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Chapter 2647: The most evil of all (9)

A melodious zither sound pierced through the Profound Energy’s aggressive b.u.mps and vibrations into his ears.

For a moment, Lord Zhan was caught in a trance.

Because this melody was simply too amazing! Simply like a sound of nature which made one unable to forget once they heard it.

But at the next moment, he suddenly realized that his body could not move, as though it had been frozen!

There was a problem— with this zither music!

Lord Zhan abruptly regained consciousness but alas, it was too late!

Although Huang Yueli’s zither music could only trap him for three breaths, when genuine top exponents crossed hands, it was a fatal flaw!

Li Moying and Huang Yueli’s coordination was flawless. From his peripheral view, when he saw Li’er moved, he had already made plans to strike.

Right now, he had already used up all his Profound Energy.

Numerous electrical currents came cras.h.i.+ng down through the crack on Snow Phoenix Palace’s ceiling and landed into Li Moying Amethyst Light Sword.

All the thunder attributed energy was congealed in the long sword. It started to give off a blaring glint, which was so bright that it could blind everyone’s eyes.

He made his move!

At the same time, Huang Yueli also combined different deviant flames and threw an attack from Lord Zhan’s back!

This was also Huang Yueli’s best shot. She congealed all the Profound Energy within her and in an instance, it caused the energy to explode.

On her back, a Sacred Phoenix’s virtual image slowly ascended. Its huge pair of wings seemed to have enveloped her!

The two of them attacked from and back, and their timing was perfect.

By the time Lord Zhan came back to his senses, there was no way for him to evade them so he could only forcefully use his body to take on both parties’ attacks!


Under the intense explosions that rang beside Lord Zhan, a ray of light dashed into the sky!

Sacred Phoenix Race pract.i.tioners were all dazed as no one had ever expected, their invincible and unsurpa.s.sable Lord Zhan to be pushed to such an end by these two young pract.i.tioners!

The instantaneous explosive power that came from their combined attacks was simply too powerful.

Lord Zhan could not evade in time and took on this blow directly. He would probably be seriously injured or dead!

Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s hearts beat as one. After they succeeded, they did not interact using words and scurried towards the same direction at the same time!

Lord Zhan was after all a top-rated peerless top exponent. In terms of ability, no one in Soaring Heavens Continent could match up to him.

Even if they managed to hit him, the possibility of him dying immediately was very low.

They had to grab this opportunity to escape. Otherwise when Lord Zhan recovered, the. Both of them would be goners, for sure!

After the blaring light diminished, Lord Zhan’s figure appeared from behind the pillar.

His entire body was filled with wounds and blood kept spurting out. There was even a scorched sign of injury on his face.

“Cough cough! Cough cough!”

Lord Zhan coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. The coldness in his eyes could turn anyone into ice immediately!

He turned his head around and suddenly widened his eyes, “This… This— This is the Sacred Phoenix Reflection??”

When Huang Yueli struck out with all her might, the virtual image of the Sacred Phoenix formed behind her back and had not diminished. Hence Lord Zhan had a chance to see this!

After Lord Zhan’s momentarily shock, he quickly came around it. “So…. so the Sacred Phoenix Reflection that appeared in the freezing zone that day was summoned by this wretched la.s.s!”


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