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Chapter 2127: Jealous

“What should I do? Whose dog is this? Is it broken by me? Should I send it to the pet hospital?”

Mu Chenguang picked up the puppy by its neck and began to move its legs.

“It’s fine.”

After the test, Mu Chenguang placed the dog by the side of the road. However, the dog was very small, like a little puppy that was a few months old. It did not run even when he placed it on the ground and kept barking.

“Mu Chenguang, look at how pitiful it is. Why don’t we adopt it?”

“Are we going to adopt it? Are you going to take care of it or should I take care of it? Who is this dog going to take on? Have you decided?”

Mu Chenguang asked seriously.

“I’ll take care of it. I don’t need your help. I can only bring it back if you agree.”

Mu Chenguang looked at the pitiful little girl on the ground and suddenly felt that raising a dog was a good idea. If they could raise a dog together, it would be like having a child.

He could tie her down with a dog, right?

But when he remembered how cruel Wandou was to abandon a living person like him, wouldn’t she be capable of doing the same to a puppy?

He felt that he and the puppy wouldn’t have a happy ending.

“What if you leave one day? Wouldn’t the dog become an orphan? And I have to take care of it as a father? I don’t have the time for that!” Mu Chenguang said.

Wandou could not help but laugh. “How could a dog become an orphan? What are you saying? Don’t worry! I won’t abandon it. I’ll take care of it until the end, okay?”

Mu Chenguang’s face was a little dark. He suddenly asked, “Wan Xiaodou, in your heart, am I worse than a dog? You said that you wouldn’t abandon a dog you picked up by the roadside. You will raise it till the end, but what about me? Why did you abandon me so easily? Tell me!”

Oh my G.o.d, is he jealous of a dog?

Wandou knew that he lacked a sense of security. After being abandoned by her once, he began to doubt himself.

It was all caused by her. She really wanted to heal the wound in his heart.

Therefore, when faced with his stubborn question, Wandou directly grabbed his collar, pulled his head down, stood on tiptoe, and lightly pecked his lips. She also told him, “It won’t happen again.”

Mu Chenguang :”…”

Wandou had already returned to the car with the dog. Mu Chenguang was still petrified.

What just happened?

What happened?

Did Wan Xiaodou kiss him? Did she kiss him?

What did she mean by that? That she would never leave him again? That she would never abandon him?

Mu Chenguang felt like he was in a fantasy. He couldn’t help but reminisce about the light kiss just now. He was so touched that he didn’t know what to do.

That woman finally responded!

She finally kissed him!

Mu Chenguang cheered in his heart as Wandou shouted from behind him, “Hey, are you getting in or not?”

“Oh, coming.”

Mu Chenguang suppressed his excitement and returned to the car. He took the puppy from Wandou and said, “I’ll carry it. You drive.”

As Wandou drove, Mu Chenguang teased the puppy and said to the little puppy, “Son, from today onwards, you are no longer an orphan. This is your mommy and I am your daddy. You have a home now, understand? You have to perform well in the future and work hard to be a good little puppy. Do you hear me?”


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