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Chapter 1346: Being Jealous

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Chu was being dragged by him until she was in pain. Even her bones were protesting. She was so angry that she gave a kick and said angrily, “You’ve made me feel painful.”

Ye Tingyun’s eyes looked like they had been washed with water. They were so black until they were deep and bright. He had nowhere to place both of his hands. Suddenly, he propped against the side of her brain and truly trapped her between his chest and the window. He was met with a wave of warm fragrance that slowly calmed his anxiety and impatience. His voice was extremely hoa.r.s.e. “Little thing, who taught you this tune?”

“No one taught me.” Ye Chu looked at the face that was almost within reach. He was confused, but he truly felt her beauty. Ye Tingyun was a very different man who had broken into her world. He was different from the men on the s.h.i.+p. The men who lived in the sea all year round were mostly rough, unruly, and were not bothered about trifles. They were like bandits and robbers.

However, Ye Tingyun was an elegant and handsome son of a n.o.ble.

Wealthy and gentle like a pine.

“Impossible!” Ye Tingyun denied firmly. This was a tune he had created himself. He had only taught one person. Ever since she left, he did not play the harmonica again. He also did not touch the harmonica. He would not make a mistake.

It was impossible for Ye Chu and him to be so spiritually connected that they could create the same tune.


Ye Chu was somewhat fl.u.s.tered for an unknown reason. When she met Ye Tingyun’s deep eyes, she felt even more fl.u.s.tered and absurd. Why did he still hold on instead of letting go when she had obviously told the truth? It made her seem like a liar. She was not a liar and also did not deceive anyone.

This position of placing his hand against the wall to prevent her from moving made her feel uncomfortable. The coercion he exuded was too strong. Ye Chu’s face also darkened. “Let me go.”

“The tune… ”

Ye Chu frowned slightly. Suddenly, she gave Ye Tingyun a kick. Her strength was big. She was usually rough and did whatever she wanted. Ye Tingyun’s injury was still not fully recovered. He did not have much strength and was kicked one meter away. He held onto the chair. He was not happy and was about to ask when someone opened the door of the ward. Bruce had come.

Ye Chu jumped down to the windowsill. She slightly relaxed in her heart. If Bruce had seen their intimate position, he would definitely allow no explanation and say he wanted Ye Tingyun’s life. Luckily, she was agile.

“What are you all doing?” Bruce asked. Once he came in, he felt that the atmosphere was not right,

Ye Chu casually said, “He is full of lies. I was beating him. Didn’t you want his company’s core technology?”

Ye Tingyun was breathing deeply. He tightened his fist slightly. The anxiety in his heart was slowly enfolded with cobwebs and trapped in another domain. It was entirely confined within that area. He resumed the calmness and gentleness of the Ye Family’s second prince again.

Bruce had no doubts about him. “Ye Tingyun, we took such a big risk. 150 million is not enough to satisfy the brothers on our s.h.i.+p. If you don’t say again, I don’t mind throwing you back again. Anyway, you can just take a breather. You’ll have to continue to bear with this physical pain.”

Ye Tingyun smiled slightly. “I have just promised Ye Chu that this matter will be written off after exchanging the hostage for 150 million US dollars. I will not seek revenge on you all and will let bygones be bygones. You all are considered to have earned 150 million for nothing. If you are greedier, I’m afraid you all will not be able to spend the money after getting it.”

Bruce’s face darkened. He looked at Ye Chu.

“This was what I said. Didn’t you say that his background was very impressive? If he is unwilling to give, then forget it. The money given is also more than sufficient.” Ye Chu spread her hands. They had already gotten a large amount of money. If Ye Tingyun was unwilling to hand over the company’s core technology, it also would not matter as it was not necessary.


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