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Chapter 451: CEO Jun is Famous Again

This was the first time Xia Wanyuan had come to a modern night market. Beijing was a city with a long history. The shops beside it were decorated with ancient architectural styles.

Under the ancient and carved eaves, there was a modern feeling. It was quite unique. The fragrance of all kinds of food floated in the air.

“There’s an extremely handsome singer over there. Let’s go, I’ll show you.”

With that, An Rao brought Xia Wanyuan to the most popular bar.

“Miss An, you’re here. This way, please.” The people here seemed to be very familiar with An Rao. They directly led her to the VIP seat on the roof of the second floor. One could see the performance of the people below when they lowered their heads.

“This is our new Heart of Ice. Try it.” The staff brought up two light blue drinks. Xia Wanyuan tried them and realized that they tasted like wine. Xia Wanyuan knew that this body could not hold its liquor well. After taking two sips, she put down the gla.s.s.

“Sister, let me tell you. When I have nothing to do, I come here to watch that singer sing. I think he sings much better than those in the entertainment industry.” Just as An Rao finished speaking, the people in the bar suddenly boiled over. On the stage, a young man in a white T-s.h.i.+rt and holding a guitar appeared.

This young man was extremely handsome, and there was arrogance in his eyes. He casually played the strings and sang softly. Xia Wanyuan nodded. He did sing quite well.

At that moment, the boy on the stage inadvertently raised his head and swept his gaze across the second floor. He met Xia Wanyuan’s gaze and was stunned.

At that moment, Xia Wanyuan’s phone rang.

“Where are you?” Jun s.h.i.+ling’s deep voice sounded. Hearing the music and singing on Xia Wanyuan’s phone, Jun s.h.i.+ling frowned.

Xia Wanyuan said a seat. “Come and pick me up.”


Seeing Xia Wanyuan hang up the phone, An Rao leaned over. “Sister, is this your husband?”


“What’s your husband like? I can’t imagine what kind of person can marry you.” An Rao suddenly thought of something. “F*ck, will your husband be angry with you if I bring you to look at handsome guys? Let’s go to a bar with ugly singers.”

Xia Wanyuan smiled helplessly. “It’s nothing. This child sang pretty well.” Xia Wanyuan picked up her wine gla.s.s and took another sip.

The usually lazy singer had actually sung a few more songs on stage today. The boss was so happy backstage. He wondered why this little ancestor was so interested today.

Not long after, Jun s.h.i.+ling arrived downstairs. Xia Wanyuan and An Rao walked down. Through the gla.s.s window, Jun s.h.i.+ling saw the arrogant youth on the stage, his gaze following Xia Wanyuan.

An Rao obediently followed Xia Wanyuan. With her driving skills, she could only rely on Xia Wanyuan’s car to go home.

“Sister, your husband is too strict with you. You’ve only listened to a few songs. If I had to say, you should be -” An Rao’s words were stuck in her throat when she saw the person sitting in the car.


An Rao looked at Xia Wanyuan in shock. If my eyes were fine, the person sitting in the car was Jun s.h.i.+ling, right? He was the richest man, right? The husband that all women in the world dreamed of?

“This is my friend, An Rao.” Xia Wanyuan briefly introduced her. “My husband, Jun s.h.i.+ling.”

Jun s.h.i.+ling’s originally cold expression softened a little at Xia Wanyuan’s words.

An Rao glanced at Jun s.h.i.+ling’s cold face. No matter how wanton she was, she still felt uneasy. After greeting him, she closed her mouth and stopped talking.

The chauffeur sent An Rao back to the apartment first, then sent Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan back to the manor.

An Rao got out of the car, while Jun s.h.i.+ling continued to look at the doc.u.ments with a cold expression.

Xia Wanyuan leaned on him, causing Jun s.h.i.+ling to snort coldly. However, he still did not push Xia Wanyuan away.

“How can you be so jealous?” Xia Wanyuan laughed.

“Is the song nice?” Jun s.h.i.+ling’s cold voice sounded above her head.

“Not bad.” Xia Wanyuan nodded. Many singers in the entertainment industry could not compare to the song that the child sang.

“Is he good-looking?”

“Yes.” Sensing that Jun s.h.i.+ling’s body had tensed up, a smile appeared in Xia Wanyuan’s eyes. She sat up and wrapped her arms around Jun s.h.i.+ling’s waist. “But not as good-looking as you.”

“Hmph.” Jun s.h.i.+ling snorted softly, and his expression softened.

While Xia Wanyuan coaxed Jun s.h.i.+ling, the young man at the bar had ended his performance after Xia Wanyuan left.

No matter how much the boss begged, he was unwilling to sing another song. He held his helmet and walked out of the bar, calling.

“h.e.l.lo, I’ll accept that variety show. I’ll come and sign the contract tomorrow.”


After Jun s.h.i.+ling11111111111 became popular, Jun s.h.i.+ling became popular again.

However, the person who replied was the real person.

Before going to Suhang Ancient Town, Jun s.h.i.+ling, as a business giant, partic.i.p.ated in the Chinese representative meeting.

Such an official meeting had always been a gathering of political, business, and big shots from all walks of life. On the news broadcast of the national channel, there were many articles that specially introduced the situation of the meeting.

As the person in charge of the Jun Corporation, Jun s.h.i.+ling naturally received specialized reports.

The news broadcast only lasted half an hour. In this news broadcast, Jun s.h.i.+ling alone occupied one-tenth of the time.

In the camera, Jun s.h.i.+ling was dressed in a black suit as he stood on the rostrum and gave a speech, a.n.a.lyzing the economic trend for the next few years. Below him sat a group of officials and rich businessmen who usually only appeared on television news.

The scene changed. The core leaders of the country were sitting in the meeting room for a meeting. The camera swept across them one by one.

Jun s.h.i.+ling wore gold-rimmed gla.s.ses and looked down at the doc.u.ment as his side profile appeared on the television.


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