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Chapter 1252: The Fierce Blade Made a Move! Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

In fact, Erhuo had promised to give every beast one supreme dan bead. However, Ye Xiao could hire an entire great sect with just several of the dan beads. Erhuo didn’t even hesitate when he gave away countless dan beads…

The number of the beasts that would come to fight the battle from the fourth layer of Mountain of All Medicines was the number of supreme dan beads Ye Xiao had to give away. Erhuo was definitely the most prodigal pet in the history of Qing-Yun Realm!

That made Erhuo a peerless creature in the universe for sure!

Ye Xiao’s spiritual mind left the Boundless s.p.a.ce and came back to himself. In his sight, there were all kinds of sword lights and power flows, along with blood and flesh everywhere.

The terrible battle was right in front of him.

Yue Shuang and Yue Han were in the most dangerous moment in the fight.

Maybe things were as bad as they had expected. Ye Nantian had foreseen every detail of the enemy’s plan. The twin sisters knew every step the enemy was going to take, so they got the chance to prepare for whatever the enemies would do. It was an easy battle for the two ladies.

Sometimes, the enemies didn’t even have time to stay put as they planned before the two ladies killed them all. The six of them had confronted about eight waves of ambushes. However, what the ambushes brought to the enemy was only a great loss in their good men. None of Ye Nantian and the five ladies was hurt in any way.

After communicating through mind connection, the two ladies confirmed that the enemies that were still hiding were no more a threat to the six of them. Thus, they decided to fight in full efforts, hoping they could kill all the enemies once and for all and be free from the continuous battles.

However, at this moment, after the enemies realized all their ambushes had failed, they started to make their last strike desperately. Suddenly, another group of people wearing black clothes and masks showed up and started to fight without any hesitation.

It wouldn’t be a problem to the two ladies if the enemies became more. What mattered was that the big group of people who showed up in the end were all unbelievably powerful. Each of them was at least on level nine of Dao Origin Stage. Suddenly, the sisters had to deal with over a hundred more powerful enemies. Those men were fighting in three groups, making murderous strikes on the two ladies one group after another without a stop.

Yue Shuang and Yue Han had to keep fighting without rests. It suddenly became a tough fight for the two ladies.

The newly-arrived people were apparently from a different background from the ones who had been hiding!

They were two groups of people which belonged to two different organizations.

Those who had been so close to being wiped out earlier looked pretty surprised when they saw over a hundred people coming to save them.

The newly-arrived people were a big number of powerful cultivators who would stare at Yue Shuang and Yue Han with fury in the eyes as if the two ladies had murdered their parents…

When they started the first fight, they directly brought about some suicidal attacks. It wasn’t just saying. They truly had given up their lives to attack the two ladies.

They actually would like to die with Yue Shuang and Yue Han, and their first wave of attacks turned out to be pretty astonis.h.i.+ng!

After a while, Yue Shuang and Yue Han completely lost the initiative they had gained in this battle. They had to change from offense to defense to keep Ye Nantian and Yue Gongxue safe.

Because they had switched to defense, the enemies became even more aggressive. The three teams kept attacking like a running river without a stop.

Even though the two ladies were incredible in cultivation, they couldn’t keep defending forever. Wave after wave, they started to feel that things had become difficult to handle.

Things became dangerous. The six of them all got hurt in different degrees. Qingxue and Shuangxue were bleeding because they got hit when trying to protect Yue Gongxue with their bodies.

The four weaker ones only felt grieved.

They had never felt so helpless ever before. No matter where they used to be, they were always the ones who got the initiative in battle. They had never been in a fight where they could only be under protection and do nothing else.

They were, at best, the ones who needed protection in battle, but, at worst, a bunch of useless burdens!

The fact was that any of the enemies were at least dozens of times stronger than the four of them…

Not to mention fighting against those people, they couldn’t even stay unharmed even under Yue Shuang and Yue Han’s protection… It was unbelievable, but they had to accept the truth!

Where on earth did so many level nine Dao Origin Stage superior cultivators come from? Certainly, Qing-Yun Realm had many level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators, but each of them was known in the martial world. There might be some of them who got so tired of the life of the martial world that they lived cloistered lives, but there should be just several of them…

These people attacking them in this battle were all nameless people who were beyond level nine of Dao Origin Stage!

That was shocking!

“They are surrounded! Let’s push it harder and kill them once and for all!” One of the people in black clothes and mask, who seemed to be their leader, talked in a wicked tone.

It was the first time somebody of those people said anything since they arrived.

They hadn’t even made a shout when they attacked before this!

“Who are you?” Yue Shuang had been through a really tough fight. Her hair was in a mess, her face turned pale, and she was gasping for breath. The continuous attacks had driven her to the last bit of energy, but she still kept making sword strikes.

She knew that she couldn’t give up. If she gave up now, not only would she die, but also her sister and the other four people too. In fact, only when the two ladies fought together could they make such powerful attacks and such great defense. If they were some other cultivators, the six of them should have died for a long time.

It had come to a critical moment. Yue Shuang knew that they were going to fail and die in this battle sooner or later, so she kept asking the enemies who they were. She would rather die with a clear mind than die muddleheaded! She had to know who defeated her!

However, those people in black clothes didn’t say a word and only showed the cruel lights s.h.i.+ning in their eyes like a pack of wolves. Their swords were moving silently as if they were not a group of human beings, but a bunch of killing machines!

It seemed they didn’t want fame, reputation, martial world position, or wealth.

The only thing they wanted was to kill!

To slaughter!

Yue Shuang’s eyes looked decisive. She said, “As long as we sisters stand, n.o.body is able to kill the people we want to keep safe. However, I am afraid we are dying. We can’t complete this mission. Brother, we are sorry!”

