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Jiang Qi knew deep in his heart that his cooking skills weren’t pa.s.sable. This time, he wanted to give something nutritious to Ke Yan, so he didn’t want to make something inedible for him. What if he had a tummy ache? Not only would it not nourish the body, but what should he do if he also fell sick?

Jiang Qi had originally wanted Auntie Li to cook the soup, but Auntie Li’s daughter-in-law gave birth, so she needed to convalesce for a month1. Hence, she hadn’t been going over to cook.

So who should he look for? He couldn’t cook, Auntie Li wasn’t free, so who could he find?

Jiang Qi suddenly thought about Mother Jiang. Oh right, I could find mom for help! Jiang Qi called Mother Jiang, “h.e.l.lo, mom, help me cook some soup, best if it is those that are good for nourishing the body.”

“Why did you suddenly feel like drinking soup? Last time when I forced you to drink, you still refused no matter what.” Once Mother Jiang heard Jiang Qi mention cooking soup, she immediately started thinking about what kind of soup she should cook.

“Uh, it’s not for me. It’s for my friend, the one that lives with me.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll buy the grocery in a while.” Mother Jiang thought about how Jiang Qi’s friend was still his superior, and should still try to maintain a good relationship with. He seemed to be called Ke Yan? Besides, that Ke Yan always took good care of Jiang Qi on a normal basis, so what soup should she cook?

Mother Jiang hung up the phone, thinking carefully about the soup she would cook.

Jiang Qi put down the phone, thinking that he would go home to take the soup, just in time to give it to Ke Yan during lunch.

After coming home at night, Jiang Qi took a bath and then told Ke Yan, “I’m taking a half day leave tomorrow morning, you’ll have to go to work by yourself first.”

“Have something on?” Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to blow dry his (JQ) freshly washed hair.

“En, there’s something on.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m taking a trip home. I’ll be back at the office before noon.”

“Okay, I’ll fetch you there tomorrow.”

“No need, I’ll go by myself.” When Jiang Qi’s hair had been blown dry, Jiang Qi took over the hair dryer and helped Ke Yan blow his hair.

After finishing everything, both of them lay on the bed, prepared to sleep. Jiang Qi lay in Ke Yan’s embrace, surrounded by the feeling of warmth.

Putting his leg on Ke Yan’s leg, Ke Yan then sandwiched Jiang Qi’s legs. Whenever it’s winter, Jiang Qi’s feet would always be freezing cold, and Ke Yan’s feet would instead, be very hot.

Jiang Qi’s icy cold legs sucked in Ke Yan’s warmth from his legs. This was more useful than holding a hand warmer.

“Cold?” Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to wrap himself (JQ) tighter with the blanket, not letting the cold wind into the nest.

“Not cold.” Jiang Qi shook his head.

It’s good that Jiang Qi wasn’t cold. Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi, allowing Jiang Qi to have a comfortable sleep.

The house’s heater was turned on. With Jiang Qi fearing the cold, the blanket was also very thick. Ke Yan was usually unafraid of the cold, so he was feeling quite hot now. However, thinking of Jiang Qi’s current icy cold legs, and the fact that he (JQ) would fall sick the moment he caught a cold, Ke Yan did not dare say that he was hot.

If Jiang Qi were to know that Ke Yan was feeling very hot, he would definitely change the blanket to a thinner one. So Ke Yan would definitely not say anything, because the Jiang Qi with a thin blanket would feel cold, and when he felt cold, he wouldn’t admit it voluntarily.

Actually, something like this had happened before once. The first year after getting together with Jiang Qi, Ke Yan experienced his first winter of sleeping together with Jiang Qi. The Ke Yan at that time also felt very hot. He did not tell Jiang Qi initially. At night, he would hold Jiang Qi to sleep, and would always be awoken in the middle of the night due to the heat, with his whole back drenched in sweat.

