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Chapter 1677: She Simply Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes

And just like this, Jing Xi presented herself to everyone with her own unique style. This also made a lasting impression on people.

She was a singer who didn’t have pretty looks but had a voice that was kissed by angels. Her sincerity touched people’s hearts.

It could be said that Kaidi Music Studio’s marketing was even more successful than Longwei Music Studio’s. They successfully debuted a new singer and a new song.

And the song Scar very quickly climbed up on the billboard for new songs. Its click-rate even surpa.s.sed Forgotten Sea, reaching the top of the charts.

Jing Xi became famous. Her stage name, Evening Star, became famous as well. The name Jin Xiaoxi also became famous.

When her face and name were plastered all over the city, the Jin family would naturally see it.

The first to see this news was Jin Hua. She spent all her time on the internet every day so she would be the first to come into contact with this news.

Jin Xiaoxi’s name was shown by the music segment of the entertainment news when they introduced new songs by new singers. When she saw this, she simply couldn’t believe her eyes.

Wasn’t Jin Xiaoxi that uggo?

She opened up the poster and saw it really was her. How did she become famous with that ugly face of hers?

She also sang many songs under the name Evening Star?

Jin Hua couldn’t help but think of when she was doing live streams before she immigrated, when that uggo also said she wanted to live-stream her singing.

She never would’ve thought she really dared to sing, and certainly never thought there would be a company blind enough to let her sing.

Feeling reluctant, Jin Hua listened to Evening Star’s songs. After that, emmm… She stayed silent for a long time. She had to admit, her singing was quite good. It was just a bit better than her singing.

However, it wasn’t so good that she could become so famous, right?

She even ranked first on the new singers chart.

No, no, no. She needed to tell her mom and dad about this!

Jin Hua ran to look for her mom and dad while carrying the laptop. “Mom, mom, mom, mom…”

“What is it!? Even my soul is gone!” Ge Juhua said, sounding upset.

“Mom, it’s terrible. Look at this news. Jin Xiaoxi became famous for her singing! Look!”

Jin Hua pointed at the screen to let Ge Juhua look. Gu Juhua squinted her eyes to look and muttered, “Who is this?”

She couldn’t recognize the woman on the poster at all. Although the woman on the poster was ugly, she had been polished up close to perfection. The picture on the poster was completely different from the picture of Jin Xiaoxi in her head.

“It’s Jin Xiaoxi! She became a singer. She became famous for singing and became a big star,” Jin Hua explained anxiously.

“Huh? Is this brat really so good”

“Mom, let me tell you, not only is she good, she even earned a lot of money. Famous singers are really really rich. She is definitely living in a villa, driving a luxury car, and surrounded by bodyguards right now.” Jin Hua let her imagination run wild.

“Oh my G.o.d!” Ge Juhua’s chin was almost about to drop to the floor. From the look of things, she shouldn’t have fought with Jin Xiaoxi back then, and she shouldn’t have agreed to let them move away.

If that was so, their family would also be living well when she made money from singing!

The four of them wouldn’t have to live how they did now. Their daughter stayed at home every day and didn’t have an income. They depended entirely on the two old people to work to support their horrid lives!

Ge Juhua’s mind went to money immediately. She thought Jin Xiaoxi had become rich so she decided, “Jin Hua! Bring your mother to find Xiaoxi tomorrow! Speak to her properly and ask her to come back home!

“Okay, understood. We will go see her tomorrow.”

Ever since Jing Xi joined Kaidi Music Studio, she had a substantial schedule every day. The company was also considerate towards her family’s condition so they would always give her enough time every day to go back home to take care of her family.

After she had her lessons and finished recording in the morning, she would be able to go home in the afternoon.

Just as Jing Xi finished recording today and was walking out of Kaidi Music Studio, she heard someone calling her name.


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