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Chapter 996: Ye Ling is Rich. Let Him Pay

There was an obvious contrast between the beige color of her arm and her pale chest.

“Beautiful muscles,” Maxi said.

Shen Qianshu said, “Nonsense! Master loves me when I’m soft and plump. He would be very mad to see me with muscles.”

“… ” Maxi stared at Shen Qianshu.

“He has a very unique taste. He actually thought that I was the prettiest seven years ago when I still had baby fat.”

Every day, she did hundreds of pull-ups and five hundred push-ups. She also ran with weights. Her body fat had gone down from 27 to 20. They turned into thin layers of muscles. When her s.h.i.+rt was rolled up, her abs could be seen.

Every lady wants to have abs.

She was a little sad but also a little satisfied.

Monica walked over. Shen Qianshu was afraid that the magical lady would diss her. So, she went to practice her shooting. Maxi took a few steps closer. “What’s wrong?”

“We have to think of a way to send Major a piece of information. Black Rose is trying to bait them. I’m afraid that she might get suspicious of it, so I’m not very confident about it, but I can bet that it is a trap,” Monica said.

Maxi shook her head. “The information cannot be sent out. All signals on the island are under high security. Even if we have the pa.s.sword, information sent out that isn’t from the monitoring room will be blocked off.”

Monica did not know much regarding this aspect. She was not in charge of information.

“What about the self-controlled radio? There should be our stronghold somewhere. It should be able to transmit information.”

“No way. The resources are restricted on this island. We cannot find the complete set of equipment required for a self-controlled radio. We also need a few days to set one up. The information would be too outdated,” Maxi said. “If we don’t stand a chance, we can’t mess with anything.”

Monica frowned.

She could not watch her allies sending themselves to their own deaths.

Maxi said, “Our mission is to hide deeply. Major said that no matter what happens, we cannot expose ourselves. It has been twenty-odd years, and so many of our agents have died before Black Rose. We managed to survive in such a hard way, and we succeeded. If we cannot hit the problem, we cannot take action.”

Monica kicked the sand on the beach violently.

Maxi said, “Don’t be anxious.”

“This freaking place… I want to go home!”

Maxi said, “I want to go home too.”

She paused. “I’ll think of a way. You don’t have to care.”

Monica walked towards Shen Qianshu. “Sis, didn’t you eat enough today? What are you even shooting? It’s hurting my eyes.”

Shen Qianshu said, “Do you know how low it is to vent your anger on people around you after arguing with your lover?”

Although she could not hear what Maxi and Monica were saying, she could see that they were very agitated. It was as if they were fighting.

“I love venting my anger on others most.” Monica laughed annoyingly. “Can you beat me?”

“I won’t win!” Shen Qianshu said. “I’d still have to kneel, call you Mom, and then ask for protection.”

Monica laughed from her humorous statement.

Shen Qianshu was just so interesting. She did not seem to understand fury. She always knew how to argue back no matter what was said and anger others even more.

“Hurry, practice.”

Shen Qianshu said, “Yes, Magical Lady.”

At the Rest Stop.

When the second batch of patrolling agents were nearing, they were attacked by gunfire. A cannon shot the left wing of their aircraft, and the aircraft plummeted straight into the sea. Before that, 2 agents and a pilot jumped into the sea for survival. Nearby, the lifeguards team brought them back to the rest stop.

Mu Yuan patted his brothers on the shoulder. “You guys are very courageous.”

They had predicted an attack, so they made ample preparation beforehand. An aircraft was reported to be destroyed. Anyway, the military had made it very clear. Ye Ling was rich, and he would pay for it. He was covering all the expenses for the weapons and equipment used.


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