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Chapter 373: I Want to Eat Meat When I’m Back in China

Prince Garo recalled the rumors that all Chinese people had kung fu. In addition to Xia Wanyuan’s skills yesterday, he hurriedly took two steps back. The bodyguards behind him immediately stood in front to protect him.

“Open the door,” Xia Wanyuan said. The power in her eyes made one feel that she should be the most respected person in the royal family.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Bring her to the palace.” Prince Garo did not dare to make a move himself, but he instructed the bodyguards to capture Xia Wanyuan.

Bang! The door was kicked open.

“I wonder where Prince Garo wants to bring my wife? Will I have the honor to visit the palace?” A cold voice sounded.

Prince Garo turned around and saw Jun s.h.i.+ling’s cold face.

“W-wife?” Prince Garo looked at Xia Wanyuan and then at Jun s.h.i.+ling. Thinking of Jun s.h.i.+ling’s ident.i.ty, his legs instantly turned weak.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was your wife!! Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t dare to touch her.” Prince Garo was extremely afraid of Jun s.h.i.+ling, and his voice trembled.

Jun s.h.i.+ling ignored him and reached out to Xia Wanyuan. “Come here.”

Xia Wanyuan walked over. Jun s.h.i.+ling held her hand and walked out the door. Prince Garo wanted to say something behind him, but he was afraid of disturbing Jun s.h.i.+ling, so he didn’t dare to speak.

“Prince, how was it? Did you get it?” Prince Garo slipped out and met Richard.

“Hmph, you almost killed me.” Prince Garo glanced at Richard coldly. “Someone, kidnap him.”

Before Richard knew what was happening, he was carried away in a sack.


Since the compet.i.tion had ended, Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan did not stay any longer. After leaving the church, Jun s.h.i.+ling and Xia Wanyuan went straight to the airport.

After all, the two of them were extremely busy people. One of them had the Jun Corporation in his sights, and the other had the drama production team of “Moon As Frost” waiting for her to film.

When they were in the car, Xia Wanyuan realized that there was something wrong with Jun s.h.i.+ling’s expression. When they got on the plane and Jun s.h.i.+ling was actually sitting at the side without speaking, Xia Wanyuan knew that this person must be jealous again.

Xia Wanyuan tugged at Jun s.h.i.+ling’s sleeve. Jun s.h.i.+ling turned around and glanced at Xia Wanyuan coldly.

“Superstar Xia is really quite popular.”

Xia Wanyuan laughed. “Are you jealous? Is it worth getting angry at such a person?”

Jun s.h.i.+ling snorted coldly and pulled Xia Wanyuan into his arms. “There will always be so many people coveting you.”

“Didn’t I only let you covet me?” Xia Wanyuan leaned into Jun s.h.i.+ling’s arms, smiling until her eyes were sparkling.

These words…

Jun s.h.i.+ling felt as if the pot of vinegar in his heart had turned into sugar water. His deliberately cold face could not help but show some joy.

“Who did you learn these sweet words from?” Jun s.h.i.+ling said hatefully.

“You.” Xia Wanyuan was very certain.

“…” Jun s.h.i.+ling was silent for a moment. There seemed to be nothing wrong with what he said.

Jun s.h.i.+ling lowered his head and kissed Xia Wanyuan on the cheek. Leaning into her ear, he asked, “When can I eat meat?”

Xia Wanyuan instantly understood what he meant and blushed. “You should be a vegetarian.”

Jun s.h.i.+ling was only teasing her. Seeing how embarra.s.sed Xia Wanyuan was, he did not continue. He hugged her and rested quietly.

By the time Xia Wanyuan returned to China, the news that she had won the World Music Compet.i.tion had already spread to all the major platforms.

This time, she was more outstanding than any previous works. Even those who did not pay attention to the entertainment industry knew that a female celebrity had won a world-cla.s.s award.


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