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Chapter 1861: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 42)

“You can say that he isn’t good, it’ll be my loss if I leave him.” She looked up without any hesitation in her determined eyes.

Although she only had 50% affection now, after some time, she learned to accept love and to give love.

Nan Yi Sheng was good to her, she understood that. Even if she didn’t have 100% affect, she wouldn’t become lost.

Even if she knew that he had his secrets, secrets that couldn’t be said.

“Good, good, good!” Mu Han Che said this three times before putting down his sword to come right in front of her, grabbing her wrist as he pressed her against the wall. His cold eyes were filled with anger as he looked at her, “Do you know why I sent you to the Nan Chao Country to kill him?”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows. She wanted to break free, but she found that Mu Han Che was very strong and it was no use struggling at all.

She didn’t want to alert the guard at the door, so she could only stay there, but she didn’t reply. Mu Han Che then said, “If he doesn’t die, you will die.”

It had to be said, when Mu Han Che said these simple words, her heart trembled.

Her eyes trembled and she tried to calm her breathing. Her fists clenched as she calmly said, “You think that I would believe you?”

“Nan Yi Sheng will definitely be the king of the Nan Chao Country in the future and you are the only saint that can save the Nan Chao Country from the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array’s curse.” Mu Han Che looked into her eyes that had a bit of a panic and said with a cold laugh, “You still don’t know! Your name isn’t Xiao Chen, your surname is Luo, Luo Qing Chen.”

She naturally knew that she was named Luo Qing Chen, but she didn’t know she was the saint of the witch race.

Remembering what the aunt named Luo Xin had said that day, she never thought that the witch race’s missing saint would be her……

“So what!” She pursed her lips and said, “Even if I am the witch race’s saint, that doesn’t mean that I will die if he doesn’t die.”

“Do you think that you are more important than the millions of lives in the Nan Chao Country to Nan Yi Sheng?” Mu Han Che shook his head. His eyes filled with a dark glow as he said in a voice filled with disdain, “You think that a stranger like you could appear in the Nan Chao Country and become the crown princess without any status?”

“……” Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as she trembled.

Actually, she knew what kind of person Mu Han Che was. He was cruel, indifferent, and didn’t blink when killing someone.

Whether it was an enemy or a secret guard that he cultivated……

But……he wouldn’t lie.

Every word he saw was most likely the truth and even if she denied it in her heart, it was no use.

“Your eyes show that you already know the reason.” Mu Han Che gave a chuckle and slowly released her wrist, “Because your husband Nan Yi Sheng must have told King Nan Chao your ident.i.ty, the witch race’s saint that can break the curse of the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array every four hundred years.”

She had lost at that moment…….

No matter how strong her heart was, she couldn’t accept this kind of fact and she really panicked.

“Miss Luo Qing Chen, I can tell you one more thing.” Mu Han Che looked into her trembling eyes and said with a bit of confidence, “You must not know how powerful he is! The rumours say that the Nan Chao Country’s crown prince is as weak as a scholar, but you and I added together aren’t his match in reality.”

“Stop talking…….” She closed her eyes and her voice trembled, “I still believe in him, even if he didn’t tell me anything. It doesn’t mean that he lied to me.”

“Then how about you give it a try? I want to see if the world’s number one master will come and save you.”


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