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Chapter 1476: Saving a life (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Li Moying turned his head and took a glance at Huang Yueli, “Li’er, I’m heading down to take a look at the situation, you stay above.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she drew out a coil of rope from the Sky Phoenix Ring and said, “I refined this coil of Immortal Binding Rope some time ago. It is refined using thousand year old Fiery Spider Thread and cannot be severed by Profound Weapons which are fifth tier and below. Bind it around your waist before you go down, so if you meet with any trouble, I can try to find a way to pull you up.”

Li Moying smiled as he said, “Alright, then I’ll head down right now.”

Huang Yueli tied one end of the Immortal Binding Rope to a tall old tree and later stood at the front of the cliff as she watched the coil of rope untangled slowly, as it slipped down the cliff along the way.

Although the fog was so huge that she could no longer see Li Moying’s figure but she could still see from the tautness of the rope to figure out how deep he had gone.

Huang Yueli’s eyes were fixed on the rope when suddenly, an uneasy and confused feeling became more evident in her heart…..

Her premonition had always been accurate and she wouldn’t get uneasy for no reason.

Could it be that Li Moying would get into an accident?

Li Moying hung on to the cliff as he went straight down. After descending for one kilometre or so, he finally caught sight of Luo Jiyun.

He was indeed in the exact situation as what he had described, stuck in between two pieces of rocks, just short of falling down.

Luckily these two rocks were huge and looked rather stable which had impacted Luo Jiyun’s descent allowing him to preserve his life.

Although this was so, but Luo Jiyun’s condition was extremely bad.

There were all sorts of injuries and wounds on him and his blood kept spurting outwards, staining his clothes entirely red. As he had lost too much blood, his complexion had turned extremely pale, especially his lips which had turned white, looking no different from a ghost.

Furthermore, the worst of all was that Li Moying could sense that the fluctuations of Luo Jiyun’s Profound Energy was extremely unstable. This was the initial sign of heavily injured meridians and furthermore his cultivation had drastically dropped, descending by a total of two small realms.

This was a perilous situation and if he wasn’t able to save him out in time, and to get on with treatment to treat the damages on his meridians, it might have a detrimental effect towards Luo Jiyun’s future cultivation.

When Luo Jiyun saw Li Moying, he was so agitated that he cried out.

He choked as he called, “Eldest Senior Brother… you… you really came to save me!”

Frankly speaking, when Luo Jiyun was stuck in mid-air, he had already been waiting for four hours and in his heart, he had already lost all hope.

Although the signal bomb was thrown out, but he really didn’t have any hope that Li Moying would really make it in time to save him.

After all he had not chosen the proper path this time while he was in a panic and accidentally barged into the central region of the mystic region, and he had entered in too deeply!

To meet with danger in such a place was like destined to be a goner. Even if it was Li Moying, if he took the risk to come save him, it would be more or less of a dead end.

Luo Jiyun was feeling regretful that he had thrown out the signal bomb because when Li Moying appeared, while he was feeling touched, he was also extremely worried that he would drag Li Moying down!

“Eldest Senior Brother, you… you shouldn’t have come… this is the central region of the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region, it’s… it’s too dangerous! You… you’d better hurry on and leave!”

Li Moying’s expression sank, “What joke are you cracking? It was with great difficulty that I’ve finally reached this place, just to save you! You want me to leave just like that?”


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