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Chapter 840: Her Guts Were Turning Green With Regret

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Her bosses were having a conversation. Not able to join in their discussion, Wandou could only eat her meal in silence.

But the chilling gaze coming from the opposite side of the table was making her feel very uncomfortable.

She hoped that the dinner gathering would end soon so she could go home and rest early.

The dinner gathering ended. Huang Guoqiang took Qi Liya home first. Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan were going home together too. Mu Chenguang had his own car. Only Wandou had to take public transport home.

“It’s already late and it’s dangerous for a girl like you to go home alone. Wandou, why don’t you hitch a ride in Mr. Mu’s car!” Xu Xiyan suggested.

Wandou looked at the cold and sharp face of Mu Chenguang and felt a chill running down her back. She guessed she better not!

She was worried that she would have nightmares later after riding in his car back home.

“No, it’s okay, Sister Jing Xi. I can hail a ride myself via DiDi,” Wandou refused her good intentions in time. [1]

Mu Chenguang was already sitting in the driver’s seat in his car. When he heard the girl say that she refused to ride in his car, he took off his gla.s.ses incredulously and turned at her.

She refused to ride in his car?

Hmph, though he was not willing to let them, did she know how many women would jump at the chance to ride in his car?

And a little a.s.sistant like her actually turned up her nose at the chance and put up a pretense? How ridiculous!

“Boss, Lady Boss, I’m going off now!”

Mu Chenguang was particularly proud. In order to protect his male ego, he bade them farewell, started the engine and immediately drove his sports car away.

Good, Wandou could be alone again.

“You’re just a girl and you still dare to hail a ride on DiDi? Didn’t you see the trouble with these ridesharing apps like DiDi in the news recently?”

Xu Xiyan was thinking of her safety. She opened the door of their car and directly pushed Wandou into the pa.s.senger seat. “Alright, we’ll just have to take you home on the way back.”

Wandou sat in the luxurious Rolls-Royce belonging to her boss. She couldn’t help but feel this was a mistake.

If she stayed here, she would hinder her boss and lady boss from having a pa.s.sionate time!

Wandou’s guts were turning green with regret!

Sigh, she had eaten a night of dog food and she was having a little indigestion. She shouldn’t have stayed with them and continued becoming a third wheel to them.

If only Yi Xiao was here she could chat with him. But the driver tonight was someone new.

She took a peek behind. Her boss and her lady boss were stuck together like a Siamese twin in the back seat, embracing each other intimately.

They were so intimate that Wandou felt like getting a boyfriend herself to snuggle up with.

Halfway through the journey, Xu Xiyan received a call from Xue Yating’s a.s.sistant, Ni Xuelin.

“Oh, oh, okay! Understood, I’ll go over now.”

After Xu Xiyan hung up the phone, she turned to Huo Yunshen. “Dear, Tingting is in a bit of trouble. I have to go and see her now.”

“Okay, I’ll tell the driver to send you there.”

Although Huo Yunshen wanted to go home with his wife and make out, he still agreed to let her go see a friend.

“I’ll get Wandou to go with me later. You should go home and be with our child now,” Xu Xiyan told him.

“Sure. Where should I send both of you to?”

Huo Yunshen asked for the address then immediately told the driver to turn around.

Xu Xiyan and Wandou first went to Ni Xuelin’s residence to meet up with her and understand the whole situation.

It was like this: Back then, after Xue Yating and An Xianming had gotten in a s.e.xual relations.h.i.+p, Xue Yating had found herself pregnant and had prepared to abort the child secretly.

Then An Xianming had appeared in time to prevent her from undergoing the surgery, a.s.suming responsibility for the child.

He had taken Xue Yating back to the Xue family house, taking the initiative to confess the feelings he had for his little niece to his elder brother Xue Zhengrong.

At first, Xue Zhengrong was enraged. He reprimanded An Xianming furiously, saying that he was a savage for having the audacity to desire his own niece.

It was Xue Yating who had protected him from getting beaten up by her father.

After that, the two had no choice but to confess to Xue Zhengrong that they already had a s.e.xual relations.h.i.+p and an unborn child as well. In the end…

[1] DiDi is a ridesharing app in China similar to Uber.


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