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Chapter 568: Xiao Yuan, Any Problems With That?

With Jack’s arrival, Shen Qianshu felt more at ease. For some reason, this man always gave people a sense of calmness and strength. With him around, there was nothing to be worried about. Zhong Ran and Jack re-setup the whole courtyard, ensuring that the defense was impregnable. Jack brought two people with him while Mu Yuan also brought two. They were then split into two groups to inspect the outer premises. Shen Qianshu slowly became more relaxed too. After getting sick of eating the traditional snacks here, she decided to personally hand-make some snacks and invited them to have afternoon tea.

Although this atmosphere… was weird!

Mu Yuan was strangely quiet. He was not a talkative person but was also very easygoing. This time, however, it seemed as if he was stunned by something. He drank tea and ate the snacks with his head lowered, listening to their conversation. The secret agents around Jack were actually all female.

The two female agents both had fair skin, a beautiful face, and long legs. They were twins, and they looked just like Black Widow from the movies. They had similar features: maroon short curled hair framing a palm-sized face, bright eyes, a high nose bridge, and a s.e.xy little mouth. Simply breathtaking.

Mu Yuan secretly took a few glances at her. Her expression was… a little difficult to decipher.

Shan Ning and Guan Zhou were Mu Yuan’s people. Guan Zhou was really curious about the two beautiful women, and he could not stop chatting with them. Shan Ning sat beside Mu Yuan and would occasionally help him to take some snacks. Mu Yuan was slightly lost in his thoughts. His ears were perked up and listening to Guan Zhou and the two women’s conversation.

Zhong Ran thought, Watching drama is always free.

I feel that there’s a lot of drama going on.

I need to narrate the drama to Master later on.

The originally planned half an hour afternoon tea time had already dragged on for over one hour, and it was still ongoing.

“Major Jack sure has a good fortune with beautiful women. Our system can’t groom such amazing female secret agents. Our females are all those programmers working behind the scenes, right Yuan Yuan?” Shan Ning said.

“Yes!” Mu Yuan took a bite without really tasting the snacks and peeked at the beautiful women again.

What a beauty!

Great body too!


Why did he not have such fortune!!!

Jack did not really chat with Shan Ning. He did not blink at all and did not eat much too.

“Major Jack, are the snacks not to your liking?” Shen Qianshu asked.

“He does not eat chocolate flavor food!” Mu Yuan said.

The snacks were, coincidentally, all chocolate flavored.

Shen Qianshu nodded and made a mental note to make matcha flavor snacks next time. This flavor should be one that was favored by many.

“You like them the most. Eat more!” Shan Ning exclaimed.

“Yes!” It was unclear how many times Mu Yuan had peeked at the female agents.

“Major, are you interested in these beautiful women?” Guan Zhou asked.

“… What… What?” Mu Yuan stammered.

Who’s interested?

I’m just looking at beautiful women! What are you talking about!

Speak carefully!

“You have been staring at them all this while. Their faces are red with embarra.s.sment!” Guan Zhou said.

Jack raised his brows and looked at the female agents beside him. One of them spoke out. “We are not interested in Major.”

Guan Zhou silently thought, Ouch that hurts, my brother!

Mu Yuan was speechless.

Mu Yuan felt indignant and wanted to retaliate. Which part of me are you not satisfied with? I’m a brilliant young man, the top son in law candidate for all the mothers in our country! What’s there to be not satisfied with?!

“Xiao Yuan, any problems with that?” Jack asked.


Guan Zhou pondered. Since when did Major and the US’s Major become so close to each other?

“Major Jack, are you very close to our Major?”

“Not very close!”

Mu Yuan’s lips twitched in annoyance. Will this joke ever die? I just want to know whether it ever die!!!

“I was his instructor for a few years before!” Jack said calmly.


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