Just like this, a few days pa.s.sed. Ke Yan realised that Jiang Qi’s hands and legs would feel cold at the start, and would not feel as cold in the middle of the night. He then told Jiang Qi to change the blanket to a thinner one. Once Jiang Qi heard, he immediately nagged at Ke Yan, “Why didn’t you say earlier? I’ll go buy a thinner blanket for the bed tomorrow.”

On the second day, Jiang Qi had indeed gone to buy a blanket. Jiang Qi aired the blanket during the day, and spent a lot of effort putting the blanket into the bed sheet.

Ke Yan looked at the thin blanket, and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. I don’t think I would be waking up from the heat when I sleep now.

When nightfall came, Ke Yan still hugged Jiang Qi to sleep. Jiang Qi slept for an entire night without saying he’s cold, while Ke Yan also slept nicely. Just like this, Ke Yan was not awoken at night from the heat again.

However, that night, Ke Yan was awoken from the sudden movements from beside him and saw Jiang Qi worming everywhere, even drilling downwards into the blanket, covering his whole head.

Ke Yan moved Jiang Qi up a little, but not long after, Jiang Qi snuggled downwards again .

The next day when Ke Yan asked Jiang Qi if it was cold, Jiang Qi denied it. Knowing how he would drill himself downwards at night, Ke Yan confirmed that Jiang Qi felt cold when he was sleeping. He wanted to change to a thicker blanket, but Jiang Qi insisted that he was not cold. In the end, after saying that, he fell sick.

Ke Yan then hurried to change back to the thick blanket, not daring to say that his sleep was hot and uncomfortable.

Recalling the past events, Ke Yan couldn’t help but pinch Jiang Qi’s face. This stubborn guy.

After waking up, Jiang Qi helped Ke Yan with breakfast, even though it was just bread and milk. Then, he helped Ke Yan to shave his beard and fasten Ke Yan’s tie. When Ke Yan was about to leave for work, Jiang Qi took out Ke Yan’s overcoat and bag, helped Ke Yan to put on his overcoat at the door then handed over Ke Yan’s bag.

Ke Yan took the bag, wore his shoes, then gave Jiang Qi a fierce kiss on the lips.

“I’m going to work, wife.” Ke Yan smiled gently.

“En, be careful on the road.”

Then Jiang Qi sent Ke Yan for work. Okay, technically he didn’t send Ke Yan all the way downstairs, because Ke Yan couldn’t bear to let Jiang Qi feel cold, so he didn’t let Jiang Qi send him down and just allowed him to send him off to the elevator from the house door.

Ke Yan left for work. Jiang Qi put all the plates and cups into the dishwasher, then wore thick clothes and headed for the Jiang house.

Mother Jiang had also just returned after buying the ingredients, all prepared to cook the soup, when Jiang Qi reached home.

Mother Jiang looked at Jiang Qi and asked, “Didn’t go to work today?”

“I’m going, I just came back to get the soup.” The house also had the heater on, so Jiang Qi removed his thick coat.

“I have not started to cook yet.”

“I know, I’m here to help.”

“Then will you be in time for work? Xiao Lu already left the house.”

“I’ll start work in the afternoon.”

“Oh, then have you eaten breakfast?” Mother Jiang held Jiang Qi’s hands, it was indeed very cold.

“I’ve eaten already. Mom, it’s been getting colder recently, make sure you and dad wear a few more clothes.”

“Okay, okay.” Mother Jiang smilingly replied.

Both of them nagged at each other with a few more words of concern, then began to cook the soup.

Jiang Qi wasn’t prepared to be the chef, so he cut up the vegetables and meat, then a.s.sisted Mother Jiang at the side.

Although Jiang Qi was helping Mother Jiang to cook the soup, he did not know just what exactly Mother Jiang was cooking. But it seemed like a really good soup, because it was simmering for the whole morning. Jiang Qi had also chopped lots of different kinds of vegetables, some of which Jiang Qi had no idea what it was.

