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Chapter 1619: Reputation completely ruined (8)

Li Lingchuan shuddered as he furiously shook his head to deny the allegations.

“Cui… Sect Master Cui, you… you cannot just listen to Murong Fei’s one sided story! I didn’t… I really didn’t! That day when I regained consciousness, Leng Yi Feng was already dead! He had died due to serious injuries which he sustained from Li Moying and had nothing to do with me at all! Don’t listen to Murong Fei’s nonsense, she’s just a woman who is full of lies!”

“Hmph, I think you’re the loser who is full of lies!” Murong Fei immediately reb.u.t.ted, “Weren’t you just greedy for Leng Yi Feng’s treasures on him hence you killed him so that you can take his treasures for your own? Sect Master Cui, in order to verify that what I said was correct, it’s very simple. You just need to catch him and search his realm ring, then you’d be able to see if there’s any of Leng Yi Feng’s belongings inside!”

“You…. You…..”

Li Lingchuan had an abrupt change of colours as he really didn’t expect Murong Fei to scam him in such a way!

As he was afraid of being exposed, he didn’t dare to use the treasures which Leng Yi Feng left behind but he had been carrying it around with him, preparing to find a chance to head towards Sky Emperor City to exchange for money.

If he was seriously captured and searched, then he would be exposed for sure!

Cui Yuan Shan apparently felt that it was a good idea as he nodded his head immediately, “That’s right, this Sect Master has the same sentiments!”

He was already at the verge of blowing his top and if what Murong Fei said was true, then Li Lingchuan was truly a despicable and utterly shameless villain!

After all, all pract.i.tioners held in contempt on the action of suddenly changing faces while their companions were heavily injured, then to retain the other party’s treasures for their own. No one wished for their own companions to betray and murder them while they were in the middle of experience training. Hence the minute anyone did that, that person would be condemned by all the pract.i.tioners in the whole world.

Momentarily, the audience in the public square were all furious beyond words and some even started swearing loudly.

“Li Lingchuan is just too cheap! He dared to even do such a thing like this??”

“He still has the cheek to claim Murong Fei is a wanton woman? Heh, I think the both of them, one a sc.u.m while the other one is cheap, they’re really a match made in heaven!”

“Heavens, it’s simply too shameless! He’s even a large Sect’s direct disciple and he actually did such a thing, is there any difference from being a robber?”

“Celestial Light Sect actually wants to promote such a person to become Young Sect Master, is Murong De blind or what?”

Li Lingchuan plopped down on his knees and started pleading for mercy, “Sect Master Cui, spare me… please spare my life! I really didn’t kill anyone! Yes I admit that I have taken Mister Leng’s realm ring but I absolutely didn’t kill him! I merely… merely felt that those treasures left behind in the mystic region was a huge waste, so…. so I helped him to retrieve it out…”

Cui Yuan Shan’s face had turned deep like water as his gaze was fixated onto Li Lingchuan while he spoke out coldly, “Whether it’s real or fake… after you reach Sky Emperor City, go explain to the Leng family yourself! Don’t blame this Sect Master for not reminding you that Leng family has an exclusive soul searching skill. So no matter if what you said is the truth or not, there’s absolutely no way to conceal the facts!”

Hearing that, Li Lingchuan had an abrupt change of colour as he started shaking all over!

Soul searching skill!

This ancient secret arts was something which an established powerhouse in Sky Emperor City could grasp and he had also heard rumours on it.

It required a pract.i.tioner with extremely powerful mental power to forcibly inject in his Profound Energy to read the memories of the person whose soul was being searched! Any lies under this secret arts had no way to hide!

What was most terrifying of all was that this secret arts caused a destructive damage to the pract.i.tioner’s primordial spirit.


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