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No need to say anymore, I’m tired. I’m going back to the room to rest.” Mother Jiang didn’t bother about Jiang Qi’s words, and claimed that she was tired then turned to go to her room.

Jiang Qi’s eyes dimmed and he sat on the sofa. He refused to go back today, intending on staying here, and would wait until Mother Jiang was willing to talk to him.

Ke Yan also sat next to Jiang Qi, accompanying him.

“Xiao Qi, let’s talk?” Jiang Bu eyed the two.


“Um, but……” Jiang Bu looked at Ke Yan.

“Brother, it’s okay, just say it.” Jiang Qi meant that he did not want to hide anything from Ke Yan when they talked.

“Okay then.” Jiang Bu sat on the side of the sofa. “When did you guys meet?”

“During college.” Ke Yan answered.

Jiang Bu wanted to ask more but stopped himself. Who asked Ke Yan to have such an imposing aura, he was a little unused to it.

“Ke1, how did you guys meet?” Jiang Bu coughed a little.

“Brother, do you still remember, when I was young, there was a time when I was very ill. Mom went up the mountain to get me a talisman for good health. I had always carried it around with me, so even when I went to college for reporting2, I brought it too. Maybe it’s because it’s been too many years, the string was a little loose. That day, I was leaning on the balcony of my dorm and the talisman accidentally dropped. Coincidentally, Ke Yan was right below my balcony, so he caught my talisman and I went downstairs to find him for it.” Jiang Qi recalled how he met Ke Yan. It’s been many years, but he could still remember it so clearly.

Ke Yan was the same too, still clearly remembering the dazed look of Jiang Qi when Jiang Qi first saw him.

“……” Jiang Bu hadn’t expected that this was how they met. It could be said that their fate was too coincidental, and the one who let them meet seemed to be Mother Jiang.

“But, where’s the talisman now?” Father Jiang and Yun Hui were both listening in on them from outside the living room. Upon listening up to this point, Father Jiang couldn’t help but ask.

“Because I’m afraid that it will drop, so I kept it.”

“Where did you put it?”

“At home.”

“At home, take it out for me to see.” Father Jiang wanted to show Mother Jiang, to see what her reaction would be like.

“That, it’s not at home.”

“Didn’t you say that it’s ‘at home‘?” Yun Hui couldn’t resist saying, because she wanted to look at it too. Although she couldn’t really accept them at the beginning, looking at them now, she felt that they were quite compatible.

The reason she suddenly found them compatible was firstly, because they really were compatible; and secondly, Jiang Lu gave her something, and it was currently placed in her room. Yun Hui was planning to stay up to read the danmei3 manga and danmei novels.

“It is at home, but it’s in Ke Yan and my home.” Jiang Qi said as his face reddened. It was a little embarra.s.sing to say so in front of his family.

“……” Jiang Bu and Father Jiang had this sort of feeling of marrying off their son, and this feeling made Jiang house feel like its Jiang Qi’s maiden home4. It felt as if Jiang Qi was now bringing his future husband back to meet the father and mother-in-law5.

Sighing, Father Jiang was a little melancholic after having a sudden feeling of marrying off his child.

“You guys said that you were together since college, then around when did you actually get together?” Yun Hui couldn’t control her heart’s impulse and asked.

“Christmas day.” Jiang Qi froze, Ke Yan answered.

“Christmas day? Then isn’t it6 soon?” Yun Hui thought about how it would be Christmas in a few days. What would they do if mom still disapproved of them? They definitely wouldn’t be able to have a good Christmas.

Alright, looks like eldest sister-in-law Yun Hui had already become a thorough fujoshi thanks to Jiang Lu.

“En.” Jiang Qi thought about the item he hid in the study. He looked at Ke Yan and couldn’t help but to feel shy.

It’s been very long since he felt this shy, it could be attributed to his family members being nearby. Jiang Qi always felt a little embarra.s.sed.

Father Jiang looked at Jiang Qi’s bashful appearance and his heart felt upset. Looking at Ke Yan, his heart calmed down again, good thing my son-in-law is still pretty good.

“I’ll go back first to check on your mom.” Father Jiang stood up, planning to tell Mother Jiang how Jiang Qi and Ke Yan met.

Mother Jiang wanted to stone in the room but felt too bored, so she turned on the tv, but when the tv turned on, Mother Jiang froze. She felt that her att.i.tude might have just turned a little soft. How could she find the heart to watch tv?

However, when Father Jiang came in, he saw Mother Jiang watching tv.

“Your mood is pretty okay?”

“Humph, Jiang Qi?”

“Still outside waiting for you to come out.” Father Jiang sat next to Mother Jiang.

Mother Jiang had no reaction when she heard, but couldn’t help wondering if Jiang Qi had eaten his lunch.

“Do you know how they met?”

“How did they meet?” Mother Jiang was also a little curious.

“When Jiang Qi was young, didn’t he have a very serious illness, and after staying in the hospital for almost half a month, you went to the mountain to get him a talisman?”

“Yeah, Xiao Qi’s condition was very critical that time.” Whenever Mother Jiang recalled that moment, she would always feel heartache for Jiang Qi.

So, Father Jiang told the whole process of how Jiang Qi and Ke Yan met to Mother Jiang. Mother Jiang had no idea what to feel. They could meet because she gave Jiang Qi the talisman?

“But, did you realise, Jiang Qi had been sick fewer times in the recent years? He didn’t catch a cold the moment it turned cold, and didn’t need to go to the hospital very easily.”

The moment Father Jiang mentioned it, Mother Jiang also realised that Jiang Qi’s body seemed to be healthier than before, very rarely getting sick.

“This is all because of Ke Yan’s care, it can be seen that he takes good care of Jiang Qi.”

“Is that so?” Mother Jiang heard and didn’t retort.

Could Father Jiang still not understand Mother Jiang? Seeing Mother Jiang’s appearance, her att.i.tude was much less opposing than before.

Looks like this son-in-law was pretty good. At the very least, he took really good care of Jiang Qi.


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