The soup was finished cooking. Jiang Qi carefully placed it into an insulated container, said goodbye to Mother Jiang, then went to the office.

Mother Jiang watched Jiang Qi who was scurrying out of the house. She shook her head. This kid, I don’t know why he’s so impatient. He didn’t even have time to stay for a meal.

Of course Jiang Qi was feeling impatient. It was already mid-afternoon, he had to rush to the office before Ke Yan went for lunch.

Jiang Qi totally forgot that he could give Ke Yan a call first, but luckily, Ke Yan called to ask where Jiang Qi was.

“I’m reaching the office, don’t leave for lunch first.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Jiang Qi was back at the office, with his hands holding a large thermal container and a lunch box.

Ke Yan looked at the stuff Jiang Qi brought and asked, “This is……”

“Mom cooked the soup and some dishes.” Jiang Qi grinned.

“You went back in the morning just for these?”

“En, I wanted to give you something healthy and nutritious.” Jiang Qi nodded.

Ke Yan felt his heart warm up. As expected, his wife was so lovable.

“Let’s eat together.” Ke Yan opened the thermal container.

“En.” Jiang Qi sat next to Ke Yan.

The two of them ate the dishes. Jiang Qi said delightedly, “How’s it? The dishes my mom cooked are delicious, isn’t it?”

“En, it’s yummy.” Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi’s appearance and felt like smiling, too adorable.

Both of them ate with relish. Suddenly, someone barged in, wearing a pair of heels, walking with a “da da da” sound.

Jiang Qi raised his head up to look, and saw w.a.n.g Si Qi carrying a container. Jiang Qi stared blankly, could it be……

“Ke Yan, recently you’ve been on a lot of business trips, it must be very tiring. I boiled you some soup.” w.a.n.g Si Qi took advantage of the time when the secretary was out for lunch to come in.

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan, this bees and b.u.t.terflies attractor2.

“No need……” Ke Yan hadn’t finished talking when he heard another “da da da” sound from a pair of heels. Jiang Qi guessed that it couldn’t have been……

As expected, Jiang Qi guessed correctly. It was Sun Nian Qing.

And in her hands, was a container of soup. She wanted to give it to Ke Yan with a smile.

Ke Yan frowned, “Both of you, take it all away. I don’t want to see such a situation again. You both are here to work.”

w.a.n.g Si Qi wanted to say something, but she ended up keeping quiet.

The corners of Sun Nian Qing’s mouth were stiff, but she immediately recovered, smiling, and said, “What about Manager Jiang? Is he the same as us?” Sun Nian Qing originally wanted to give it to Ke Yan after work, unlike now, when it was a very risky move. However, seeing w.a.n.g Si Qi going up, and adding to the fact that Jiang Qi was also in the office, she decided to bring the soup up now. And the meaning of her words meant: Jiang Qi brought food for you? How about mine?

“I only eat Jiang Qi’s. Bring the rest down. Next time, all of you aren’t allowed to enter casually. Know your limits and just do what you are supposed to do.” Ke Yan said coldly.

Jiang Qi had wanted to reply to them, but since his man had already spoken for him, he would be better off just obediently and quietly eating his food.

Sun Nian Qing glared harshly at Jiang Qi. With an ugly expression, she smiled a little then left.

w.a.n.g Si Qi saw Sun Nian Qing’s deflated look and felt not as angry as before. She left without glaring at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi continued to eat his food indifferently. However, after the people left, he sneakily pinched Ke Yan.

Ke Yan endured the pain. “I only like to eat your food, yet you still pinched me?”

“Attractor of bees and b.u.t.terflies.”

“Okay, eat quickly.” Ke Yan thought to himself that he mustn’t allow such a situation to happen again. Jiang Qi definitely won’t be very happy in his heart. Ke Yan was afraid that Jiang Qi would feel upset.

In the end, Jiang Qi was the final victor. The reason for his win was Ke Yan’s heart.

Ke Yan’s heart would always, definitely, be with Jiang Qi.


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