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Chapter 551: Retribution

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The slap was hard, and Xu Xinrou looked at her father.

Her father had never even raised a finger to her, and it was the first time he’d hit her.

Xu Xinrou’s eyes were filled with tears as she questioned her father.” Dad, what was that for?”

“Can’t you just quiet down?” Xu Jinshan scolded. “Take a look at yourself, are you still my daughter? It’s just a child! It’s just a uterus! What’s there to cry about? Since when did my daughter become such a useless person?”

“Dad…” Xu Xinrou cried even harder.

“This is your retribution!”

Xu Jinshang sighed. The past few days for the Xu family weren’t actually good.

First, he’d almost lost his job.

He thought that he could become the best director by using Huo Jintang, yet before any of his movies debuted, all of them were called back by some related departments.

His company, Jinshan Entertainment, was already on the right track, but all of the shareholders suddenly withdrew their shares and turned it into a blank sh.e.l.l.

Then his wife, who loved to play mahjong, was caught by the police for excessive gambling and was locked behind bars for 15 days with no chance of bail.

His wife was released just two days ago, and now his daughter had gotten herself into an accident which had cost her her child, her uterus, and most importantly, Huo Jingtang.

Their future in Peijing seemed bleak.

It was all retribution for what they’d done in the past.

Xu Xinrou had kicked Xu Xiyan down the stairs in the past, and now she fell down the stairs, twice.

She tried to frame Qi Liya and tried to have her uterus removed. Yet, not only did Qi Liya still have her uterus, but she had also found her true love.

And now, justice had caught up, and Xu Xinrou was the one who had her uterus cut out.

The past few days were probably the worst for Xu Xinrou.

All because of a ring.

A ring that brought her a b.l.o.o.d.y lesson.

Xu Jinshan always believed that someone was pulling strings behind everything that had happened to his family.

But no matter how much money he spent, how many P.I.’s He hired, he never found out that it was Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen was seeking justice for the woman he loved.

He wanted to let the Xu family taste every pain that Xu Xiyan had felt being tortured by them.

And it was only the beginning.

The doc.u.ments and dress from Huo Yunshen helped Xu Xiyan greatly.

Xu Xiyan read through the files and decided to start preparing.

She only realized that most of the people who came to the audition were famous actresses once she’d reached the audition site.

She noticed that Yang Qiong was sitting at the other corner with the role celebrity from Huayin Entertainment, Ning Xin.

If Xu Xiyan was right, Ning Xin was Xiao Yuqian’s half-sister from the other mother. Her name was Xiao Yuxing, but she had changed her name after she entered the entertainment business.

Xu Xiyan remembered that Xiao Yuqian wasn’t close with her sister, and Xu Xiyan had never liked her one bit.


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