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Chapter 1505: I Don’t Need You To Be Grateful

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Shen Qianshu’s preparation was also very ample. Megan said that the work was not plagiarized, and she simply could not stand her ground. There were a few videos that had biometric identification, confirming that Shen Qianshu had forged her ident.i.ty to enter the compet.i.tion.

She could also provide the original drafts of the designs. Every draft had a date for which handwriting identification could be used. She had prepared rather adequately.

Megan’s side was somewhat weaker, not to mention that there was some evidence that simply could not stand their ground. To avoid being implicated by more scandals, Company B was considered to have given up on Megan this time. They had pushed everything to Megan.

Megan was completely defeated!

Since Megan went to court, her mind started to wander elsewhere. She was especially afraid of Shen Qianshu telling the matter of her paying someone to kill for her. However, Shen Qianshu did not mention this matter. She lost the lawsuit, but she felt that she had been very lucky.

Company B’s behavior of s.h.i.+fting the blame was very thorough.

Will said to the judge, “From the beginning, we did not know about the matter regarding Megan’s plagiarism. After her designs came out, it took one year of effort just to manufacture it. Our CEO saw the exact same works in Company B. He naturally thought that Shen Qianshu had plagiarized Megan; hence, this matter was created. We never expected that Megan would deceive us. After this matter happened, Megan returned to the company and also did not admit that she herself had plagiarized. Instead, she joined others to defame Miss Shen. This is a breach of our company’s duty. We will not s.h.i.+eld this kind of person who insults our industry people again. We will definitely respect the court sentence!”

Company B had the ability to manipulate the jewelry world all along, but they gave up on their own designer this time. The judges were not surprised. Before the court proceedings, they had already expressed their anger. Shen Qianshu could not help herself from looking at Ye Ling.

The matter of Li Chen’s plagiarism back then had also become the topic of the town. He had also lost the lawsuit.

From the beginning to the end, AG had protected Li Chen. Even after the lawsuit was lost, the company had s.h.i.+fted its resources more towards Li Chen and did not let Li Chen get affected at all. The compensation amount was also given by AG.

The two of them were similarly jewelry CEOs of big international brands, but their styles of handling matters were different.

Of course, Li Chen’s and Megan’s characters were also different.

If it was Megan, Ye Ling would also not protect her. But he would not protect her in the beginning either. He would not be like Will and abandon her as she was of no use to them. This was too shameless.

However, a person who was hated could only blame himself or herself.

There was also nothing worth pitying Megan.

The court sentenced Megan to compensate Shen Qianshu half a million US dollars and to apologize publicly. Will expressed that they would terminate Megan’s position in Company B. Megan was not surprised at all.

Ye Chu looked at Megan. She was neither sad nor happy.

Although she did not know the sequence of events for this matter, she could also understand by looking. It was indeed Megan who had lost. She was also the one who had done something wrong. She looked at Megan like she was a stranger.

The lawsuit was won, but Shen Qianshu was not surprised at all. It was easier than she had imagined. Will had already given up.

After the lawsuit ended, Shen Qianshu smiled as she looked at Megan. “I didn’t let you go to prison. Don’t think that I am soft-hearted. I’m letting you go for the sake of a lady who saved me. If you are not tactful and overestimate your capabilities again, I won’t be that easy to talk to.”

Megan sneered. “Shen Qianshu, I won’t be grateful to you!”

“Your gratefulness to me is worthless. I also don’t need you to be grateful. I only need you to leave my life and leave my designs further away. Company B has given up on you. It’s you who chose the wrong company.”

Megan knew that she was telling the truth. She felt sadness welling up. Suddenly, a pet.i.te and pretty young girl stood in front of her.


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