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Chapter 617: This is really ‘ape’s manure’

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Imperial Tutor took a step forward and comforted Empress.

“Your Majesty, don’t be too upset. No matter what, Mojun is my disciple and when I’m out, I’ll also think of ways to seek pills for his treatment. Mojun has outstanding talent and once he had healed his meridians, he will be able to continue cultivating, going after the peak!”

Empress wiped her tears, “Mojun had been taken care of by Imperial Tutor since young but this time you had been implicated and forced to leave South Yue Kingdom. As his mother, I really feel bad about this.”

Imperial Tutor replied, “What are you saying Your Majesty? My departing from South Yue Kingdom has nothing to do with Mojun. It’s entirely…. Bai Ruoli that wretched s.l.u.t’s fault! Wait till we reach Sky Cloud City and see how I deal with her!”

Saying that, Imperial Tutor turned towards Bai Ruo Qi.

“Qi’er, you’re my youngest disciple. This time, I have brought out my aced quality Cultivation Methods and pills so you must not fall short on your resolution and win some face for me! When you have reached Celestial Light Academy, you must excel over that s.l.u.t and let her know that there’s someone mightier out there!”

Bai Ruo Qi’s eyes were filled with hatred as she replied in a low tone, “Master, rest a.s.sured that Qi’er will definitely work hard and not lose to her!”

Bai Ruo Qi had just finished her sentence when she heard a sneering sound from nearby.

The few of them didn’t expect that anyone would come to the outskirts so early in the morning and even dared to sneer at exponents with status and power like them.

They turned their heads and was just about to teach the fool a lesson but when they saw the person, they all became stunned.

Right in front of them was a lavish carriage and when the curtains was unveiled, a captivating and dainty beauty revealed a young face.

Right on front of their eyes was the person they had a deep hatred for – Huang Yueli!

Their eyes seemed to spew out flames of fire as they started intently at the young lady ahead.

“Bai Ruoli…. It’s you!”

“Why are you here? How dare you even appear in front of us?”

Huang Yueli was questioned with everyone talking all at once but she smiled frivolously as though she didn’t feel any pressure at all.

“Are you making jokes? This route is so wide and did they mention that only your carriage is allowed to cross? Why can’t my carriage pa.s.s by here? But I’d never expected such a coincident that we’d set off to the Sky Cloud City together on the same day…. This is really ‘ape’s manure’!” 1

The few of them were infuriated to the point of being unable to speak.

Who would want any fate with her? Who?

This wretched la.s.s was born to curb them, and whoever went against her would have bad luck!

Even though they were pretty impressive earlier, with everyone swearing that they would not Huang Yueli have it easy, but when they had really met her, without any exception, all of them felt nervous inside, and subconsciously didn’t want to confront her.

It could only be said that Huang Yueli had already tricked them till they’re really frightened.

Just standing there alone and not doing anything was enough to give them tremendous pressure!

Not long after, Seventh Princess was the first to break the silence and yelled, Bai Ruoli, what do you mean? I think it must be intentional right? You intentionally set off on the same day as us with the intention to jeer at us! What? Do you. think that just because you’d broken to the second degree realm, you’re considered as South Sky Region’s number one talent? Let this Princess tell you, in Sky Cloud City, individuals with innate talents higher than you are everywhere, so don’t be too delighted for now!”


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