, their imaginations ended up with silent tears…

Ye Xiao and Su Ye-Yue were standing at the gate for a long time. They didn’t want to just leave.

After a while, the king on the wall sighed and murmured, “Ding-Guo, I wish you the best of luck. Please don’t forget my words.”

He turned around and headed back to the royal palace.

About one hour later, the crowd was finally dispersed.

The world seemed to return to silence. There was the sad aura of separation spreading in the air after all.

Zuo Wu-Ji and Lan Lang-Lang were staying too. They were standing with their families looking at Ye Xiao and Su Ye-Yue. They didn’t go to them immediately. [They are a couple. Su Ye-Yue has just seen her father off to the battle. She must be sad at the moment. Lord Ye must be comforting her right now. We should better stay away temporarily for now and go talk to them later.]

Su Ye-Yue was standing beside Ye Xiao’s horse. She was stretching her neck looking to the south.

Yet her father and the whole army were long gone.

“Father, you have always been invincible. It will not be an exception this time. You will return with victory!”

She murmured. Fists were made on her clenched small hands. She was encouraging her father secretly, and at the same time, comforting herself.

It was about noon. She still didn’t want to leave. Ye Xiao walked over her and was about to comfort her. Zuo Wu-Ji and Lan Lang-Lang came over to him at the same time…

At the moment, there suddenly came a messy sound of horse steps.

Outside the gate, there was a group of people on horses rus.h.i.+ng out. They were all young men in luxurious clothes. They all had flippant faces. They were on their horses acting like they were some heroes. They talked and laughed loudly, flapping on the horse heavily. They were extremely frivolously and insolent.

After the great army left, there suddenly appeared such a group of people.

The officers and guards at the gate were all holding expressions filled with fury.

[All those admirable men left to the battle, yet you foppish young lads didn’t even show up to see them off. Well that’s fine, because n.o.body ever needed you to do so. Yet right after they were gone, you group of people actually rushed out with such postures! What the h.e.l.l is this?]

That was simply an insult to the admirable troops that had just left!

Zuo Wu-Ji’s eyes were lit up by anger. He spoke with a low voice first, “Ye Xiao, here comes the trouble.”

Ye Xiao raised his head, “Oh? Trouble?”

He had never stopped b.u.mping into troubles since the day he had become ‘Ye Xiao’. He didn’t want any trouble today though, because it was kind of a special day. Yet the trouble came to him in advance. What a shame!

However, who was this ‘trouble’?

Ye Xiao was still the Xiao Monarch deep inside his heart. He hadn’t really tried to remember people. Luckily, Zuo Wu-Ji was thoughtfully introducing them for him.

“Their leader is Li Cheng-Ze, the grandson of the Right Prime Minister. After him, it is the son of the Revenue Minister Jiang Yu-Ming. There is also the son of the Rites Minister. And also…” Zuo Wu-Ji named all of them one by one.

Lan Lang-Lang smiled and said, “These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are our old ‘friends’ for a long time.”

Ye Xiao frowned.

[Here comes the trouble indeed. A big trouble!]

While they were talking, those lads were coming over while swinging the horsewhips.

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