Yue Shuang and Yue Han looked at each other and saw the determination to sacrifice!

They clearly understood what they thought in each other’s heart was. The two of them raised their swords at the same time, slowly approaching each other through the grievous battle. The sword lights were howling and glaring in the air…

Wave after wave, the enormous power was shaking the air.

“Do not let them get close to each other!” One of the people in black clothes and mask suddenly shouted like lightning. They all felt that the moment Yue Shuang and Yue Han got close to each other enough, they would activate a dreadful suicidal attack that would send everybody to death!

If the two great cultivators did sacrifice their lives to make the last strike, almost all the enemies would die in the blast!

After all, that was a power that was as dominant Wu Fa and Xuan Bing. The attack would contain spiritual energy, life energy, and soul energy, and it would explode in an incredibly destructive blast!

The enemies might not be afraid of death, but they wouldn’t want to die in this way. After all, they were taking full advantages in this battle. They were winning! If Yue Shuang and Yue Han got to let out the last strike, it was as unacceptable as a failure to the enemies!

That was why all the people in black suits started to attack the two ladies in the most impressive ways. They would rather give up on their feet, their hands, and even their lives to stop the two ladies from approaching each other…

One after another, the enemies made human-sword mergence attacks, which had done great harm to Yue Shuang and Yue Han. They kept spitting out blood. They could feel the spiritual energy in their bodies disappearing. Their last strike was going to be weaker and weaker…

The two ladies were only about ten meters away from each other, yet they felt like there were thousands of mountains and hundreds of rivers between them. Every step seemed to be so difficult.

They both showed a bit grievance in the eyes.

They had never thought that they couldn’t even make the last strike before they died. [Can’t we even make the last attack? Are we going to die here today in such an unacceptable way?]

Sword lights were s.h.i.+ning, making a glowing net around them. Over sixty level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators were operating their human-sword mergence sword skills to make sure the two ladies were surrounded in all directions!

Yue Shuang and Yue Han had lost the opportunity to make the last strike. They had been hoping that the last attack could earn the survival of Ye Nantian and Yue Gongxue. Now, the plan failed. n.o.body was surviving the slaughter!

The enemies had already finished preparing for the last strike, which would kill the six of them once and for all!

That was going to be the end of the battle.

Yue Han made a long shout which poured out all of her grievances…

At this moment, however, something happened. A heavy voice of a man suddenly sounded up like a thunderclap.

“Look at this place. Why are all of you so busy here? Well, I guess I shouldn’t miss this, should I?”

After that, a vast saber light struck down to the ground like a falling star coming from beyond the sky. The light attack directly hit the light net which was formed by the swords of the men in black!

That vast saber light was impressively overwhelming. Even Yue Shuang and Yue Han had never seen such an attack in their lives!

That attack was so abrupt that four of those level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators couldn’t make any reaction before they got chopped into eight pieces. It stopped the ultimate attack of the thirty-six superior cultivators which was supposed to destroy the two ladies. Over twenty of those people who were getting close to help the thirty-six got blasted away immediately!

What an amazing saber strike!

The saber had revealed the ident.i.ty of the man!

There was only one man in Qing-Yun Realm who could do this!

Even Wu Fa, the well-known No. 1 cultivator of the realm, could never make a saber attack like that!

Saber up, cut the sun and the moon apart; blade down, hit the stars down from the sky!

The man with his saber!

The man who was known dead in Qing-Yun Realm history! A marvelous saber artist!

The Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang!

If Wu Fa, Xuan Bing, or Xue Danru were here, they would be disdainful to the comments.

Li Wuliang was the best saber artist in Qing-Yun Realm. n.o.body would question that. However, the Fierce Blade that was known to the world shouldn’t be powerful enough to make that saber attack!

What he just did with that saber strike indicated the power of a super-level Dao Origin Stage cultivator. It proved the power of t.i.ttle Phase. Otherwise, he would never be able to defeat over sixty level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators with only one strike!

When that saber move, it showed Li Wuliang’s real power and proved that he had already entered t.i.ttle Phase. However, he was still at the beginning of mastering the t.i.ttle Phase power. Otherwise, he would have chopped at least ten people into halves, not four!

The blast after the start of the attack was merely pus.h.i.+ng without further consideration. It didn’t seem like using the power of t.i.ttle Phase anymore. That was a flaw in such a spectacular attack!

However, no super-level Dao Origin Stage cultivators as powerful as Wu Fa and Xuan Bing had witnessed it after all.

Li Wuliang’s astonis.h.i.+ng saber attack had already astonished everybody at present!

They were all stunned!

Everyone took three steps back when the saber attack was made. Yue Shuang and Yue Han were gasping, forcibly holding themselves up. Everybody was staring at the man with the saber, including the two ladies.

In their eyes, fear and surprise were evident.

[Is it… Is it the Fierce Blade? The man who once dominated the entire Qing-Yun Realm?]

In the dark shadows of the forest, a big figure of a strong man was showing up, walking on the ground as if he was stepping on all the shadow under his feet!

A huge long saber was on his shoulder. He looked around the place and suddenly started to laugh wildly, “Guys, anybody recognized me?”

The others were all frightened and took in a cold breath.

They might have never seen Li Wuliang in person, but from the huge saber on his shoulder and the incredible attack he had just made, they all recognized him—the King of Saber Art, the legendary hero who was known to be dead!

Li Wuliang!

The Fierce Blade!

“Fierce Blade? Li Wuliang?” The leader of the men in black, who barely said a word to the ladies, suddenly shouted out in astonishment, “Didn’t you die?”

“You died!” Li Wuliang stared at the man and raged up, “Your whole family died!”

Everyone was speechless. n.o.body talked.


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