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Chapter 310: Prince Yu’s Life Experience (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

While Huang Yueli was still studying the tombstone, she heard Li Moying start to speak.

“This… is the tomb of my Imperial Mother.”

Huang Yueli froze. “Lady Mingfei?”

Li Moying was calm and nodded.

“However, isn’t Lady Mingfei a first ranked Imperial Concubine? According to the rules, shouldn’t she buried in the Royal Mausoleum? Why is she…?”

Li Moying clenched his jaw tight, without saying a word, his eyes were complex and revealed a deathly chill.

Under the moonlight, his face was dim and dark.

Huang Yueli closed her mouth subconsciously and peeked at him inquiringly. “Li.. Li Moying, are you alright?”

Li Moying did not speak by suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the side.

“Hey! You…”

Li Moying blocked her mouth with his finger.

“Shh…Don’t talk..I just want you to sit with me for awhile. Just sit quietly beside me.”

Huang Yueli did not speak further and let him lead her as they sat on the steps of the grave.

Li Moying was obviously in a bad mood and Huang Yueli just sat by his side, in quiet accompaniment.

Both of them sat side by side in this dark desolate cemetery in complete silence.

If it was an average girl, she would long have been terribly scared but Huang Yueli was not the least bit affected as all her attention was gathered on this man.

Although Li Moying did not say anything, she could feel his inner turmoil and overwhelming sadness.

What had happened …to Lady Mingfei?

Huang Yueli suddenly remembered what Li Moying said today at the banquet hall after he had injured the Crown Prince.

“That year, on the ninth day of winter, the high and almighty Crown Prince had kicked his weak and trash of a brother into a frozen pond. Is that considered wanting his own brother’s life? Or perhaps making his brother who had a weak const.i.tution kneel under the blazing hot sun until he collapses? Does that only then mean that he is lower than a pig or a dog?”

When she heard this, her heart was shocked in its entirety as she felt thread of sadness as well.

Looking at his quiet and solemn self now, there seems to be a tragic past buried beneath.

Without thinking, Huang Yueli put her hands on Li Moying’s shoulder. She didn’t know why but she just wanted to comfort him.

When Li Moying felt her gentle touch, his rigid body quivered. Immediately after, he pulled her into his arms as he wrapped her in a tight embrace.

If it was under any normal circ.u.mstances, Huang Yueli would definitely have been on guard and went hysterical.

But at this moment, she just nudged him gently and said softly, “You’re squeezing me too tight, I can’t breathe.”

Li Moying relaxed his hold on her.

Huang Yueli was relieved and heard the man’s deep voice beside her ears.

“My Imperial Mother, pa.s.sed away when I was six years old.”

“Hmm? But I heard people say that Lady Mingfei had lost her life due to a difficult birth…”

“Yes, there was such a rumour going about out there. That’s because when my mother gave birth to to me, she really had a difficult time. I was so thin, I could barely survive. The Empress took the opportunity to make rumours spread and say that my Imperial Mother was a person without a clear background that was why the prince was born this way. That’s why, after I was born, my Imperial Mother was placed under house arrest.

Huang Yueli said nothing but reached out and hug him.

Li Moying held her tighter and continued to talk about his past.

“Because the Empress’ family was strong at that time, hence my Imperial Father did not dare go against her. The Empress and the Crown Prince took every opportunity and tried every means and ways to scheme against us. Until that year when I was six, Imperial Mother pa.s.sed away due to a serious illness and she was not even recognized as part of the royal family and could not even be buried in the Royal Mausoleum.


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