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Chapter 929: Master, I’m Yours

Bo Yiren knew that he was looking for Shen Qianshu.

Tong Hua raised up his hands, proving his innocence. He could not let Daddy hate him.

“Daddy, look. I have no weapons.”

There was nothing in his tender hands, only his white chubby fingers. Ye Ling stared at him, his breathing heavy and unsteady. Tong Hua slightly went closer to him. Zhong Ran felt so anxious that he wanted to explode. Little Master, don’t go anymore closer.

Are you not afraid of him anymore?

Ye Ling looked at Tong Hua moving closer to him and was on high alert. Tong Hua knew that he had hurt Ye Ling’s heart, but he had no choice too.

On that day, he looked really scary.

He slowly reached out one of his hands and stopped in midair, his heart thinking that this was always how it was acted out in dramas. Being moved, the person who was hurt would also reach out his hand. Their index fingers would then come into contact, and they would both break into a smile, touching both the actors and the audience.

Ye Ling raised his hand, and under Tong Hua’s antic.i.p.ation, he harshly… gave him a slap.

The back of his hand reddened from Ye Ling’s slap.

Zhong Ran covered his eyes and simply could not bear to watch any longer.

Tong Hua jumped from the pain, and he stared angrily at Ye Ling.

Really fierce.

In comparison, Ye Ling looked even fiercer.

Tong Hua pondered to himself, Alright, people from Ye Family are all unpredictable, very good.

They have character!

He reached out his hand determinedly. Ye Ling was furious, and he kicked him away. Tong Hua fell to the ground from his kick. He slammed the carpet angrily and asked, “What problems do you have with me? I’m already wearing a princess gown!”

What more do you want?

Both Daddies were rebuking him.

What is this sorcery!!!

Shen Qianshu walked in, and straight away, she saw him slamming the carpet and looking like he wanted to bite Ye Ling.

Ye Ling saw Shen Qianshu and suddenly became very agitated. The chains were rattling loudly due to his struggling. His distorted face became heated. He struggled, wanting to get up, but because he was chained up, his movements were extremely unpleasant-looking.

Shen Qianshu’s heart ached badly. She ran over and hugged him without any hesitation.

“Master, you’re awake…” Shen Qianshu said gently. “I went to buy dessert for you and thus came back late.”

She held on to a small paper bag and then placed it aside.

Ye Ling pointed angrily at Tong Hua. His bloodshot eyes were filled with rage, and he kept silent.

Tong Hua was dumbfounded.


You’re b.l.o.o.d.y complaining?

The guilty party filed the suit first. He finally understood this saying. He suffered a slap and a kick, but Daddy actually still wanted to complain?

“Don’t be angry. He did not do it on purpose,” Shen Qianshu said.

Ye Ling suddenly growled out loud like a beast that was about to explode.

Shen Qianshu’s face suddenly changed. “He is too outrageous. I will teach him a lesson.”

Tong Hua was speechless.

Tong Hua stood up, turned around, and left angrily. He slammed the door shut, his temper really big.

There was something very wrong with Ye Ling’s situation.

His second personality would always be in a very extreme emotion and would rarely be mild. Bo Yiren said that he suffered greatly. No matter whether it was in body or mind, he would suffer painfully.

His memory was also terrible.

When he woke up this time around, although he was still crazy, he was surprisingly milder.

What was the reason?

He stared deadly at Shen Qianshu. Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, one would also get frightened awake in the middle of the night. Ye Ling muttered to himself. “Mine, mine…”

Other than this, it seemed that there were no more words.

“Master, I’m yours,” Shen Qianshu said.

Ye Ling’s bloodshot eyes suddenly flared up in anger. His hands were tightly balled into fists. He pounded the bed furiously, and meaningless words came out of his mouth. He was really enraged and out of control. Shen Qianshu was startled. What did she say wrong?


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