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Chapter 1159: To Celestial Light Sect (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Now, the inheritance tower had once again disappeared in the void s.p.a.ce, whereas Huang Yueli didn’t wanted to delay any further so she set off in the middle of the night, rus.h.i.+ng towards Celestial Light Sect.

Both directions were the exact opposite, so they didn’t managed to meet up.

Li Moying brought his men as they searched the wilderness for an entire round, but had not caught sights of anyone.

But, after Mo Er surveyed one round, he suddenly started shouting in shock, “Look, there’s a hairpiece here!”

Li Moying immediately moved, as he appeared by his side, and his vision fell onto that hairpiece.

He immediately recognised that this hairpiece was the one which Huang Yueli usually liked very much. When Li Moying had been staying with her in Celestial Light Academy, he practically saw her wearing it daily.

Could it be that…. Li’er really appeared nearby this place?

Li Moying gripped hard on that hairpiece, as his frown grew tighter…..


Huang Yueli totally wasn’t aware that because she had ran too fast, she actually missed Li Moying!

If she knew this earlier, she would absolutely wait there obediently, for him to pick her up.

Alas…..even a thousand gold was unable to buy something foreseeable.

The second morning, Huang Yueli arrived at the small town in front.

Now in the nearby towns, Li Moying’s men were stationed there searching for her.

But as Huang Yueli didn’t knew what they were up to, only feeling that the search was tense and the atmosphere was extremely fishy, so in order to avoid trouble, she intentionally avoided those disorderly towns and picked the smaller routes to proceed.

Three days later, she successfully arrived at Celestial Light Sect’s front mountain.

Celestial Light Sect was indeed the South Sky Region’s number one Sect. From the looks of the front mountain’s main entrance, it looked extremely majestic and imposing, and there were many disciples wearing the Sect’s uniform which bore the logo walking around keeping surveillance, other than the Sect’s disciples, outsiders were completely not allowed in.

A young boy who wanted to formally become an apprentice to a master, was pleading hard but he was being bluntly kicked out.

Huang Yueli stopped at a distance around one mile or so before the Sect, pondering how she could explain her ident.i.ty to the guards around the entrance.

If she claimed that she was their Young Sect Master’s fiancée, would they believe in it? Or should she find another reason which would allow her to meet Li Moying easily?

Just as she was in deep thoughts, suddenly a luxurious carriage helmed by eight Dark Green Maned Snow Horses, speeded from afar, as it stopped at the Sect’s main entrance.

The door curtain opened, and an exceptional beauty walked down from the carriage.

This person… to Huang Yueli, was not a stranger at all —- she was Murong Fei!

The minute Huang Yueli saw her, she subconsciously drew back her head, and hid behind a large rock nearby, not wanting to let her see herself.

But she had already expanded her soul trace, putting in all her concentration, trying to hear when she was going to leave.

Murong Fei got off the carriage and all the guards went up to welcome her.

“Eldest Young Miss, you’re back!”

“Welcome Eldest Young Miss’s return to the Sect!”

Murong Fei bore a n.o.ble demeanour from a wealthy family, as the smile which hung on her lips was faint yet reserved, as she nodded towards everyone.

Just as she was about this enter the entrance, she suddenly stopped and called out to a guard.

“This junior brother…”

The guard’s face immediately flushed red, as he displayed an overwhelmed by favour from superior look, “Yes…. Eldest Young Miss, are you calling me?”

Murong Fei nodded and asked, “Has Eldest Senior Brother returned back during these days when I’m out?”

The guard shook his head, “Replying Eldest Young Miss, Young Sect Master has not returned for close to a month.”


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